An In-depth Review of the boAt Xtend Smartwatch

boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch with 1.78" AMOLED Display,HR & SP02 Monitoring,Rose Pink Brand New: A Comprehensive Review


Introducing the boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch, an ideal combination of style and functionality, all at an unbelievable, unbeatable price of 199 SAR at The smartwatch is so stylish, with a 1.78" AMOLED screen that gives out rich and precise color and allows you to smoothly deal with your apps and notifications with just a flick of your eyes. The rose pink color presents elegance and an up-to-date look that can definitely be paired with whatever attire, whether proper or casual.

Engineered to go with your daily hustle, the boat Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch flaunts a line of progressive health monitoring functionality: heart rate monitoring and SpO2 monitoring, allowing you to stay in check with your cardiac well-being and levels of blood oxygenated through the day. These features are critical for leading a lifestyle, ensuring good health, and, hence, present you with the most valuable insights into your general well-being.

The boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch, with all the features described heretofore for health monitoring, steps into many more shoes to turn itself into a perfect smart gadget suited for elevating your daily lifestyle.

Its seamless connection with your smartphone will help you keep a tab on who is trying to connect with you through call alerts and message notifications or updates from your favorite social media site, all on your wrist. Fitness modes enable users to use this watch as an efficacious workout companion and record and plan various fitness objectives accordingly.

Experience the delicate blend of fashion and technology with the boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch, now available only at Make sure not to miss this chance to have this fashionable and feature-packed smartwatch that tend to your every need, from monitoring your health to keeping connected on the go.

Price and Availability

boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch with 1.78" AMOLED Display, HR & SP02 Monitoring, Rose Pink Finish, now available exclusively at

Tri-Bezel Display:

The boAt Watch Xtend brings to your world a new dimension to boasting style, at the same time providing all your vital health monitors. The gigantic AMOLED display brings out all your notifications in vivid colors and sharp visuals, helping you read notifications, track your progress, and have facilities to customize the watch face according to your mood or dress.

Leaving aside the stylish look, the boat Xtend Plus Smartwatch has a feature-packed health monitoring set. It has inbuilt heart rate monitoring, which will allow you to keep tabs on your levels of activity and exertion, and SP02 monitoring to ensure that the body's oxygen levels are maintained at optimum thresholds. Essential features for everyday maintenance in health and knowing what your body could be crying out for.

You can now get this smartwatch from at pocket-friendly prices, starting from 199 SAR. No matter if you are a fitness freak, a tech enthusiast, or, well, I need to mention, even someone who loves to be on point with vogue accessories, boAt Xtend Plus Smartwatch is undoubtedly going to be a top-rated choice. More information on this product is available on our website.

boAt Xtend Plus Unboxing

Inside the box, on unboxing the boAt Xtend Plus Smartwatch, you will find the watch itself, a few papers, a thank you card from boAt, a user manual with details of how it works, and a warranty card. The warranty card also consists of a QR code to access the instructions for claiming the warranty. A booklet providing all the information related to customer care is also easy to locate.

The packing has every detail and information resource carefully so that the user can be served entirely.

boAt Xtend Plus Design And Look

The boAt Xtend Plus Smartwatch features a large 1.78-inch display, along with a reflector that makes it outdoor-enabled. With dimensions of 43mm length, 36mm breadth, and a slim 10mm thickness, this smartwatch has both sleek and stylish vibes. The detailing on the side buttons and the metallic finish give it a premium look.

For extra comfort, the belt is made of silicone, justifying its everyday-use claims. The 1.78-inch AMOLED screen, with a 368 * 48 resolution, showcases vibrant colors, high saturations, extraordinary vividness, and sharp images to power your experience.

The boAt Xtend Plus smartwatch ensures smooth interaction through features such as changeable watch faces, cloud watch faces, and image backgrounds. More than 100 choices of cloud watch faces mean easy selection, bringing a personal feel to the user interface of the smartwatch. Backgrounds with personalized images could be set as watch faces.

It also displays information on the present weather, particularly about the weather update to be expected shortly, apart from having a stopwatch, timer, alarm, calendar, and even for music control. Right from tracking the heart rate and stress to keeping a tab on your sleep with music control, the boat Xtend Plus covers all activity areas, providing a complete and comprehensive user experience.

Must know Calling & Notification

The boAt Xtend Plus smartwatch has audio and call features in its Bluetooth settings.

That being said, all those call activities, whether on YouTube or gaming, will make lots of audio with this audio feature active. The sound waves are turned off and are directed towards the phone.

Notably, while the calling feature is off, the watch doesn't even provide notifications for social media and calling features. It only displays the notifications for social media, even though the calling feature is off. But the user can view that and cannot ''answer'' the call.

The watch supports ten contacts in combination, which can be set from the mobile for extra convenience.

Moreover, the alerts on this watch are only in English. The calling experience with the boat Xtend Plus smartwatch is just befitting. The audio is crystal-clear, and the microphone works well, delivering excellent calling experiences even outdoors.

Must know before buying

Here are some of the essential features and points to note on this before you proceed in purchasing the boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch with 1.78" AMOLED Display, HR & SP02 Monitoring, Rose Pink.

All you need to do is place your order on our website,, at a special price starting from 199 SAR. This smartwatch is a perfect blend of style and functionality for people who want to be modern tech enthusiasts.

Another feature that might make Xtend (Plus) very different is the vivid 1.78" AMOLED display, ensuring sharp visuals of the time, health stats, or notifications. The high-resolution screen gives users better experiences with sharp, vibrant colors and is easy to see in a different light.

A lot would be put in by the boat Xtend (Plus) on this health monitoring. The watch will keep tabs on your heart rate and SpO2 levels, which are crucial components in your cardiac health and blood oxygen levels. This, especially, becomes very useful for one who is very health-oriented and keeps an even closer eye on their fitness metrics.

Other than keeping track of health, intelligent functionalities include bringing an alert about incoming calls and messages, a good forecast, and music control through this smartwatch. In its Rose Pink design, it is sleek and elegant, rightly making it fashionable with any costume on any occasion, may it be casual or formal.

Finally, the boat Xtend (Plus) has been built with durability in mind, such that it can withstand the daily hustle. Its user-friendly nature and compatibility with Android and iOS devices make it a top consideration for people who seek to boost their lifestyle with wearable tech accessories.

On that facet also is that the boat Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch indeed proves a wise investment if what you are precisely seeking is an adequate blend of avant-garde power and aesthetics. On sale now at don't miss this special deal!

SPO2, HR Accuracy ???

The level of accuracy, as said, is good in both parameters of SPO2 and HR monitoring in the boat Xtend Plus smartwatch, and both the oximeter and the watch were close to perfect without errors of any kind. This level of accuracy inspires about 90% trust in the readings from the device.

Remarkably enough, testing and showing results in the watch is quite a bit faster than other standard devices, which usually take minutes, while results come out in just seconds.
Moreover, the watch stress monitor is good at regulating stress levels, with its results being high during intense exercises and normal during rest.

Step Count Accuracy ???

Now, get the boAt Xtend Plus Smartwatch with a 1.78" AMOLED Display, with HR and SpO2 Monitoring, in Rose Pink colour, only at The step counts have high relevance, and they count towards the serious workouts that anybody tends to keep track of.

The boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch counts your steps accurately by using advanced sensors, from the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, aided with algorithms. Be it walking, jogging, or running—all will bear a very positive output about taking every step—realistic held due to precise accuracy in tracking one's progress and engaging in real fitness goals.

With features of heart rate monitoring and SpO2 monitoring, the boat Xtend (Plus) smart wear now doesn't only count the intelligent steps. Comprehensive health features provide an easier way to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Priced at 199 SAR at, this smartwatch combines style and technology with reinforcement in performance and reliability and contributes to really fantastic value for money. So, do not miss this special offer; pick your boat Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch to enjoy your fitness journey further.

Battery Performance

The boAt Xtend Plus Smartwatch has a 240mAh battery installed, which does excellent work independently. More specifically, with calling and notifications, you could reach about 60–90 minutes of call time throughout the day, with 40% of that period setting the watch brightness and connected to the phone, wherein for a complete day and night, it does suffice in receiving these WhatsApp notifications.

Besides, it has a speedy charging time of about 90 minutes, only required for a full charge. A 10W charging could probably ensure the maximum serving of the battery life to give adequate performance with longevity. Altogether, the boat Xtend Plus delivers pure sleekness with excellent battery life performance, and this absolute buddy is reliable for daily usage.


To sum it up, boAt Xtend (Plus) is an intricately curated confluence of style and function that needs to be worn by him, who believes in leading the two significant things in life: looks and substance.

The 1.78" AMOLED display is going to be vibrant, and clarity is going to be evident when it comes to browsing through notifications, health stats, or just about anything else displayed on it.

The introduction of HR and SpO2 monitoring features provides the ability for users to keep track of and look after their essential health parameters, keeping well-informed about their well-being at all times. In color Rose Pink, this is rightly elegant and stylish to have you instantly noticed at the gym, office, or casual settings, insignificant yet gainful in its services.

Further, this boAt Xtend Smartwatch is designed for the modern user, seamlessly integrated with smartphones and other devices, ensuring you are not missing out on anything every beat of the way.

Chock-full of features with its lineup—be it step tracking, sleep monitoring, or the multitudes of multiple sports modes—accommodating all kinds of needs for an extensive lifestyle, it becomes an ideal companion, not only the fitness aspirants but of balanced living.

The features and design—an epitome of class, a class that is priceless. Priced at only 199 SAR, do not miss the opportunity to allow your tech game to surge an echelon higher with the boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch from FoneZone_ME. Visit our website today to make this elegant and functional accessory yours.


1. What are the essential features of the boat ProGear B20 Smartwatch?

The boAt ProGear B20 Smartwatch features an AMOLED 1.78" display with breathtakingly rich colors. It includes advanced health monitoring features like heart rate monitoring and blood oxygen SpO2 levels monitoring. In addition to sports modes, the smartwatch supports customizable watch faces and intelligent notifications for style and utility features.

2. How good are heart rate and SpO2 monitoring in the boat Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch?

boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch uses advanced sensors to leverage precision-touch capability to track heart rate and SpO2 in real-time. It hence helps keep tabs on health and wellness at any given time of the day. However, do remember that this device is not a medical substitution; thus clinical use too remains insulated.

3. Can I use the boat Xtend Plus Smartwatch with an iOS device?

Yes, the boAt Xtend Plus Smartwatch can be used with Android and iOS. Users can easily pair the smartwatch to the boAt Hub app on the Google Play Store and the App Store for iOS devices to access each feature and functionality, receive notifications, and scroll fitness hassle-free.

4. What is the battery life for the boAT Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch?

boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch touts the best battery backup for the day, featuring up to 7 days on a full charge, depending on usage. Thereby, making sure the uninterrupted enjoying of all the features of their smartwatches, the requirement for hostility in charging daily is overcome. The battery backup is subjective to some features being on, i.e., continuous heart rate monitoring and notifications.

5. What does the Rose Pink variant do for the boat Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch?

The Rose Pink variant makes this smartwatch look elegant and classy. Fashion in each environment with a lustrous effect and glossy touch, such as with a premium finish: plus loads of power-packed features, don't compromise on functionality for style. The boAt Xtend (Plus) Smartwatch—1.78" AMOLED Display, HR & SpO2 Monitoring, Rose Pink: SAR 199.00 brand new from only

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