Lava ProWatch ZN - Affordable Smartwatch Review

Lava ProWatch ZN - Unboxing & Review: A Capable Smartwatch at an Affordable Price

Unboxing and First Impressions

The first thing that meets your eyes is the sleek and modern design of the Lava ProWatch XN. Inside the box, there is a very well-packed watch, and after opening the box, the smartwatch is there right in front of you, safely nestled in it. Accessories included in the box are a charging pin cable, stickers, and user manuals.

Design and Construct:

The Lava ProWatch XN is a well-built watch, sturdy and durable in each and every situation. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection is the most prominent highlight of the watch, where the display shall be intact against any sort of scratches or impacts, hence an ideal companion for daily wear.

Display and Features:

The bright 2.5D curved AMOLED display is always on, and its content is visible under sunlight outdoors. Check out the chipset of the watch, Bluetooth calling, the multiple sport modes, and the IP68 water resistance to indulge in any activity. The 350mAh battery maintains prolonged use without recharging now and then.

Pricing and Accessories:

The Lava ProWatch XN is priced at SAR.22 to start with, but for the consumer of today, a very aggressive pricing of SAR.116 is making it a very strong reason to purchase. The box includes a magnetic pin cable for easy charging, stickers, and a user manual for smooth installation and navigation.

Build Quality and Design

The Lava ProWatch XN has an amazing physical overview and build quality. It carries a premium feel and weight despite the plastic appeal, which makes it look luxurious. It has very responsive dials and controls which are easy to work with, whether it's the rotating crown or the back button.

Display and Control:

The Amazfit GTS smartwatch features a vivid AMOLED display and 2.5D curved design that gives the user great visibility and excellent touch response. The watch packs in a plethora of activity modes, along with an always-on feature to peruse important ones. Now you can call directly from the watch as the microphone added to the watch enriches its functionality.

Quality of straps:

The Lava ProWatch XN also comes in a variant with a silicone strap. Firm and solid to feel, it assures a comfortable and trusty option for daily wear. The quality of the strap is in good synchronization with personal preferences and assures a perfect comfortable fit, enhancing the overall experience with this smartwatch.

Display and Screen Quality

The Lava ProWatch XN scores high in the display with a 1.43-inch circular dial on a 2.5D curved AMOLED screen. In this way, it provides its users with supreme quality in respect to the display of the watch. Besides, it has been configured with quality settings which deliver bright and clear display quality with fluid touch response. Besides, brightness levels adjust according to various light conditions.

Protection with Gorilla Glass 3:

It is widely considered that Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection now adds up to the display, which is coming to be part of the package in a budget smartwatch. It would ensure that the device's display is durable and could resist the scratch, thereby increasing the overall long life.

Features and User Interface

As you explore the Lava ProWatch XN user interface, many features will appear that give the watch its overall usability and functionality. With a user interface that brags customizable watch faces and easy access to important functions, using this feature is easily intuitive.

Watch faces fully personalized:

The user is independent in making a decision towards the dial design of his choice, choosing from the huge number of watch faces he finds befitting and suitable for his personal style and preference. Over 150 choices to install, and even by the day and night change them according to dress, mood, and outfit.

The rotating crown provides dial and bezel selection:

The rotating crown adds a lot of convenience to users when they are trying to navigate through the smartwatch interface, enabling them to select from among various functions or apps with a lot of speed and precision. In addition, there is the capability of shifting into different dials, so this feature enhances ease and convenience for the user.

Instant access to your notifications and settings:

And reminders aren't limited to just meetings. Users also receive alerts for instant messages, and notifications. Give controls for brightness, get "Do Not Disturb" mode on, and find your phone—all a part of the features that add greatly to the utility of the smartwatch.

Tracking Health and Fitness:

On the other side, the Lava ProWatch XN brings in all the health and fitness tracking with heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen levels (SpO2), sleep tracking, and workout modes to be able to track the vital health metrics of the user—keeping the user informed and updated with just a glance at the wrist.

Health and Fitness Tracking

The strong health and fitness tracking features of the Lava ProWatch XN empower a user to always stay ahead with their health. Be it monitoring heart rate or sleep, this smartwatch gives related insights on the various aspects of health and fitness. Below is a deep insight into the key health and fitness tracking capabilities of the Lava ProWatch XN:

Heart Rate Monitoring:

The smartwatch can provide the ability to instantly monitor the heart, informing the user of their cardiovascular activity during different tasks and activities.

Blood oxygen saturation measurement, SpO2:

The added capability to measure blood oxygen levels means that users will have visibility on their respiratory health and overall wellness, hence being in a better position to relate to some of the most vital metrics of health.

Sleep monitoring:

Lava ProWatch XN is known as a sleep pattern monitor, with a continuous sleep pattern of the user for valuable data retrieval regarding the sleep duration and quality of the user, to support proper sleep habits for the general health of the user.

Training Modes:

With the help of its workout mode, the smartwatch can easily observe and analyze physical activities carried out so that the user stays updated with regard to the set fitness goals and performance.

Extra Features

The Lava ProWatch XN is all-encompassing, with every element that it offers and all the varied features working well towards sustaining functionality and, in turn, a rich user experience. It is bundled with different sorts of tools that fulfill user needs with settings that can be customizable according to health monitoring facilities.

Configurable Notifications:

The user can set notification just like he would like it, by customizing the sound volumes and changing ringtones for calls, messages, and alarms. This allows personalization of alerts as per individual needs and preferences.

Quick setting access:

This includes changing the volume, setting the ringtone, and speaking to the voice assistant; all these can be done seamlessly on the smartwatch. Hence, it makes the user interface more amicable for its control and customization.

Healthcare Monitoring:

You will be able to prioritize your well-being and get really meaningful insights about health metrics from the overall monitoring system: heart rates, SpO2 measurements, and sleep analysis with Lava ProWatch XN.

Music playback control:

Control music directly from your smartwatch—start, stop, or skip the music. A voice assistant guides your music selection and management without using your hands.

Water and Dust Protection

Lava ProWatch XN is designed to come with an IP68 water and dust resistance grade, which means it can be submerged in water to 1.5 meters for as much as 30 minutes without any negative effects. Whichever outdoor activity, sporting event, or sudden rain, the smartwatch will guarantee the best water-resistant ability not to spoil it and be usable continuously in different environments.

Battery Duration

Coming to the battery life of Lava ProWatch XN, the user can take the surety to get a 350mAh battery. This ensures prolonged usage without much bother about frequent recharging.

Normal Usage:

For normal daily use, the watch indicates it will last around six to seven days without many activity modes or call features. This may vary and end up giving its users real-world application battery life of about four to five days.

Heavy use:

That will be cut down in active modes with extensive calls and brightness settings on high to get about two days of usage. This scenario will, therefore, be good for a user who wants full functionality and brightness enhancements.

Companion app and personalization

The experience with the Lava ProWatch XN takes an all-new level of its experience and functionality with a dedicated companion app on the smartwatch. Proudly Made in India, this app allows a seamless interface for a user to monitor his smartwatch's performance and access its fundamental features. Now, let's pay more attention to those main functions and options available for customization of the companion app.

Application Interface and Monitoring:

The app would make it easy for users to keep track of battery percentage, heart rate, SpO2 levels, sleep data, and exercise tracking once they are already installed in one app.

Personalize Watch Faces:

The app is chock-full of more than a hundred watch face options for an overall look of a smartwatch that is fully customizable. Users can simply tap the face, download, and use the design that is most appealing to them.

Future Updates and Enhancements:

The app is continuously evolving with new versions, so more features, even better customizations, and highly dynamic and ever-improving user experiences are always in the pipeline. With the deep settings and notifications-related options, a user can make this smartwatch more personal.

Warranty and After-Sales Support

One sits in view of purchase—the two most important factors of the brand: warranty and after-sale support. So, with the Lava ProWatch XN, the users are assured a generous warranty period that provides necessary peace of mind and reliability in the long run.

Warranty Coverage:

The ProWatch XN also comes with a huge warranty of 24 months, hence giving any user good cover in case of a manufacturing defect or arising issues that may come up while using it. This shows how much the brand is committed to quality and maintaining customer satisfaction.

After sales SERVICE:

Lava is also very committed to after-sale services, whereby users are guided in all matters or questions that arise soon after buying the smartwatch. Such brand commitment to customer care will go a long way in improving the entire ownership experience on Lava ProWatch XN. It's what makes the product a dependable and well-supported choice for consumers.

Should you buy the Lava ProWatch ZN?

As can be seen from the video above, Lava ProWatch ZN is one of the best feature-packed and truly value-for-money smartwatches available at a very minimal price. It is one of those very affordable smartwatches with a bright AMOLED display, comprehensive fitness features, and a rugged build—all the best value for money in case you are on a budget.

Summary and Review

The Lava ProWatch XN highlighted in the video strikes a beautiful balance between price and performance, which makes it attractive for price-sensitive consumers. A bright AMOLED display, full health-tracking features, and a durable construction go a long way in delivering value for the money spent on this smartwatch. In addition to this, an extra 24-month warranty and after-sales support lift the ownership experience to make it a dependable and amply supported offering in the smartwatch market.


1. What is the battery life of the Lava ProWatch XN?

The battery should last between six to seven days in normal usage, and about two days in heavy usage.

2. Will I be able to have Bluetooth calls in Lava ProWatch XN?

Yes, it does have a Bluetooth calling feature, and you can make a call directly from the device.

3. What warranty does the Lava ProWatch XN come with?

The Lava ProWatch XN comes with a powerful 24-month warranty, where absolutely all manufacturing defects or possible issues can certainly find ample space for coverage.

4. Is the Lava ProWatch XN compatible with Android and iOS?

The smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iOS, thus covering a wide range of users.

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