Explore the boAt Xtend Pro: The Ultimate Smartwatch

boAt Xtend Pro with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth Calling Chip, Dial Pad, 1.78” AMOLED Display, Raging Red Brand New


Meet the boat Xtend Pro, a genuinely avant-garde smartwatch that's going to take wearable technology to the wrist. Creating demanding possibilities for the modern-day wearable user, the boat Xtend Pro is equipped with an in-built dedicated Bluetooth calling feature so advanced that it makes communication seem like it's coming from your live. Dial in or make calls directly from the watch with the built-in dial pad so that you are ever connected on the move.

The highlight of the boat Xtend Pro is its astonishing 1.78" AMOLED display. Offering excellent resolution, this screen will deliver brilliant colors and sharp details to quickly glance over notifications, messages, and apps. The Raging Red color adds a touch of style and sophistication, ensuring your smartwatch stands out from the crowd.

The boAt Xtend Pro is built for today's lifestyle, loaded with features for both fitness enthusiasts and tech-savvy people. Multiple sports modes give various readings related to enhancing health and fitness. With a heart rate monitor and sleep tracker, you can nail the perfect routine. Enriched with personalized insights and data at your wrist, stay motivated to reach your goals.

Get the boat Xtend Pro, available only at Fonezone.me: functionality, style, and affordable price. Starting at just 146 SAR, make a steal for what it offers regarding features. Make a call, track your set regime, or just note the notification; boAt Xtend Pro does it all. Do more with it; shop at Fonezone, where technology meets convenience.

Price and Availability

Now, the boat Xtend Pro is available at our exclusive online store, Fonezone. me. With a dedicated Bluetooth calling chip and dial pad, this smartwatch enhances fault-free communication.

In addition to that, with a gorgeous 1.78" AMOLED Display, one can enjoy the visuals and view the easy interface. Also, it is of Raging Red in color fulfilling the promise of being bold and stylish, incorporating confidence to make statements wherever one is.

This brand-new boAt Xtend Pro means nothing for style's sake alone, but it's power-packed with features to make survival a must-carry accessory. Whether keeping track of fitness goals, keeping in touch with your loved one, or updating with alerts, this smartwatch has you fully covered.

It comes with advanced technology that will assure you of reliable performance, while its ergonomic design brings comfort when wearing it all day long.

At Fonezone. me, we are selling the boat Xtend Pro at 146 SAR, and this is just an ideal deal for features packed with a high-end and valuable smartwatch. Never miss the chance to be the owner of the ultimate gadget that can raise your life's worth. Create a shortcut and order from the website to experience convenience and style through a boAt Xtend Pro.

Unboxing the boAt Xtend Pro

Welcome to the exclusive unboxing of the new boat Xtend Pro—now available on Fonezone. me! This fantastic smartwatch is designed for all those people interested in tech yet looking for something stylishly functional.

Well, from 146 SAR, boAt Xtend Pro is just unbeatable when it comes to a device that carries the latest technology curved with stylish looks. Let's discover what makes this smartwatch something that:.

The boAt Xtend Pro comes with an Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth Calling Chip, bringing crystal clear communication onto the wrist. This also includes an inbuilt dial pad that will further uplift the usability—easy dialing contacts without the sweat of reaching for your phone. This is useful for any busybody who is always on the move, ensuring that daily interactions are quick and smooth.

A great forte of boAt Xtend Pro would, of course, have to be its brilliant display; a smart one of 1.78" AMOLED, to be exact. The vibrant and sharp display makes all the user's notifications, messages, and health metrics legible under bright sunlight. Not only is the display very functional, but it also encases the product with a bit more class inside.

This Raging Red version of the boat Xtend Pro is a visual spectacle that conveys a confident, energetic feeling. So, this would be precisely the variant for everyone who needs accessories to reflect the loudspeaker inside them. The smartwatch is created with a strong yet lightweight construction, ensuring comfort to the wearer throughout the entire day.

Besides transmission excellence, the boat Xtend Pro also harbors many health and fitness features.

So, it packs in multiple sports modes, heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and many more features to keep you at the proper fitness goal. This smartwatch will be a great companion whether you hit the gym or just wish to know how many steps you've taken throughout the day.

Exclusively available online at Fonezone, the boat Xtend Pro is more than just a smartwatch. Grab in on this exciting offer and enhance your tech game à la mode with the boAt Xtend Pro right now from our website!

Examining the Design and Display

Design and display are the key areas within a smartwatch to make a difference in user satisfaction. Now, let's see all the fine features in design, complemented with its beautiful 1.78" AMOLED display on the boAt Xtend Pro.

The boAt Xtend Pro shouts out with its ripping red that gives an extraordinary class to the smartwatch. Strapped in a convenient shade, with great attention to even the minutest specifics in design, it screams style, no less. You can, therefore, quickly tell that the smartwatch has excellent build quality, which says a lot about the aesthetics and functionality of the product.

The boAt Xtend Pro touts a 1.78" AMOLED display, bright and vivid, to make for an immersive visual experience. Its clarity and brightness allow one to view notifications, track fitness metrics, and use them without problem. There is no automatic casement; visibility is organized, either indoors or outdoors.

Navigating the User Interface

Interacting with the screen user interface on the boat Xtend Pro has been conditioned by an advanced dedicated Bluetooth calling chip and dial pad for an experience of its kind that brings innovation bonded with simplicity.

The display of 1.78" AMOLED is colorful and responsive, thus rendering a harmonious interaction with the smartwatch. The Raging Red design simply adds to that elegance and style of it all, making it just right for any occasion.

The boAt Xtend Pro features a user-friendly interface that makes sure all features can easily be reached. Finally, the advanced dedicated Bluetooth calling chip allows users to directly make and receive calls from the wrist, making it easier and more efficient in a way.

The dial pad is very interactive and simple to use when one wants to dial numbers. You will have clear and bright visuals through its large AMOLED display, making it easier to go through various functions and settings.

At Fonezone. me, this boat Xtend Pro is brand new at an exclusive price starting from 146 SAR. Further, this smartwatch not only fits with a bucket load of features but also has a premium look and feel.

On top of all, whether you keep a tab on your fitness or stay connected and just check time, boAt Xtend Pro implicates the job to perfection. Visit our website, fonezone. me, to know more details on this fantastic smart watch and take it home today.

Tracking Activity and Health Metrics

Be the first to avail of the new tracking features with the boAt Xtend Pro now raging in a rojo red hue, and this is available exclusively at FoneZone.me. Fully loaded with innovation, this smartwatch comes at a starting price of 146 SAR—dedicated to serving all your health and connectivity needs. With a dedicated Bluetooth Calling Chip and Dial Pad, call management is seamless and with wireless conformance to ensure it stays ever-connected on the move.

The boAt Xtend Pro is powered by a beautiful 1.78" AMOLED display that comes with crystal-clear visuals and an immersive display. This is not just a watch for show, but it's also featured with tracking for all the health and activity metrics. From steps to heartbeats and sleep, the boAt Xtend Pro keeps track of everything.

We at FoneZone.me fully understand the essence of keeping active and healthy, and the boAt Xtend Pro brightens up your life in support of your lifestyle. Very shiny and wearable, being loaded with advanced technology, one should not lag having the boat Xtend Pro for the following enhanced exercise fashion. Make sure you meet the offered exclusive piece—grab it today at FoneZone.me.

Dedicated Bluetooth Calling Feature

boAt Xtend Pro with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth Calling Chip, Dial Pad, 1.78'' AMOLED Display, Raging Red Brand New leads the seamless calling experience that comes straight from the smartwatch, for users who could enjoy making and receiving the calls without having to access their smartphones.

Users can call any of their contacts in a snap and speak with them conveniently and hands-free by reaching for the dial pad in the smartwatch. And with the inclusion of a Bluetooth calling chip, it means even more speed, reliability, and seamlessness in conversations.

It offers a full dial pad such that on the smartwatch itself, numbers can be quickly input and calls managed easily. The design of this dial pad is intuitive; the sessions escalate the level of accessibility from user to user for making calls in a friendly way.

Voice Assistant Integration

Be the first to discover what more can be eked out of the boat Xtend Pro, available now at our exclusive online store, Fonezone. me. From as low as 146 SAR, this changes the entire definition of a smart wearable in terms of convenience and style.

Let its vivid 1.78" AMOLED create an exquisite viewing landscape and offer a smooth user experience. Its Raging Red will add a bold statement to your wrist and become the perfect accessory for every occasion.

The high point in the boat Xtend Pro is the in-built advanced Bluetooth calling chip. This smartwatch's innovation lets you place and receive calls right from the watch itself without needing direct proximity to your phone. Carrying an add-on dial pad, the experience keeps improving, where communication will genuinely be at your fingertips.

Additionally, the boat Xtend Pro is integrated with voice assistants, allowing one to carry out several tasks with ease and remind oneself of things through the watch while having control over smart devices.

This makes the smartwatch a multi-purpose assistant to make daily routines more efficient and hands-free. Be it at home, in the office, or even on the go; boAt Xtend Pro keeps you seamlessly linked and productive.

Shop this all-new boAt Xtend Pro now at Fonezone. me and take your experience with the smartwatch up a notch. Get your hands on this excellent offer for a gadget that features great degrees of styling and functioning high-level technology, all at a price that can't be matched.

Companion App and Additional Settings

BoAt Xtend Pro with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth Calling Chip and Dial Pad, 1.78" AMOLED Display - Raging Red - is a brilliant smartwatch brought only to Fonezone. me. It is not a simple style statement but incredibly feature-rich, just to add that extra push to your everyday living.

Get it for as low as 146 SAR for such advanced technology in such a sleek design. Among the highlighted features of the boat Xtend Pro is its compatibility with its companion app. In it, you will find yourself having a companion device that can more than facilitate your needs in terms of the customization and management of your smartwatch.

There are accessible settings from any device, features for tracking fitness goals, monitoring health metrics, and real-time notifications. Assuring an intuitive interface, it makes sure one can go and slide across these features most easily just to have the perfect companion for both tech enthusiasts and fitness connoisseurs.

This, besides, is coupled with its dedicated Bluetooth calling chip, allowing the boAt Xtend Pro to auto-connect to your device intelligently for answering and receiving calls right from your wrist.

This, together with the built-in dial pad, keeps you connected while on the go without reaching for your phone. Additionally, the 1.78" AMOLED display provides bright visuals and an immersive view for viewing messages, checking notifications, and looking at the different kinds of health and fitness data on display with just one glance.

Shop now at Fonezone. me for the boat Xtend Pro. It's more than just a smartwatch; it's that all-rounder buddy one that keeps you connected, updated, and on the go to achieve your fitness goals. Don't let this exceptional deal pass you by: boAt Xtend Pro is on sale now for as low as 146 SAR only at Fonezone. me.

Fitness Tracking and Goal-Setting

The boAt Xtend Pro, in fiery Raging Red, is now your companion to getting fit. This watch, with advanced features, monitors your fitness to give you the best during those health regimens associated with running, cycling, or working out.

With its 1.78" AMOLED clear and vivid display, checking your stats and tracking your goals became easier.

Among the more spectacular features of the boat Xtend Pro is its high-tech dedicated Bluetooth calling chip, which allows for easy calls conveyed in and out straight from the wrist. There is also an in-built dial pad.

Be connected to your loved ones; don't reach for the phone every minute, and be updated with any important call during your jog or run. Seamless integration of the Bluetooth calling feature increases the amount of convenience the smart watch offers, making this watch a perfect blend between fitness tracking and communication.

Get the boAt Xtend Pro at a special price of 146 SAR. It's a timing accessory that should be with everyone interested in taking their fitness routine to another level. Head toward our website, fonezone. me, and purchase this latest state-of-the-art smartwatch. Set fitness goals many times more stylishly and effortlessly with boAt Xtend Pro.


This addition from boAt will rank among the best to join our array here at Fonezone.me—the Xtend Pro with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth Calling Chip and Dial Pad, rocking a stunning 1.78" AMOLED Display in Raging Red.

This smartwatch combines an outstanding mix of style and function, significantly serving both the tech junkies and the fitness enthusiasts. The advanced dedicated Bluetooth calling chip and a dial pad guarantee that one is always in touch.

Whether you're on key calls or dialing a number in mad rush, this feature will help in uninterrupted communication while you're on-the-move.

Another high is the 1.78" AMOLED display blazing with vivid colors and sharp clarity, making every interaction visually rich. Whether looking at your notifications, tracking your fitness goals, or just knowing what time it is—the brilliance of the display makes everything work with an unmatched user experience.

The Raging Red color adds a tinge of boldness, thereby enhancing this smartwatch into a style statement and not just another technology accessory.

Get now, exclusively at Fonezone. me, for the best price of 146 SAR, boAt Xtend Pro, featuring a fine mix of modern technology with contemporary design. Why miss an opportunity to prop up your tech style? Log in today at our website to own this excellent smartwatch.


1. How do you access the dedicated Bluetooth calling on boAt Xtend Pro?

The dial pad is just easy to access on the smart watch. Therefore you can be able to communicate fast and hands-free with the contacts. A dedicated Bluetooth calling chip ensures fast, stable connections and perfect, undisturbed conversations.

2. Can I pair the boAt Xtend Pro with voice assistants?

This smartwatch goes well with its integration with Voice Assistant, bringing convenience in speaking out hands-free commands and quick access to a caravan of features. A 'Port Trust' app can be installed from the Play Store to activate this feature.

3. What are the available customization options for the boAt Xtend Pro?

Users can further personalize by accessing settings, display preferences, and watch faces. The settings in the companion app house more detailed settings for activity tracking, health insights, and device connectivity.

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