Refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen) Review

A Review of the Refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen)


Welcome to the 3rd Gen refurbished iPad Pro. Today, we'll delve into the 2019 model's performance after a usage. This review will also touch on the accessories paired with the iPad Pro and emphasize the significance of real-world experiences over mere specifications.

• Physical Build and Damage

This segment focuses on the refurbished iPad Pro's (3rd Gen) physical condition and potential wear and tear. We'll inspect the portfolio case it's been housed in, discuss the absence of new damage on the case, and address the pre-existing blemishes on the iPad Pro.

• Description of the Portfolio Case and its Material

The portfolio case for the iPad Pro is crafted from a soft polyurethane fabric. While this material tends to attract stains and dirt, it's also resilient, offering the device substantial protection.

• Discussion of Potential Stains and Cleanliness Issues

Given its material, the portfolio case is prone to staining, a common issue for devices used in communal settings like colleges. Regular cleaning, however, can help maintain its appearance and hygiene.

• Explanation of the Lack of Damage to the Portfolio Case

Despite daily usage and the stresses of being tossed into backpacks and slid across tables, the portfolio case remains remarkably undamaged. This durability showcases its effectiveness in safeguarding the iPad Pro.

• Highlight of the Existing Damage on the iPad Pro

The refurbished iPad Pro came with a minor nick on one corner. While this is a cosmetic flaw, it hasn't hindered the device's functionality in any way.

• Mention of Scratches around the Charging Port

Noticeable minor scratches are present around the iPad Pro's charging port. These are typical signs of regular cable connection and disconnection and don't interfere with the device's performance.

Screen and Display

The refurbished 3rd Generation iPad Pro boasts a 12.9-inch screen that delivers a vibrant, high-quality display. Upon evaluation, the screen is largely in great shape, free of any pixel issues. Notably, there's a minor crack on the upper right corner of the screen, but it doesn't interfere with the display or the overall user experience.

Structurally, the iPad Pro exhibits slight wear. Other than the aforementioned crack, the screen and device's rear are free from scratches or damage. The aluminum body has sustained well, showing only trivial signs of use.

Of note are a few small scratches around the charging port, likely from regular use of charging cables. These, however, don't affect the device's functionality.

Overall, this 3rd Gen iPad Pro maintains a good physical state. The screen, despite a small crack, continues to offer a top-notch display. With no missing pixels and minimal wear, the iPad Pro demonstrates its resilience and enduring quality.

Apple Pencil Performance

The Apple Pencil is generally well-regarded for its performance, but some users have encountered a notable issue: intermittent failure of the tablet to detect the stylus during use. This can significantly disrupt activities like note-taking, particularly in environments where speed and efficiency are crucial, such as during fast-paced lectures.

There are both temporary and more lasting solutions to this problem. A quick fix involves disconnecting and then reconnecting the Apple Pencil, which often resolves the detection issue temporarily. For a more enduring solution, users may need to close and reopen the application they're using, though this can be disruptive and time-consuming.

It's worth mentioning that this issue seems to be more prevalent among users who rely on the Apple Pencil for rapid note-taking in academic or professional settings. Artists and designers, who typically use the Pencil in a slower, more deliberate manner, may not encounter this problem as frequently.

Despite this occasional hiccup, the combination of the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro (3rd generation) continues to be a favorite among many users. Its wide app compatibility and precise input make it an indispensable tool for a range of digital creative and productivity tasks.

App Usage

When discussing app usage on the 3rd generation iPad Pro, there are several important aspects to consider. Initially, the daily use apps are crucial. YouTube stands out as a commonly chosen platform for both entertainment and learning. The expansive 12.9-inch display of the iPad Pro enhances the video-watching experience, making it more immersive.

Moreover, apps for taking notes like Notability and Notion are popular among iPad Pro users. These applications facilitate various tasks such as handwriting notes, typing, PDF annotations, and organizing class materials. A significant advantage of the iPad Pro is its ability to run YouTube and note-taking apps side by side, courtesy of its multitasking features.

Discussing multitasking further, the iPad Pro (3rd gen) reliably handles running multiple apps simultaneously without any performance hiccups, glitches, or slowdowns. This performance excellence underscores the device's robust capabilities and optimized operating system.

When comparing the iPad Pro's multitasking prowess with other gadgets like Android tablets or laptops, it stands its ground impressively. Features such as seamless app transitions, split-screen views, and Slide Over enhance the multitasking experience significantly on the iPad Pro.

Battery Life

Battery life is a critical element in evaluating a device's efficiency, and the refurbished 3rd Generation iPad Pro excels in this domain. Impressively, its battery remains robust and dependable even after a year of everyday use. When compared to the MacBook, the iPad Pro's battery performance is equally commendable, if not superior. Constant use and rigorous tasks have not diminished its battery life noticeably.

A significant feature of the iPad Pro is its rapid charging ability. Employing a OnePlus 9 charger, the device charges swiftly, minimizing downtime and allowing users to resume their activities quickly. Users report high satisfaction with the battery life; the iPad Pro (3rd Gen) has lived up to expectations, providing consistent and reliable performance. It proves its worth across various activities, from work and study to entertainment, ensuring that the device supports uninterrupted daily use.

Finally, considering the performance of the iPad Pro's older A12Z Bionic chip, it's noteworthy that despite being a 2019 model, the device still performs exceptionally well. Users report a smooth, lag-free experience across various tasks, including video streaming, web browsing, and using demanding applications.

In summary, the 3rd generation iPad Pro offers a smooth, efficient app usage experience. Its ability to run educational and entertainment apps concurrently, coupled with its robust multitasking capabilities, makes it a productive and enjoyable tool for users. Despite its older processor, the iPad Pro continues to demonstrate its worth as a dependable and versatile device.

Verdict and Recommendation

After using the refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen) for a year, I'm pretty satisfied. The device and its portfolio case are still in great shape, minus a small, non-intrusive crack on the screen. The display is vibrant and makes everything look great.

However, there's a small hiccup with the Apple Pencil occasionally not registering during fast note-taking. But, with some quick fixes, this isn't a major issue. It's worth considering how this might affect your work though.

Despite this minor glitch, I love the iPad Pro for its app compatibility, multitasking prowess, and overall smooth performance. It hasn't let me down in terms of productivity, whether I'm watching videos or jotting down notes.

If you're budget-conscious, a refurbished iPad Pro is a smart pick. It offers all the perks of a new one without the hefty price tag. Just remember, experiences can vary based on where you buy it, so pick a trusted seller.

All in all, the refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen) is a solid choice for anyone in need of a quality tablet. Even with intense use, it stands up well. Just make sure to weigh your needs and do your homework before you buy.

FAQs on Refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen)

Q1: What should I consider when buying a refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen)?

A: When looking for a refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen), it's crucial to conduct thorough research and opt for a reputable seller. Check for positive reviews and a proven track record to ensure you're making a reliable purchase.

Q2: Is the refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen) a good choice for artists?

A: Absolutely, the refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen) is quite suitable for artists. It supports the latest Apple Pencil, offering precision and a wide range of art and design apps. However, be mindful of occasional issues like the device not detecting the pencil during rapid movements. For slower, more deliberate strokes, this should be less of a concern.

Q3: Which accessories enhance the iPad Pro (3rd Gen) experience?A: Besides

the Apple Pencil, consider getting a protective or portfolio case to safeguard your device. A floating keyboard is also a great addition, significantly improving typing and overall productivity.

Q4: Are there any recurrent issues with the refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen)?

A: A noted issue is the intermittent non-recognition of the Apple Pencil. This can disrupt tasks like note-taking. However, there are simple fixes, such as reconnecting the pencil or restarting the app.

Q5: How does the battery life of the iPad Pro (3rd Gen) hold up against newer models?

A: The battery life of the refurbished iPad Pro (3rd Gen) is robust and remains so even after extensive use for over a year. It compares favorably with newer models, showing no significant decline in performance. Plus, its fast charging feature is a big plus, ensuring you're powered up quickly.

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