Samsung Galaxy A60 Review: Features & Performance

Exploring the Samsung Galaxy A60: A Midrange Contender


It is introducing the brand-new and very innovative Samsung Galaxy A60. It features and is exclusively available on our website,, for a convergence of elegance and flair, making it an all-time must-buy device for tech zealots and casual consumers. Now, this was promised by its grace in design, maturity in terms of functionality, and a truly unique offering that set it apart in the performance stakes from the rest in the overcrowded world of smartphones.

In essence, the Samsung Galaxy A60 is powered by an octa-core processor, which will give you smooth and efficient performance when handling any range of a task, beginning with web browsing or your favorite game. It boasts a 6.3-inch FHD+ Infinity-O display, something that will bring clarity in visual acuity and realness to all your activities: from streaming videos to video calls, just mention a few. This, with a punch-hole design, gives you an edge-to-edge display to enjoy content.

The triple camera system configuration in Galaxy A60 pleases a photo enthusiast. The primary camera is 32 MP; next comes an 8 MP ultra-wide lens with a 5 MP depth sensor. Whether you are shooting a landscape or a portrait, it will please you with stunning photos rich in detail and vivid color. The selfies did not lag, with its 16 MP front camera capturing adorable selfies of the user. In-built beauty modes will allow you to stay at your most polished level.

However, topping all these is the Samsung Galaxy A60: packing 128 GB of internal memory, expandable by a world involving micro-SD card. Hence there is barely anything to worry about where storage concerning all that gets clicked, recorded, downloaded stuff is concerned. The 3500mAh battery can comfortably last all day to keep you online and working. Support for fast charging means you won't be out of power for too long.

From an excellent low price of only 608.00 د.إ AED, exclusively at Grab yours now and never miss packing all those fantastic features and sleek style, all in a very affordable device. More details on our website today.

Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy A60 is another top-of-the-shelf device from Samsung, nailing practice between extremely well-done performance, style, and affordability. Heavily excited over here since this shining star has now landed on the listings of our website, Samsung Galaxy A60 is for geeks and casuals in equal measure and proudly flaunts a well-balanced allotment of features vis-à-vis price. We were looking for something that will just make your mobile experience way more significant than it is?

We at are firmly committed to providing the utmost value additive to our customers, and for that reason, we offer the Samsung Galaxy A60 at compelling prices from 608.00 د. This means that you get maximum value for buying this high-end premium smartphone without compromising on its quality and performance in any way. It's just ideal for lovers of photography, gamers, or everyone desiring a trustworthy smartphone for daily use.

It's easier now to shop at our website,, because we've brought you a Samsung Galaxy A60. Shipping fast with promise, you have access to all the services in almost no time. Enjoy product descriptions high-quality pictures, and reviews given by our customers before for your satisfaction.

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Design and Ergonomics

It looks like sweet candy, doesn't it? It's the gradient sky blue, and the sky blue ring around the primary camera and the triple camera on the back looks fantastic. It also features a fast and reliable fingerprint reader. It's also got face unlock, but since it only relies on the front camera, it's also much slower and less secure.

The punch-hole camera is one of the smallest on an LCD panel, so this design is much less obtrusive than, say, the latest Samsung. Unfortunately, with LCDs, discoloration often becomes visible along the ring and bottom bezel, especially when predominantly displaying white.

While the rounded edges do feel great, this does make phi\ne width and shape most definitely not perfect for one-handed use, but while the 1UI software does allow such use when scrolling, this is often interrupted by the intone's insane design that seems to bring about it feels meandering on an equally irrelevant surface; the very nature of solving the main problem can end up badly for weight minimization.

Display Quality

Overall, Samsung has dialled down on this device, including the use of an LCD panel on the Samsung Galaxy A60 instead of the Super AMOLEDs the company generally packs. For those claims, the LCD panel does not offer the deep blacks an AMOLED can, but bright and auto-mode sunlight legibility is good. That said, the black motif, however, prevalent in one UI, may not prove above the mark.

Battery Life and Charging

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A60 is quite reassuring. Bypassing the corresponding endurance test for batteries, the gadget has been delivering 86 hours of operation continuously. Moreover, it recharges 2.0 quite desirably, giving a juicy 40% in half an hour. This figure speaks of a very convenient and relatively quick charging method. By no rules are these the fastest forms of charging, but it at least means that the user is assured of no downtime.

Audio Performance

The audio performance of the Samsung Galaxy A60, categorized under audibility, can get one star below the modern smartphone volume stages. The output volume at the maximum level could likely be heard as weak, and this absence of power could cause a headache when in a noisy environment. The quality is averaged, thus providing a decent but not the most sparkling experience of audibility.

Software and User Experience

On the software side of things, the Galaxy A60 boots up a Samsung-tweaked Android Pie. Herein lie tens of settings and functionalities tagged with the One UI. One can choose among advanced settings with the battery, bask in with Bixby Assistant, or possibly the Side Panel, so easy that it pulls in from the side to avail you of quick access to apps and tools.

The user interface feels pretty smooth, but it does want just a little from lagging now and then. Most of these complaints might also be cleaned up in a future software update.

Hardware-wise, multitasking and general daily use won't be too heavy for the Snapdragon 675 chipset, so the Galaxy A60 should remain smooth with most actions it's involved in. But are you strong at heavy gaming? Probably not a lot.

Camera: Daylight Performance

A smartphone from the giant electronics company is carrying a triple-camera setup. The only difference is that the two are real cameras with a depth sensor. The camera has excellent color and excellent dynamic range under daylight conditions, but the level of detail does not stand out. There are pretty sharp visible, plentiful sharpening halos around straight lines of just about anything, and some corner softness when the subject is at a distance. That said, shooting in 32 megapixels does jack the detail up a little, but, again, not critically. On the whole, the quality of the daylight shot should be just decent, so do not expect to be forgiven by Resumão da Ópera.

Camera Performance: Portraits and Low Light

Portraits come out nice with the Samsung Galaxy A60 in good lighting, giving almost natural skin tones and supplying correct detection of the edges. But regarding indoor or relatively poor lighting conditions, these pics are outright soft, losing detail and general sharpness. In low light, the quality from the ultrawide camera is relatively low, with noticeable heavy softness, and not up to the mark in detail.

This camera, therefore, should provide decent performance for posting to social media platforms, although results may not reach top quality.

Camera Performance: Ultrawide and Selfie

Expectedly, the ultra-wide camera in Samsung's Galaxy A60 takes in more frames without the cropping needed in the picture itself. It brings the vibrancy of colors more alive, and photographs as clear and naturally lacking in any blurriness, makes any image caught very pleasurable.

The great captures of the boundless landscape mix well with crowded city scene images one would like to capture to the finest details. It, therefore, doesn't let selfie enthusiasts down.

Its front camera is flush with excellent features, through which every selfie should come out gorgeous. The Selfie camera takes sharp, clear pictures in high resolution. It's enclosed with original, perfect colors, capturing photos in the dark. Empty-handed now, it announced the ideal picture with colors just suitable, ideal for photos in the dark. The intelligent beauty mode is fine and highlights your facial features just enough.

Adding to these, there are several modes and filters in the front camera to allow you to click some creative selfies of your favorite styles.


The camera in Samsung Galaxy A60 is just perfect for students and people who are really into photography. Over at our site,, this beauty is up for orders at just 608.00 د. إ AED, and with all its advanced kinds of stuff, that is an excellent order.

It's an eye-dropping landscape on the ultra-wide lens or a sparkling selfie; all your best shots will come to life professionally with the Galaxy A60. Check out fonezone. me for more features of the Samsung Galaxy A60; live your experience like never before.

Overall Performance and Value

But the Samsung Galaxy A60 comes from another area—an excellent mix of power and affordability at, now available exclusively for 608.00 د.إ AED. It has a 6.3" PLS TFT display, so the transmittance of vibrant colors and sharp images is assured; ergo, it's very recommendable for watching multimedia or gaming. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 and 6GB RAM inside, multitasking will go buttery soft when dealing with everyday usual not-so-high-ended applications.

Talking of the camera on the Samsung Galaxy A60, you get a triple rear camera setup. The primary shooter with 32MP can click beautifully detailed images, and the 8MP ultra-wide is suitable for shooting landscape sceneries or group photos. Bokeh effects or portrait photography are aided by pleasing bokeh and a depth sensor of 5MP. The 16MP front camera is too good, even for taking selfies and video calling.

It runs on a standard 3500mAh battery capacity with fast charging. By and large, this implies that one will take quite a long while using a gadget and much less time charging it. It also allows for internal storage of 128 GB, expandable with a microSD card slot, casing proper storage for all your applications, pictures, videos, and media files.

At the other end of the line, the Samsung Galaxy A60 is very performance and loaded specs, validly priced to cross value every device updater's mind. Click and benefit from this fantastic offer, receiving unprecedented service from a Samsung Galaxy A60.


The Samsung Galaxy A60 remains one of the sensible leading handsets in the mid-range smartphone market. Exclusively at FoneZone. It was then that I encountered this model with a radical combination of good performance, bold design, and affordable price. It starts at only 608.00 د. إ AED.

The offering follows through with genuinely outstanding value for the Samsung Galaxy A60; it's attractive to a large clientele.

It is designed so that it should be sleek yet very robust in build; it needs to be beautiful, but strong enough to bear rough usage continually.

However, the key to the Samsung Galaxy A60 will be its display. The 6.3-inch FHD+ Infinity-O display promises lifelike colors with accurate details to spruce up the viewing experience equally to viewing videos, surfing the web, or playing games.

The device is powered by a more-than-capable Snapdragon 675 processor, ensuring a baseline performance level smooth enough to handle all your applications and multitask. This is complemented more by the built-in 6GB RAM, which launches apps quickly and allows the smooth running of many more.

Another admirable virtue about the Galaxy A60 is that it has a triple-camera setup at the rear, featuring a 32MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide lens, and a 5MP depth shooter for taking some smashing shots in various settings. Your selfies can show off entirely with an impressive 16MP front camera. And with the 3500mAh battery, you get plenty of power to last you all day—with quick charging available not to keep you tied down for long.

Once again, attesting to all the design, performance, and camera capabilities close to almost premium yet at a very aggressive price, the Samsung Galaxy A60. Available at, it shows clearly that it's the best choice possible for everyone who wishes to have a phone upgrade at a minimized cost. So don't miss the offer to upgrade your mobile experience with Samsung Galaxy A60 at a competitive price.


1. What are the key features of the Samsung Galaxy A60?

Popular ones are the mega 6.3-inch Infinity-O display with transparent, crisp colors for the ultimate viewing pleasure in videos and games. This has been backed by the Snapdragon 675 processor with 6GB inbuilt RAM for a lag-free performance under intensive usage. Next is the triple camera setup along the rear with the 32MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide shooter, and a 5MP depth sensor to click amazing photos in multiple methods.

2. How much storage is offered by the Samsung Galaxy A60?

With 128 GB of onboard storage provided by the Samsung Galaxy A60, one doesn't have to worry or care about running out of storage space for apps, photos, videos, or any documents. There is an additional possibility of having microSD support, which can prove a savior in this department.

3. Battery Capacity: How good is the battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy A60?

The intelligent features of the device are powered by a 3500mAh battery capacity, enabling fast charging such that you can very briefly charge the phone and get online the whole day without the fear of power off.

4. Whether the Samsung Galaxy A60 features a fingerprint sensor?

Well, the Samsung Galaxy A60 features a fingerprint sensor—on the back of the gadget. It lets you unlock your mobile quickly and securely while chasing away prying eyes from your matters.

5. How much does a Samsung Galaxy A60 cost in

The cost is 608.00 د.إ only; I am relieved that this device by Samsung Galaxy A60 can be secured at at an excellent price. Whereby it is reasonable for to everyone desire to have maximum and advanced device functionality at a worthwhilegate1 cost.

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