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Leaks on the iPhone 16

As we move closer towards the release of the next iPhone series, so do the leaks and rumors about Apple’s flagship phones. Latest internet leaks seem to suggest that Apple is working on a fresh new design for 2024 refresh and it looks like a case of serious deja-vu with an iPhone 10 inspired design.

According to internet leaks, the iPhone 16 models’ physical build is expected to be made out of a mix of aluminum and titanium materials to offer that extra strength. You can expect more titanium on the Pro models as we imagine Apple wants to offer that premium build that we all know and love with their speedy Pro models. The regular iPhone 16 and 16 Plus are rumored to have the same screen size as with the 15 series, while the Pro models are expected to see bigger displays.

One expected addition that is by far the most noticeable is one of a capacitive button, called the capture button. This is definitely to enhance that multi-camera setup that Apple will be adding to their latest fleet of iPhones.

Another rumor is that the iPhone 16 models will have a brighter display just as Apple has done with previous refreshes. Also expect better chipsets here too and the next generation of Apple’s A series chipsets which will be the all new A18 and A18 Pro.

Battery capacity is expected to vary on all of these new models and expect Apple to throw in bigger batteries here as well. We’re also hearing that Apple will change up the camera sensors on the back of these new models, so this too will be interesting to see what happens between now and when these ship. Will Apple decide to test a 150MP sensor on one of these new models or will Apple decide to not take any chances here as most know that three of the new camera sensors will indeed have to replace the aging and small/image sensors given the cap issues that have been handed down from the league itself.

Finally is that we’re hearing Apple will add an iPhone 16 Ultra to the mix and this is expected to be the one with the bigger screen and the one that is expected to offer other features that we won’t see on any of Apple’s 2024 flagship phones.

As excited as we are to see all of these different models in the much talked about iPhone 16 series, we have to take all of these rumors with a grain of salt and we do expect more leaks as they did with the iPhone 15 series, so you’ll need to stay close to that dial to see what more internet leaks tell us in as we move closer towards the launch of these which are expected to be sometime in September 2024.

Viewer comments

This YouTube video shows what appears to be very mixed opinions about what this LEAKED iPhone 16 series will appear like and all of the new features that it will pack. The camera bump, screen sizes and all of the new processors that this series will pack seem to have all of the tech fans of the world up in arms.

Some of these viewers preferred different camera setups where some of these viewers did not want any camera bump just like the Red Magic 9 Pro has which phones such as the Note9 had a major following with many others. From comments of the video it would seem that people LOVE these old designs and pictures of the note 9 do not have any type of camera bump what so ever as you can see.

The battery capacity changes and the camera sensor changes also seem to have everyone talking about these new phones and not in a good way where some of these fanboys seem to think that this series is in for a change that will NEVER be good news about the apple camera sensors or even worse the battery capacity only time will tell with this series. The iPhone 16 Ultra and all of these other new features that Apple could NEVER pull off might just happen and all of the tech fans discussion on this as we head to September will be interesting. There are many lots smaller screen tech fanatics out there and if you listen to these youtube commenter these people will have there cake and eat it in September.

The commenters practically tell the state of the iPhone series by themselves and Apple is needing these customers to step up to the plate and get these to stores as quickly as they can because it seems like the most confused and diverse release of any iPhone series yet.

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New Design And Features

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 16 series in September 2024, and the design of these phones will be heavily inspired by the iPhone 10, which means a mixture of aluminum and titanium materials. You can expect the iPhone 16 and 16 Plus to keep the exact same display sizes, while the Pros are getting even larger screens.

The iPhone 16 series will add a physical capture button to provide a vastly improved photography experience. You can expect brighter displays, faster processors, as the A18 and A18 Pro chips have been created for Apple’s new handsets. These have been revealed to come with graphene pants and a new metal shell from the battery to keep devices cool.

Expect new camera configurations including a 48MP main shooter, a 48MP ultra-wide angle sensor and a telephoto lens for the Pros. And, speaking of which, recent leaks have claimed that Apple also has an iPhone 16 Ultra in the works which will run on the A18 Ultra chipset. This phone will have an even bigger screen… The iPhone 16 series looks like a much wanted blend of familiarity and innovation in Apple’s flagship line up. We await the official launch event in September 2024.

Display and Cameras

Heralding the arrival of the iPhone 16 series, the design of the series is expected to mimic the aluminum and titanium design of the iPhone 10 and iPhone 10 Plus. While the regular iPhone 16 and 16 Plus keep with their present size, the Pros will increase their display size offering several options for consumers based on their preference.

Joining the iPhone 16 series is the capture button, which amplifies camera functionality and options. The added feature ensures that brighter displays will improve the overall user experience when photographing and videoing. The A18 and A18 Pro processors enhance the experience through an Apple-designed all-new chip.

Camera setup in the iPhone 16 series will adjust to a 48 MP shutter along with a 48 MP ultra-wide angle sensor and a telephoto lens for the Pro models. Word of an iPhone 16 Ultra has also surfaced with an A18 Ultra chipset and even larger screen with an extraordinary option of features.

Apple’s iPhone 16 series was designed to eloquently merge hints of the past together with a new edge — in turn, giving the quintessential line of flagship phones an added degree of intrigue. September, 2024 will serve as the series’ official launch to note how closely these details align with the final product, offering new design approaches and optics to the company’s famed smartphone series.

Processor and Battery

The iPhone 16 series will even deliver with progressed processors over its predecessor. This will include the new A18 and A18 Pro chips which are designed in-residence, in keeping with BGR.These ought to bring about higher performance and performance, as a way to make for a quicker tool experience for Apple fans.  The iPhone sixteen collection’ battery is about to characteristic graphene pants and a newly designed metal shell, in keeping with the same document.

These are supposed to maintain the battery cool with lengthier use than what different iPhone batteries may allow. The batteries for the man or woman iPhone 16 series models will likely go through adjustments in capacities with the iPhone 16mAh and 3086mAh, singled out as the 2 with the maximum altered specifications.

These figures are as in step with records shared by means of Slashleaks and indexed on Thrifter. These information are quality left to an respectable occasion to confirm. Apple’s devices generally optimize battery performance to ensure that telephones are reliable for everyday use needs.

Since we count on this year’s most high-give up fashions to be large, that greater capacity this 12 months will be more beneficial. The iPhone sixteen series appears to be very fast and accountable, and the stepped forward battery lifestyles is going to help with rapid, green overall performance. Keep your ear to the ground in each of those respects as we march closer to the September 2024 release date!

Fifth Model Possibility

Other reviews indicated that might change once more this year as Apple was working on likely adding a fifth model to 2024’s lineup, within the iPhone sixteen Ultra. This iPhone 16 Ultra version will supposedly ship with the A18 Ultra chipset, making it distinctive from its siblings.This could enable it to provide precise functions and doubtlessly a larger display. If authentic, that’ll allow Apple cater to non-public tastes at both levels, pleasant the urge for area of expertise and for an excellent grander display. Apple’s efforts to supply innovation and a completely unique experience in its iPhone sixteen series fashions may additionally finally show that the ultramarket is the proper future of smartphones as they offer the most variation of competencies and capability stories to the top-tier patron. All of these iPhone sixteen Ultra version specs are very speculative at this point, but this will wrap even nearer now that the official release is sort of upon us. So count on the full fact and meet Apple’s whole lineup in September 2024.

Launch Event Speculations

With the release of Apple’s iPhone 16 Series continuing to build anticipation, tech enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the official launch event in September 2024. Despite the release being a few months away, leaks are providing tech enthusiasts insight into what they can expect from the iPhone 16 Series.

The iPhone 16 Series is expected to feature a design reminiscent of the iPhone 10, combining aluminum and titanium materials. The capture button is being introduced to provide advanced camera functionality and capabilities for users.

The brighter displays and the introduction of new processors — including an all-new A18 and A18 Pro chip developed by Apple — has also generated anticipation for the iPhone 16 Series. As details about potential changes in battery capacity and camera configurations are discussed and debated among tech enthusiasts, visitors have differing opinions and expectations for the iPhone 16 Series. Other interesting rumors to come from the recent leaks include the possibility of a fifth model called the iPhone 16 Ultra, powered by the A18 Ultra chipset.

The introduction of this option has left tech enthusiasts intrigued, as it’s expected to provide unique features and a larger display size. With the upcoming launch of the iPhone 16 Series promising a combination of the familiar and the new, the launch event for these devices is expected to make available a wide number of options for consumers. New updates and information will emerge over the coming months, as Apple prepares to reveal its final lineup of flagship phones for 2024.


1. What can we expect from the iPhone 16 Series?

iPhone 16 Series set to return with iPhone X-reminiscent design, aluminum, and titanium construction combo. Everyday models maintain display size, pros increase. Capture button included for improved camera operation, new processors for consumer use.

2. Are there any processor and battery changes?

In a new addition to the iPhone 16 Series, Apple is introducing all-new A18 and A18 Pro chips, which will provide superior performance and efficiency. The battery will include graphene pants and an upgraded metal shell to aid in cooling. There have been recent leaks suggesting changes from the 2,200 mAp 4,480 mAh, overall, to changes in battery capacity; the release of the iPhone 16 Series will provide some clarification, for now.

3. What improvements do you expect in the camera configurations?

The new iPhone 16 Series is rumored to encompass a 48 MP main shooter, a 48 MP ultra-wide-angle sensor, and a telephoto lens for pro models. With the introduction of the Pro models comes an improved five times optical zoom. Interestingly, the iPhone 16 Ultra model will be introduced alongside the iPhone 16 Series, which will have an A18 Ultra chipset, and a large display.

4. Is there a fifth model in the iPhone 16 Series?

Leaks suggest the introduction of the iPhone 16 Ultra model, with an A18 Ultra chipset, and large display. It seems the distinct look of the iPhone 16 Series, and the introduction of an additional model, indicates a move to capture the diversity of the flagship phones of 2024.

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