Huawei Nova 2 Plus: Best & Worst in Budget Smartphone

Huawei Nova 2 Plus: A Closer Look at the Budget Smartphone's Pros and Cons


Discover the Huawei Nova 2 Plus, only on our site, Crafted with the latest technology in an elegant, ultra-slim, and exquisite design, it is for the one who desires the supreme quality of features in performance and appearance without burning a hole in their pocket.

Designed with a 5.5-inch Full HD display, it ensures bright and full-scale vision. Its vibrant screen makes all your preferred content come alive, from surfing the web, playing games, to video watching. It's powered at the core by an octa-core processor that assures the best in performance without giving the user who looks for speed and efficiency any hustle.

The front shooter was also impressive at 20MP, good enough for taking attractive selfies. The two camera lenses on the back combine 12MP and 8MP in taking good photos with lots of detail and clarity. Be it picturesque landscapes or candid shots of friends, the Nova 2 Plus is ready to capture everything.

Available at an exclusive price range of only SAR 185.00 to SAR 399.00, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus from ensures that users derive great value from their hard-earned money. The phone has a huge 64GB internal storage, expandable using a microSD card slot, which provides enough space for all your applications, photos, and videos. Plus, the battery is long-lasting, which means you'll be connected throughout the day.

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Price and Availability

The all-new Huawei Nova 2 Plus, at an ultra-exclusive price range, is what you will find on our website, When you need something premium but do not want to pay the high price, the Nova 2 Plus offers best-in-class features at an affordable cost. It couples style, performance, and advanced camera capabilities, making the device fit for tech enthusiasts and casual users alike.

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus is available at a price between SAR 185.00 and SAR 399.00 — just perfect. This is the perfect phone for any photo enthusiast. It's good for multitasking; it won't let you down. A class-apart design with a processor at lightning speed and great battery life will have you connected at all times. The Nova 2 Plus is designed to ensure a great media experience; it hosts a bright display and sound in full richness.

This exclusive device is available on, and, among the many gadgets we curate, it is made in a way to ensure the evolution of the needs of the consumer. Now shop with pride while you get the lowest prices with the fastest customer service. This exclusive opportunity is one of a kind, and you need to upgrade your smartphone game with the Huawei Nova 2 Plus.

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The Design and Build

On our site,, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus is a big leap forward in design. Priced between SAR 185.00 and SAR 399.00, this smartphone comes in just the right size to carry around and an easy grip for smooth and comfortable usage.

The texture of the back is matte, and this is where the fingerprints are going to land, but it feels very premium nonetheless. The fingerprint scanner, placed thoughtfully on the back, is incredibly fast and responsive and secure for convenient access.

Customization is really strong with the Huawei Nova 2 Plus, which offers an array of color options that a user can pick from while picking up a unit that goes well with his or her personal style. This makes it very individual, which actually is interesting, as this unit will shine brightly in the crowd of the market.

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus is built like a tank. Actually, due to the precise port cutouts and firm buttons, one will feel like this phone is very reliable. The device remains unscathed even after a few drops, and this just illustrates how tough this device is for daily usage.

Though the phone doesn't have Gorilla Glass protection, at least there's a front-facing screen protector included by Huawei, making a layer better at defense. The upshot of all this is that the Nova 2 Plus stays fully guarded against wear and tear, and that's a peace of mind for users. All in all, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus, with its design, both thoughtful and sound, is a testimony to the fact that Huawei is on the right track to provide value-packed smartphones at prices that can never be refused.

Display and Sound

Huawei Nova 2 Plus, exclusively available on our website,, is the complete experience of display and audio content. This one will come to you with a price range of between SAR 185.00 and SAR 399.00, with a 5.5-inch screen that's full HD. The screen is bright, visible in outdoor conditions, although you might need to do a bit of color tweaking right out of the box to make it feel great and vivid on the screen.

It's a great 5.5-inch display to enjoy all of your favorite content, with vivid colors and a nice brightness level—perfect at the outdoor level. The bezels are somewhat thick, though not so much that the immersive feel is slightly taken away. Screen performance is still really good for video playback, web browsing, or image viewing.

The mono speaker is a bottom-firing one and is very loud in all kinds of noisy surroundings. Since it is not a stereo one, the stereo separation and level of clarity are not that high, but it churns out decent sound output quality for daily use. It also features a headphone jack for a more personalized audio experience while listening to content with your favorite headphones.

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Camera Performance

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus is available in our online store,, for a price range of SAR 185.00 to SAR 399.00. With a 20MP selfie shooter, the sensor does quite a good job in clicking detailed and natural-looking pictures even with changing lighting conditions. The software flash, however, in a few of the shots, at times, can be a little overexposing that blows the background to affect the overall quality of the picture. Even though the front camera supports a portrait mode, the optimizations and accuracies need a bit of work because it is software-implemented.

At the back is a dual 12-megapixel and 8-megapixel camera that does pretty well when taking pictures in well-lit areas or the sunset. However, when in dim settings, noise really starts to creep in, and the photos need some post-processing for quality to be enhanced. Further blurring the background, though sometimes too saturated in color, is the portrait mode option with an option from both cameras. However, focusing sometimes fails in general camera performance, definitely not to the benefit of user experience.

It can shoot videos in full HD, but the shot video quality is not smooth without optical or electronic image stabilization, and it somehow takes away the brilliance of video performance. Normally, two cameras can do well under good conditions but fall short in low-light environments and when focusing and adjusting exposure happen quickly, which usually needs to be tuned manually.

Hence, all summed up, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus churns out good photos due to a high-resolution selfie shooter and dual-camera setup. The selfie camera does capture detailed and quite natural-looking images, while the rear cameras come alive and perform well when recording video in environments where there is good light. In low light, it really shows the noise, and there is slight overexposure and lack of stabilization, which really spoils the overall quality.

That said, portrait mode brings in an extra stroke of classy, blurred background for more artistic photography. Grab your Huawei Nova 2 Plus at our website,, and be a part of this experience.

Performance and Software

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus is exclusively available on our website,, at prices that range between SAR 185.00 and SAR 399.00. For performance and software, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus comes equipped with the new Kirin 659 octa-core processor clocked at 2.36GHz, and 4GB of RAM. This means it is well endowed for a capable mid-range user experience. However, here and there, one may encounter a stutter in the interface during scrolling or perhaps when handling the camera, reducing the performance experience.

Still, the Kirin 659 is a trusted performer that handles almost everything thrown at it from minor delay to intermittent minor lags under heavy loads. More than a few times, the camera hangs, and that can really spoil the user experience. There has also been an Instagram hang and a Snapchat hang, which froze the entire phone and needed a restart. All these things chip away at an otherwise pleasing user interface.

This is further coupled with the fact that software updates on the Huawei Nova 2 Plus are not consistent, so users are given sub-par experiences over time. The phone also misses out on support for 5GHz Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity, which could have furthered the development of ultra-fast internet networks and other wireless payment systems. However, despite all of these weaknesses, the Nova 2 Plus from Huawei remains a sleek, stylish opportunity for the buyer who wants the best value. Learn all about it, and get the best price available at!

Connectivity and Operations

The Nova 2 Plus is running EMUI 5.1 on top of Android 7.0 Nougat, which provides a simple, easy-to-use interface with all necessary features. Though a lot over-customized, two welcome changes are the addition of app drawers and theme support. This device also comes with some practical functions, such as app twinning for running dual accounts, and multi-window support for multitasking. Both of these add up to the overall user experience. While 2D games run just fine on the unit, for example, Asphalt 8, 3D games are jerky to the extent that they become grossly affected and, in effect, the overall gaming performance becomes poor. Other than this major flaw, the features like connectivity and software bundled with the phone make it really useful unit for wide range operations and applications.

Battery life and charging

The 3340mAh battery on the Nova 2 Plus is strong and goes on and on.

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth turned on and brightness bumped up to 50%, the screen-on time maxes out at 8 hours. With data on, it still manages close to 6-7 hours of screen-on time, which is excellent daily usage endurance. The device also supports fast charging through the USB-C port; that means you can top up your battery in no time. With this, you will be at 35% in just 30 minutes.

Pricing and Value

Now, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus was positioned in a slightly higher bracket compared to those of the past, which will have an impact on the overall value proposition. Here, we can talk about a camera and battery life as its big selling point. The only thing that disappoints with the passing of time is the user experience, which does not catch up with all the expectations, especially in terms of timely software updates.


The Huawei Nova 2 Plus, now available in, is high on performance with splendid camera features—an obvious choice for a photographer. The front 20MP camera caters to selfie lovers, enabling clear, crisp shots. The 12MP + 8MP dual rear camera gives out radiant, dynamic photos. The device is supported with a 3340mAh battery, assuring reliability from dawn to dusk and beyond, with a certain reserve of power to keep you on and entertained throughout the day.

The Nova 2 Plus is a good-looker and handy, treating you to a great view on a vibrant 5.5-inch Full HD screen. This basically means an immersive visual experience for enjoying streaming videos, web browsing, or gaming. At the helm is a Kirin 659 processor with 4GB of RAM, ensuring the phone takes care of the work in your day-to-day routine effortlessly, with smooth multitasking and swift app operations.

But a potential buyer should be very leery of the price—considering it is pegged with a starting price of SAR 185.00 and one with more features at SAR 399.00. While not having many letdowns, such as performance, and not being updated with the latest software, the Nova 2 Plus is a really great phone that sports an excellent camera and good battery life. The software interface can sometimes feel a bit dated against the competition with the inclusion of EMUI.

After all, the Huawei Nova 2 Plus delivers in the departments where so many other premium features fail: it is a powerful device with good camera quality and long battery life. If these strengths meet your requirements, you can find this versatile device at a friendly budget on our website,


1. How much is the Huawei Nova 2 Plus at

This Huawei Nova 2 Plus price differs with a special price from SAR 185.00 to SAR 399.00, exclusively at The difference in price accommodates both your pocket and condition preference. You will find a cheaper pre-owned model or like-new here with a much better price than on the current market.

2. What is the camera specification of the Huawei Nova 2 Plus?

The Huawei Nova 2 Plus comes with a very nice dual-camera setup on the rear: a 12 MP primary lens and an 8 MP secondary lens. It is, therefore, able to work on the images and provide depth and clear images. At the front is a stunning 20 MP selfie camera, which really assures clear selfies—a feature that really catches the fancy of selfie lovers.

3. How good is the battery life of the Huawei Nova 2 Plus?

The Nova 2 Plus is powered by a 3340 mAh battery, which you would expect to serve you for one average day. This way, smart battery management from Huawei keeps the device going for hours on end while you surf, stream, and game. Battery life is more than adequate with moderate-to-heavy use.

4. What features make the Huawei Nova 2 Plus a different choice?

The design is modern, with a large, bright 5.5-inch Full HD screen and good audio quality courtesy of Huawei's Histen 3D audio technology. Furthermore, the Kirin 659 processor paired with 4GB of RAM ensures very smooth multitasking and excellent game performance, thereby making this device a good choice for users in need of style and functionality.

5. How is the performance of the Huawei Nova 2 Plus for multitasking and gaming?

Now the Nova 2 Plus features a powerhouse under its hood: a Kirin 659 chipset with 4GB of RAM, which allows one to play around with multitasking ease. You'll be able to switch between several apps, or for that matter, play any kind of graphics-rich games, quite effortlessly. With the provided 64 GB of internal storage, you can have all sorts of games, applications, and associated media files. This is further expandable up to 256 GB using a microSD card.

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