Fairphone Fairbuds XL: Eco-Friendly, Superior Sound

Fairphone's TWS Fairbuds Promise Premium Sound Quality and Easy Repairability


Indeed, Fairphone TWS Fairbuds are supposed to excel in sound quality output within a product that scores very high on repairability. "Andy" from "Andy's Tech Tone" has done a review of "Fairphone Fairbuds XL," where he rated them very well for being an exceptionally sustainable and environmentally friendly pair of earbuds. They also feature 100% recycled aluminum, 100% recycled tin solder paste, and 80% recycled plastics, all designed in line with Fairphone's principle of putting the planet and its people first. In modular parts, the headphone is designed; therefore, it's repaired or replaced pretty easily. Therefore, it minimizes the purchase of the new headphone frequency.

Other than their eco-friendly build, the Fairbuds XL shows off an urban look with dust, splash, and sweat at IP54 resistance and a prolonged battery life that is way too irresistible for any environmentally cautious consumer.

Sustainability and Environmental-Friendly Features

Fairbuds XL by Fairphone are ecological, sustainable, and friendly products. They contain 100% recycled aluminum, 100% tin solder paste, and are made from 80% post-consumer recycled plastics. This aligns with the Fairphone mission of putting the planet and people first, while the practice of procedures and practices is with as little impact as possible on the environment and all of its stakeholders. The headphones also come in a carrying pouch made of 100% recycled textile to minimize the environmental issue.

Modular Design and Repairability

The design concept of the Fairbuds XL is modular, which clearly opens up the way for easy repair, but also brings to life the potential replacement of parts. The headphones contain many separate, modular parts that can be easily replaced; one can order headbands, battery, and speakers separately as spare parts from the Fairphone website. This, therefore, means fewer new purchases of headphones and helps towards ensuring that there will be less new purchase towards the sustainability and environmentally friendly aspect of the product lifecycle.

Build Quality and Comfort

The Fairbuds XL boast a modern look with a durable build quality. The clamping force generally felt solid; there were only a few isolated instances of minor squeaks and rattles. The headband and earpads are well cushioned for long-term comfort but can become a little bit hot after approximately an hour of operation. The headphones also carry with them an ergonomic design with spacious ear cups and an IP54 rating: dust, splash, and sweat resistance makes them fit for diversified activity usage. They also come with a carry pouch made out of 100% recycled textile that allows easy portability and minimizes environmental impact. They don't actually fold flat, but still are easily stowable in their carry pouch if you're heading somewhere with them, like traveling or commuting.

Battery Life and Replacement

In contrast, the Fairbuds XL offer a rather decent battery life of 26 to 30 hours, depending on ANC activity, coupled with a user-replaceable 20 euro new battery. This, among other aspects in the headphones, could be cost-saving and environmentally friendly since the funds that were to be used to purchase new headphones after every short duration will not be used anymore. Furthermore, it has the USB Type-C port for charging, although it does not support quick charging.

There was no USB cord or charger in the box, but that shows how Fairphone is trying to minimize the negative impact of e-waste.

Connectivity Options

Connecting through Bluetooth 5.1 ensures that the Fairphone TWS Fairbuds XL connect with SBC, AAC, and aptX HD codecs. The set supports multipoint use with two devices at a time, allowing the sources to easily switch without kind of hassle to the user. Its USB Type-C port handles charging, although a USB cable or charger from the box cannot be found, which, again, works in the ideology of Fairphone to not create more electronic waste.

Its earphones also have an applicable reach of wireless that ensures the stable signal while connecting to either an iOS or Android gadget; the signal remains with stability for activities that have low latency requirements, like gaming.

And even though it lacks a 3.5mm headphone jack, Fairphone has taken care to provide quality wired connections through the optional purchase of a USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack cable.

Audio Quality and Sound Profiles

In Fairphone TWS Fairbuds XL, the punchy sound with rich mids at the same time, tonally correct; the low end is punchy with a lack of overhang, providing for smooth and relaxed listening to last one through the day. There is a bit of a close-in soundstage with the speakers, providing a lack of air and separation between individual elements. The top end is slightly rolled off but still provides enough of it to detail without sounding overly sparkly or energetic to not let headphones go for extended periods of listening without tiring out your ears.

Also, the pre-installed profiles are so special that even Sonar Works has developed special pre-installed sound profiles for the headphones, which come with presets suchjson as Amsterdam, Tokyo, Boston, and Copenhagen. The Amsterdam is balanced and fun; added bass on Tokyo is more of a thing felt than heard, the Copenhagen has to be brighter, and Boston is boosted with both bass and highs.

The sound profile would cater to a lot of preferences, something around 90% of users are very comfortable with. While there is no manual EQ setting, the preset available surprisingly caters to most users.


1. Are the Fairbuds XL headphones water-resistant?

These earphones are rated IP54 in resistance to dust, splash, and sweat for versatility in several activities.

2. Can the battery in the Fairbuds XL headphones be replaced?

Yes, the battery in the Fairbuds XL headphones is easily replaceable, and a new battery costs only 20 euros.

3. Are the Fairbuds XL headphones compatible with both Android and iOS devices?

Absolutely, Fairbjsonn XL come with a versatile connection and could apply using Android or iOS by giving a steady signal connection on both devices.

4. What sound profiles are available for the Fairbuds XL headphones?

It has a sound profile specially designed by Sonar Works, and sound presets such as Amsterdam, Tokyo, Boston, and Copenhagen.

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