boAt Xtend Talk with Advanced Dedicated (Bluetooth Calling Chip), Built-in Alexa, 1.69" HD Display Teal Green Brand New: Your Ultimate Companion with Bluetooth Calling and Alexa

boAt Xtend Talk with Advanced Dedicated (Bluetooth Calling Chip), Built-in Alexa, 1.69" HD Display Teal Green Brand New: Your Ultimate Companion with Bluetooth Calling and Alexa


The boAt Xtend Talk with Advanced Dedicated (Bluetooth Calling Chip), Built-in Alexa, 1.69" HD Display Teal Green is a brand new smartwatch that offers an array of advanced features. This blog will provide an in-depth look at the unboxing and design of this innovative device.


Upon unboxing, users will find the boAt Xtend Talk smartwatch neatly packaged in a sleek box, featuring the boAt logo and product image. The box contains the magnetic charging cable and essential paperwork, including warranty details and usage instructions.


The boAt Xtend Talk boasts a 1.69” HD display and a liquid silicone wristband, providing a comfortable and stylish fit for everyday use. The body is made of strong polycarbonate, giving it a durable yet lightweight feel. The presence of built-in speakers and a microphone enhances the calling experience, while the silver finish on the back adds a touch of elegance.


The boAt Xtend Talk features a stunning 1.69" HD display, offering excellent visibility even outdoors, thanks to its 5-minute brightness enhancement. With a balanced design, the display provides a crisp and vibrant viewing experience. The display quality is top-notch, showcasing vibrant colors and sharp details, making it a treat for the eyes.


Setting up the boAt Xtend Talk is a breeze. Users can download the boAt app from the app store and follow the on-screen instructions to pair the device with their phone. Additionally, the device seamlessly integrates with Amazon, allowing users to access their Amazon account and enjoy its features directly on the watch.

App Walkthrough

The boAt Xtend Talk's app offers a comprehensive suite of health and wellness features, including vO2, HR, and SpO2 monitoring, stress detection, and ambient sound monitoring. Users can also access their daily activities, total distance covered, and various health metrics, all conveniently displayed within the app. The app also allows users to manage connected devices and check the device's battery status, ensuring a seamless user experience.

Watch Walkthrough

Upon turning on the screen, users can navigate through the watch by pressing the side button. The voice command feature allows for hands-free control, and users can customize their preferences by tapping on the screen. The watch also offers a dial pad for making calls, a sports mode, time and date display, and battery status. Additionally, users can access health metrics such as height, weight, and menstrual cycle tracking.

Watch Faces

The watch provides a range of customizable watch faces, allowing users to select their preferred design to personalize their experience. By tapping on the watch face, users can access the customization options, including the ability to set custom backgrounds and display their own photos. The watch faces add a touch of personalization and style to the device, enhancing the user experience.


Users can manage their app notifications by accessing the notification settings within the watch's app. This enables users to selectively enable or disable notifications for specific apps, ensuring that they only receive relevant alerts. By tapping on the dress icon, users can clear all notifications, providing an efficient way to manage incoming alerts and maintain a clutter-free notification center.

Control Center

Upon accessing the control center, users will find essential controls such as battery check, Bluetooth status, and current time. The control center provides convenient access to various settings, including brightness control, Bluetooth app, and juice add. Additionally, users can manage the flashlight, find my phone, and settings, ensuring quick access to essential features.


The device offers a range of shortcuts that can be accessed for customization. Users can manage and personalize the shortcuts, choosing the ones they want to keep or remove. By selecting the options and editing the settings, users can customize their device according to their preferences, providing a highly personalized experience.

Heart Rate

The boAt Xtend Talk features a dedicated sensor for heart rate measurement, ensuring accurate readings without the need for wearing any additional accessories. Users will receive a notification to wear the device if it detects an absence of heart rate. This level of customization and control provides users with a highly tailored and efficient experience.

Blood Oxygen

The boAt Xtend Talk comes equipped with a dedicated sensor for blood oxygen (SpO2) monitoring, allowing users to track their oxygen consumption during intense workouts. This feature provides valuable health updates and ensures users can monitor their oxygen levels in real-time. The smartwatch also offers an app for measuring stress levels, which can be crucial for maintaining overall well-being.

Stress Monitoring

With the stress monitoring feature, users can navigate away from high-stress environments and prioritize their mental well-being. The boAt Xtend Talk's ambient sound detection further enhances stress management by allowing users to find moments of peace and tranquility amidst their daily routines. These features promote a balanced and mindful approach to managing stress and mental health.

Bluetooth Calling

The boAt Xtend Talk presents an advanced dedicated Bluetooth calling chip, enabling users to make and receive calls directly from their smartwatch. The built-in speaker and microphone enhance the calling experience, providing convenience and accessibility. Users can seamlessly control calls using voice commands, offering a hands-free communication solution. This feature ensures that important conversations are never missed, making the smartwatch an indispensable communication companion.

Sports Mode

The boAt Xtend Talk smartwatch offers a versatile sports mode feature, allowing users to track and monitor their workouts with precision. By accessing the sports mode, users can select from a variety of activities such as running, swimming, or badminton, and customize their exercise sessions. Additionally, the watch provides the flexibility to add or delete specific exercises, ensuring a tailored fitness tracking experience.


The boAt Xtend Talk incorporates a built-in Alexa feature, enabling users to access a wide range of functionalities through voice commands. With Alexa, users can set alarms, reminders, check the weather, and even ask general knowledge questions, offering a seamless and hands-free approach to managing daily tasks. The integration of Alexa enhances the smartwatch's utility and convenience, providing users with instant access to information and assistance.

Ambient Sound Detection

The innovative ambient sound detection feature on the boAt Xtend Talk smartwatch is designed to promote mental well-being and stress management. By actively listening to the surrounding environment, the smartwatch can detect high-stress levels and alert users, encouraging them to move away from stressful situations. This feature fosters a mindful approach to mental health, allowing users to find moments of peace and tranquility amidst their daily routines, ultimately enhancing their overall well-being.


The boAt Xtend Talk smartwatch offers a range of apps to enhance user experience. Users can access the music control app to manage their phone's music directly from the watch. Additionally, the watch provides a clock app with features such as alarms, stopwatch, and a unique world clock function. The device also includes a dedicated app for tracking menstrual cycles, providing valuable health insights for users. Furthermore, the watch offers the ability to install and update various apps, allowing users to personalize and optimize their smartwatch experience.

Water Resistant

The boAt Xtend Talk is designed to withstand splashes and sweat, making it suitable for sports and active lifestyles. Users can wear the smartwatch with confidence during workouts or outdoor activities, knowing that it can handle exposure to water and sweat without compromising its functionality. The water-resistant feature ensures that users can seamlessly integrate the watch into their daily routines without worrying about potential damage from moisture, providing peace of mind and convenience.


The boAt Xtend Talk smartwatch offers impressive battery performance, providing up to 10 days of backup on a single charge. For users primarily utilizing Bluetooth calling, the watch can deliver up to 2 days of battery backup, ensuring continuous functionality. With occasional Bluetooth calling usage, the battery backup can extend to an impressive 45 days, offering long-term reliability. Additionally, the smartwatch provides a charging song notification when connected for charging, adding a touch of convenience to the charging process.


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