Huawei Y6s Review: Budget-Friendly Smartphone in Detail

Huawei Y6s: A Budget-Friendly Smartphone with Impressive Features


Welcome to the launch of the Huawei Y6s at, where we bring you a cutting-edge smartphone that offers a blend of functionalities at a very cost-effective price of only SAR 305.00. This is an offering for those people whose priority is functionality and style without digging a hole in the pocket.

But, more so, the Huawei Y6s really is a device at the heart of reliable and smooth service. The device is powered and packed with enough storage to handle most tasks and multimedia experiences of the day. The Huawei Y6s, whether one is playing a game, streaming, or multitasking, interfaces effortlessly with your demands.

The design of Huawei Y6s yells about its quality of make. It shows on the outside with a clean, polished design paired with a vibrant screen that makes it much appealing in the crowd while offering a comfortable grip with all ease of viewing. It is careful with the details: camera capabilities for the vivid clarity and colors of life's moments make it an awesome companion, even at low prices, to shoot life as it happens.

This does not end with hardware but also includes an array of software enhancements that work together to improve security, user interaction, and connectivity. It does this in an efficient way to ensure that one is kept connected at all times. With dual SIM capacity, it allows great flexibility for users who juggle between networks.

Price and Availability

Buying Huawei Y6s, exclusively available at, means that you have invested in additional value for your smartphone without pinching your pocket. In fact, this is an invitation to experience the technology it holds in respect to your needs and above your expectations in a pocket-friendly package. Check the features now and adapt to smart living with Huawei Y6s, your new doorway to digital empowerment.

Make it more Human: Our offer is glad to make: Huawei y6s at the best price of SAR 305.00. This is an exclusively priced deal, and by this, we can assure the best value for your money is guaranteed to our customers. We always strive to be at the forefront of bringing new mobile technology to our customers, at great prices, with the latest gadgets—Huawei y6s being no exception.

For enthusiasts, it's strong in both counts and will be a preferred choice because of quality and affordability. The device will be marketed uniquely through our platform,, which is where our customers will have the opportunity to buy it easily and free from the comfort of their homes.

We understand the value of reliability and efficiency when it comes to online purchasing, so our checkout process is very user-friendly, making the process as hassle-free as it can be.

Please do visit our website,, view and buy the Huawei y6s. This all-inclusive offer in the market is for just SAR 305.00. We at take it up ourselves to make sure that you get a perfect deal and are comprehensively supported after the sale, ensuring satisfaction in every purchase.

Remember, the Huawei y6s is only available at We take pride in our unique products and are focused on giving you the best there is in an array of products that will satisfy your technological needs. It's an offer that is hard to miss: a good quality smartphone for a relatively cheap cost. Visit our website today and order a Huawei y6s in order to access the advanced features that come with it at an awesome price.

Display and Design

The Y6s comes with a 6.09-inch IPS screen having a 720p HD+ resolution and a 283 PPI pixel density, providing a visual pleasure. The screen is also TUV Rheinland certified, which blocks out most of the harmful blue light without the need for further eye protection modes being turned on. The brightness may sometimes be good enough to give a pleasing viewing experience.

Display Quality:

The 720p resolution works perfectly fine for a budget smartphone, and the TUV Rheinland certification makes a comfortable experience by not exposing too much blue light. Brightness is a big selling point of this display, which lets you enjoy the visuals to the full.

Yes, The design of the Huawei Y6s is slim and ergonomically designed to be held and used with ease. A really light and compact smartphone, it is very practical and stylish.

Battery and Charging

The Huawei Y6s stands out for its excellent energy management features, and it further identifies with a 3020 mAh battery. With a small 5-watt charger that comes with it, a user can still tap into a more powerful 10-watt charger if there is the availability of any 2-ampere charger.

The flexibility allows for faster replenishing of battery life, thus easing the inconvenience on the user, most of whom are always on the go. Yet it's to be remembered, even with this feature, the overall package's value proposition could increase manifold if a 2-ampere charger were included as part of the standard package—not too much to ask for, either, seeing this device is priced very competitively at only SAR. 305.00 on our website

Speaking of battery life, Huawei Y6s manages fairly and goes through a normal day's work on a single charge without many issues. This consists of the usual type of activity—browsing, messaging, and some media consumption. However, those power users who are doing very heavy tasks such as gaming or streaming are likely to have the battery go down much faster. It might dampen the spirits a bit for those heavy users for whom this device should be able to take the heavy usage they'd keep throwing at it without asking for a charge every so often.

In terms of speed, there is an advantage to the capability of having a 10-watt charging.

This is going to make the device charge more effectively than the provided 5-watt charger. However, the provision of a 2-legs charger in the box that is designed to match the local market is a missed opportunity to build on an area that could further ingrain an overall experience for the user. This would not be an amenity to the user base only; it would also be a move that adds to the goodwill of the company to demonstrate its further commitment to its end users in seeing their needs and preferences met locally.

Camera Performance

With a price tag that lists it on our website for SAR 305.00, the camera specifications of the Huawei Y6s are considered fair enough. This device is outfitted with a 13MP rear camera with an f/1.8 aperture and an 8MP front camera with an f/2.0 aperture, which enables the taking of relatively sharp and detailed images.

Users will love the ability of the camera to handle different lighting conditions, with an automatic HDR mode that juggles the exposure in scenes with light levels.

With the Huawei Y6s, color accuracy is good; the colors look largely realistic although with some slight shifts of shades at times. This guarantees most pictures look pretty true-to-life, not over-saturated as happens often with the device from this class.

The white balance is on point, the camera delivering good color reproduction, and the camera captures natural skin color that does not give it a color tint. Still, the camera system is not perfect. Sometimes, the autofocus system is struggling—particularly to focus promptly when you shoot portraits—and it may result in less sharp photography.

Sometimes, the shutter response is also a bit too slow, causing the loss of many moments of fast-moving objects. Furthermore, even though video recording is 1080p, due to poor stabilization, your footage often gets converted into quite shaky scenes, while highlight clipping, especially in brighter light, might take away from your overall video quality. For casual photographers who don't care about some advanced features but simply wish to take some pictures with ease, the camera in the Huawei Y6s offers a pretty decent experience.

Front Camera

Speaking of the front camera, it works well in well-lit conditions, specifically under bright daylight. The performance dips slightly under low or indoor conditions, and highlight clipping is quite prevalent in the process. The capturing of the skin tones is good with the front camera. Overall, the performance with the front camera in this price bracket is fine, but not extraordinarily good.

Designed with Quality and Compromises in Design

The Huawei Y6s is such a device, retailing at a price of SAR 305.00 on our website, and, despite the cost, it really boasts of some good build quality. For the most part, the main construction of the device is plastic, although it's very solid in the hand, one can easily credit Huawei with their strong dedication to durability and to the real craft that goes into putting together one of their devices. The choice of such a material means the structure is light enough but is not delicate; it is kind of robust enough to undergo the normal challenges of carrying a phone, yet the structure will hold up.

Potential buyers should be informed that there are some design compromises here. First off, the Huawei Y6s lacks a protective case. In the modern market, it is full of situations where a smartphone is affected by accidental drops and scratches, so a free protective case with a purchase would really bring satisfaction to consumers in terms of added device protection and peace of mind. The lack of it will require users to buy some third-party options for their device.

Additionally, earphones are absent, which is a condition that most competitors in this price bracket regularly provide in the box. This could be a little depressing for the end user, who might expect these accessories to be provided free of cost, and then one has to invest in headphones to enjoy personal audio.

The assembly is generally sound and, when all is said and done, performance can be considered in terms of the cost of ownership. It is quite unfortunate that in this package deal, a protective case and earphones are sacrificed, which might affect potential buyers that would be looking at the very best in terms of value for their investment in a smartphone.

Value for Money

Naturally, all this is available at for only SAR 305.00. It must be kept in mind where one gets value for his hard-earned money in a highly competitive market. It is a wise choice to consider for budget users because it offers the right balance between functionality and cost efficiency.

The Huawei Y6s will work for consumers who are in need of a good and reliable device but do not wish to strain too much on their pockets. At this price, it offers decent respect for performance, which goes rather well for an entry-level smartphone. It has some of the basics under its belt to help one throughout the day: a good battery life, moderate storage for the average user, and an easy interface. This would be more than enough for the regular phone user who needs it for socializing and simple applications.

The Y6s also has quite satisfactory camera capabilities. While not in the same league as those of the high-resolution cameras equipped on more expensive models, the Y6s will serve you just fine in good lighting conditions if you are only a basic photography enthusiast. The screen resolution and display quality are also good. The visuals seem to be clear for streaming and browsing.

The affordability factor makes the Huawei Y6s come at the top on the website.

It's a good choice for first-time smartphone users or as a second device for someone on a budget. The high specs might not be there compared to pricier smartphones, but it surely suffices for the major market segment, which is a stickler for the price rather than cutting-edge technology. So, in this regard, the Huawei Y6s is a really good investment if you're looking for functionality and not something too expensive.


Huawei Y6s dominates the budget smartphone landscape effortlessly. It is really big because of the price: SAR 305.00, available on our website, Affordable and functional, it will be great for those who need a reliable smartphone but do not want to spend everything in the bank. The Y6s is good in terms of the display features and a design that one would fancy—the up-to-date design is good for users who appreciate aesthetics as much as they do performance.

It's amazing how well the Huawei Y6s camera does for its price point; it takes bright and clear pictures even under good lighting conditions, providing quite an advantage for those who like taking photos. Its interface is pretty simple and easy-to-use, making it possible for everyone to get their hands on it without being a tech pro.

However, it does have its downsides. The battery life is not like what some of the mid-range counterparts offer, and it is rather slow when it comes to charging it. Users who intend to make a single charge last long will, therefore, find it to be a little stifling. However, for those for whom the initial cost is more important than long-term power efficiency, the Y6s remains very much an option.

The Huawei Y6s brings a decent combination of features at its price point, which makes it really likable for the price-sensitive consumer. It is only available from, so the smart money is on investing in what will pay back with time in the best interests of the individual.


1. How much is the Huawei Y6s at

Huawei Y6s, now available on, offers incredible value at only SAR 305.00, making the device very competitive not only in price but also in delivering reliable performance.

2. Key features of the Huawei Y6s?

The Y6s also has many more features to boast of, including a 6.09-inch HD+ display that will give you vivid and clear visuals. It has a MediaTek Helio P35 processor that assures you of very impressive performance. It also features 3GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage and microSD expandable memory. More importantly, the Y6s has a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera for quality photography and selfies.

3. What kind of OS does the Huawei Y6s have?

The Huawei Y6s has an Android 9.0 Pie OS dressed in the Huawei EMUI 9.1 skin, giving users an easier interface with the availability of many applications and functionalities. This is in a bid to give seamless user experience and great functionality.

4. Is Huawei Y6s good for gaming?

Backing the Huawei Y6s is the MediaTek Helio P35 processor, with 3GB of RAM, enough for the purpose of casual gaming. That may not lead it to high-end gaming settings, but it will be sure to handle most popular mobile games without painful lag.

5. How do I buy the Huawei Y6s from

Buying the Huawei Y6s on is really simple. All you have to do is open your web browser, go to the product page for the Huawei Y6s, and then add the smartphone to your shopping cart. The secure checkout is just a few clicks away. We further extend various payment gateways for our customers. Moreover, avail yourself of customer support ready to respond to any queries related to your purchase.

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