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HONOR X7b: Full Review and Analysis

HONOR X7b: Full Review and Analysis


The HONOR X7b comes as a smartphone at a mid-level, bundled with features and a good mix of them in one product. Here in this review, we will focus on the details of specifications, performance, and the overall experience of using the product. From battery life to gaming capabilities, we cover just about everything important about the HONOR X7b.

Device Overview

The HONOR X7b has 256 GB of storage, which makes it evident that this model far outstrips its competitors in the mid-price segment of the smartphone market. It is also equipped with 8GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 680 processor, and a 5,330mAh battery to serve all-day usability.

The HONOR X7i screen features a 6.8-inch, highly detailed TFT display and 1,800 x 2,412 resolution. The device can also run at 90Hz in order to ensure fluent movement and augmented experience for the user.

As for the camera capabilities, it has got a triple camera setup on the HONOR X7b, whereby it includes an ultra-wide, 108MP, and a macro camera. This device will be able to take full HD video; hence, for a user who would like to use different angles for both photo and video coverage, this will be well suited.

Design and Build

The HONOR X7b has a stylish, narrow bezel, therefore very modern and attractive. It is designed with a reflecting pattern on the back cover and comes in two colours: Silver Breeze and emerald green, due to which any consumer's taste will be satisfied.

With 8.24mm thick and 199g heavy, HONOR X7b looks like a phablet of smaller than average size. The device does not obtain any certification against either splashes or being waterproof, so there is less protection coming for it. On the right side of the device is a fingerprint reader that doubles as a power button for the most convenient and secure unlocking of the phone.

It also houses a headphone jack, USB-C port, and stereo sound with the main audio output area located at the bottom, while the area at the earpiece is secondary for calls.
All in all, HONOR X7b is a great choice for users in the mid-range category, given their comfortable, attractive design and the ability to handle features and appearance aesthetics properly.

Screen and Display Quality

The HONOR X7b comes with a TFT 6.8-inch display and 1,80 by 2,412 pixels for a good view of content with good details. It features a 388density screen that brings nice clarity and sharpness.

However, the TFT panel technology is still responsible for viewing angles that are less than optimal, with some loss of brightness and color strength in side vision. The other downside can be that the 850-nit maximum brightness can still be restricting when outdoors. However, it's an indoor display that is overly bright.

One of the key features of the display is the 90Hz refresh rate that enhances smooth and fluid movements of the display, hence improving the general experience of the user. On the other hand, it provides good visual rest modes and reading modes for comfortable use in scenarios that are needed.

That will give the acceptable visuals, especially looked at from the front, where the screen might look like it's missing the piercing colors of AMOLED technology. This device also has a wireless screen projection option, a mirror-like projection feature, for smooth connecting and sharing of content on other screens. On a general note, the display quality of the HONOR X7b can be said to be mid-range, while the resolution and size together with the refresh rates fare fairly well in giving the viewer the best picture quality as possible.

Audio and Sound Quality

On the sound part, HONOR X7b delivers a stereo output. The main sound output is from the bottom, while the secondary output for calls is in the earpiece area. The sound is mostly dominated by mid-frequencies, and they are powerful but not high-quality.

It has an inbuilt headphone jack and supports aptX and LDAC Bluetooth audio codecs in order to ensure that put out audio in higher resolution through compatible wireless headphones.

However, the special section enhances the sound backs headphones only, but does not support Dolby Atmos. It also includes two microphones, hence affecting the quality of the stereo sound recording. Generally, the sound output as well as the quality of audio from the HONOR X7b is pretty okay but nothing extraordinary. It delivers a commendable level of auditory experience for its users, mostly when they put on their headphone with matching Bluetooth audio codecs.

Battery and Charging

A 5,330mAh battery unit will be the source of power in keeping the HONOR X7b alive. It is enough juice to take you through your daily operations. But then, real battery life performance depends on usage patterns.
Having tested the device for the battery, in the background of the apps, the phone had good management and lasted approximately 11 hours and 46 minutes of usage.

Power saving mode will further extend the battery life, and the inbuilt smart charging facility slows down the charging process when left overnight plugged to enable it to hold the long-term battery lifespan.

The device, therefore, is also accompanied by a 35W charger, which means it allows for quick charging capability. In tests, it managed to fill the device in about 81 minutes, therefore quite a convenient and efficient charging speed.

On the other side, HONOR X7b has intelligent capacity battery management, giving the proper use of battery for the longevity of the battery. This ensures that the battery never attains 100% of its full capacity, thus being able to live longer.

Connectivity and Ecosystem The mobile hosts numerous connectivity options: a 4G network supports and Wi-Fi 5 for effective wireless internet. It also does have a Bluetooth 5.0 for wireless connection but lacks support in terms of NFC. The device is also built with an Honor Share for convenient sharing of files to or from other devices while sharing files between other Honor devices. It also supports Quick Share for the convenience of file sharing with other Android devices.

The HONOR ecosystem includes a tablet and devices from laptops to wearables like the HONOR Watch and HONOR Band. What do you mean by an ecosystem? Ecosystem means to include and interact with the devices of HONOR, covering all the products from laptops to even tablets. It doesn't have "real" cloud storage, but it does support some basic data syncing with Google and Fast Pair for Bluetooth devices, says Google.

Performance and Gaming Experience

The Hjson X7b includes a Snapdragon 680 processor and 8 GB of RAM; generally speaking, it pretty much does everything perfectly decently for the average person. In general, it gets most things right and does them pretty well but excels in a few more demanding tasks.

The device's storage capacity of 256 GB and Turbo RAM are notable features that enhance its performance.

When it comes to gaming, the device performs adequately for simpler content or games in two dimensions.
In fact, on the more heavy-demanding games, though, users might face a kind of limitation to fluidity and graphic experience. Actually, the phone is struggling with higher graphic settings to maintain stable frame rates but on the good side, it is not overheating during his gaming sessions.

From intensive gaming, popular games like Call of Duty, Legends, SpongeBob, and Honkai Impact, which are usually known for their graphical and interface sophistication, HONOR X7b gave a variable performance in the test of different games. And if relatively simple, then there is okay, but high-end gaming might not be very fluid.

In a nutshell, the gaming performance of Hjson X7b is quite acceptable for basic users, but those who want to derive better and advanced gaming experience have the options to consider from this price category.


In short, the HONOR X7b is massively rigorous competition within mid-range smartphones—one of the flagship storage level and balanced performance with the help of innovative Turbo RAM features. All this with a stylish design, stereo sound, and intelligent battery use, this device becomes a complete charm. The device does have some drawbacks, more so in the performance of gaming, which really hard times handling heavy games. It also has fair audio output and sound quality, while the camera and sound software are something that definitely needs working upon.

The Hjson X7b offers an overall sound value proposition to users in the market for a mid-budget segment smartphone, offering generous storage space and all-round performance for daily routines. This makes it a perfect option for those looking for perfect balances in features and functions for the most reliable yet very versatile experience from a smartphone.


1. Does the HONOR X7b support 5G networks?

No, the HONOR X7b only supports 4G networks and does not offer support for 5G connectivity.

2. What is the battery capacity of the HONOR X7b?

The HONOR X7b is equipped with a 5,330 mAh battery, providing substantial power for everyday use.

3. What is the maximum storage capacity of the HONOR X7b?

And this one comes with a super generous storage of 256GB, enough to house as many photos, videos, or apps as might be your liking to carry. It also supports a 1TB Micro SD card for additional storage.

4. Does the HONOR X7b have NFC support?

No, it does not support NFC. Thus, the device may not be compatible with all the payment and connectivity options that are available in the phones.

5. What is the processor and RAM configuration of the HONOR X7b?

Under the hood, a Snapdragon 680 chipset is supposed to power the performance, pairing with onboard 8GB of RAM that offers multitasking capabilities and well-rounded performance for everyday use.

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