Mibro GS: Budget Smartwatch, GPS, 1000-nits Display

Mibro GS Active: Super Budget Watch with GPS, 1000nits, 20-Day Battery


If you're looking for a cheap smartwatch with a great value product, consider the Mibro GS Active. This unit has a 1000nit bright display, integrated GPS, and can last an insane 20 days off one charge. Coming in at just under 350, this is all included.

Herein, this blog, therefore, sets out to highlight more on the key features of the Mibro GS Active and how it compares with other smartwatches of similar grade.

Unboxing and Design

In the standard packaging of the Mibro GS Active, it is the watch that takes the first place—first and foremost, then a charger and two straps. One is of usual silicone type, and the other is a convenient nylon strap with a wide variety of options for users.

The design of the watch is pretty standard, with two buttons on the right side, mostly looking identical to the predecessor from past Mibro smartwatch reviews. The build quality, in general, feels very solid—quite impressive for a watch at this price point. The Mibro GS Active boasts a 1.65-inch AMOLED panel, which shines at 1000 nits of brightness, making everything on it clearly visible even outdoors. The display is also equipped with a 60Hz refresh rate and other features to ensure smooth navigation and significantly enhanced all-round usability.

While there is no automatic brightness adjustment, the display performs well in various lighting conditions.

It also tracks basic parameters in relation to health and fitness, which include heartbeat, stress tracking, Spjson measurement, sleep tracking, and standing reminders. The device features over 150 various workout modes, including 5 satellite GPS onboard. It has all-around health and fitness tracking, outdoor activity monitoring. The watch features a number of sports modes with auto detection, which makes it easy for the user.

Battery life is a major highlight of the Mibro GS Active; it is said to last up to 20 days on a single charge. That said, real-world usage will vary, but following these settings and patterns, a user can expect a solid week or more of battery life.

For example, the Mi Bro Fit app has an English language and fits itself poorly in spite of offering a streamlined platform through which the users can be able to manage the functionalities of the watch and its data. All things considered, the Mjsonsl GS Active is a compelling package for the price and may well be fitted for one looking for a budget-friendly yet feature-rich smartwatch. Personal use or for gifting a family member or friend, the Mibro GS Active certainly does make a compelling value proposition on the smartwatch market.

Display Features

The Mibro GS Active comes with an AMOLED display panel that has a brightness of up to 1000 nits; as such, the watch is well visible even under direct sunlight with this display.

The 60Hz refresh rate further bears a smooth navigational response—something that's a huge step for the overall user experience over some competitive smartwatches within its price point. It does not come with an ambient light sensor, so there's no automatic brightness adjustment; however, the screen performs relatively well under different lighting, hence making it appropriate for both indoor and outdoor uses.

Health and Fitness Tracking:

Features loaded on the Mibro GS Active include stress tracking, heart rate monitoring, SpO2 measurement, sleep tracking, among others, and "get up" reminder alerts on health and fitness. This also has the ability to access a fully packed set of fitness and outdoor activity tracking features with more than 150 different modes of workouts, including five satellite GPS on the board. The watch also comes with an automatic detection feature for multiple sport modes.

Battery Life and App Integration:

The one area where the Mibro GS Active truly excels is in battery life, which is said to boast staying power for up to 20 days on a single charge. Real-world use will vary, but generally, this means users can get at least a week or more of battery life with their settings and usage patterns. While the quality of English language in the app might be wanting in quality, it easily affords an interface that could be used in the management of the features and watch data. Despite this, the app functions as it should, enhancing the overall user experience.

Health Tracking

The MM-Active from Mibro gives access to an array of health and fitness tracking features, all aimed at ensuring users are reminded and updated. Below is a deeper look into the budget-friendly smartwatch to find out what else is aboard.

Standard Health Features:

Apart from that, this watch comes with features like heart rate monitoring, tracking of stress, measurement of SpO2, tracking of sleep, and reminding to stand. Such features provide users with information of prime importance in the general health and well-being, hence enabling them to make a decision on the kind of lifestyle and daily activities they would wish to be engaged in.

Workout Modes and GPS:

With built-in GPS, you have at your fingertips tips up to 150 diverse workout modes, including 5 satellite GPS, for intensive tracking of your fitness indoors and keeping a tab on your outdoor activity. It is particularly handy in outdoor tracking activities such as running, walking, and hiking, since it gives accurate details of the distance, pace, and navigation to be taken.

Battery Life and App Integration:

The Mibro GS Active impresses one with its battery life, as the watch can last up to 20 days with a single charge.

Battery life, of course, may vary depending on user settings and use patterns, but a week or more of battery life is very real-world realistic.

While the English may be poor, the Mi Bro Fit app is a very smooth interface with which to manage features of the watch and data.

Fitness Features

The Mibro GS Active packs a lot of fitness features: right from those that track your health from scratch to those that will have your back while doing advanced workout modes. From standard health tracking up to advanced workout modes, it's the complete fitness experience on the wrist without breaking the bank.

Standard Health Features:

From basic monitoring of heart rates to stress tracking using Spjson measurement, sleep reminders, and even standing, it comes with all the basic health monitoring features that allow you to have a fully-fledged personal health tracker on your wrist to enable you to take good care of yourself by keeping track of health data and making suitable lifestyle adjustments.

Workout Modes and GPS:

The Mibro GS Active offers its users a wide range of activity tracking—over 150 different modes of working out on its 5 satellite GPS onboard. It provides suitable modes of your workouts, whether indoors or outdoors, and will work by GPS to track distance, pace, and routes accurately.

Battery Life and App Integration:

Where the Mibro GS Active watches boast an impressive 20-day battery life, these are also tough enough to give appropriate support to users in their entire duration of workout routines. Meanwhile, their functional features and related data are managed in a highly intuitive app: Mi Bro Fit, providing them with a smooth user experience despite language-based general constraints.

GPS and Activity Tracking

The Mjsony Hiking 2 relies on a rich mixture of Mibro GS Active GPS and others, typically key features of activity tracking. That being said, here's what you receive in terms of GPS and activity tracking with this budget pick smartwatch.

GPS Functionality:

Mibro GS Active, with an inbuilt GPS, is therefore ideal for serving the needs of users in outdoor activities, say, running, cycling, or even hiking. With the integrated GPS, users are, of course, privileged to acquire important and essential information, especially in regard to distance, pace, and route, hence improving their outdoor experience.

Activity Tracking Modes:

With over 150 modes of different preferences, the Mibro GS Active is simply an all-inclusive gadget. Whether one is doing cardio, strength, or yoga, then they get to have a great workout mode that helps them monitor and keep up with activity progression on fitness grounds.

Auto Detection and Convenience:

To add to that, the watch automatically senses different sport modes, so one need not even stop between sport to change and select a new workout mode manually. That is to say, this technology adds to the improvement in user experience in a way that all activities are tracked accordingly.

Battery Life

The Mibro GS Active has an excellent battery life, which the company claims to last for 20 days on a single charge.

Of course, real-world usage will vary from this, but a user with the right set of settings and usage patterns can expect a week or more from the battery. In this way, the user gets an impressive battery life that becomes a reliable companion in everyday use: he will have to charge his gadget less often, and the functionality will not be interrupted.

Mi Bro Fit App

The MiBro Fit app provides an interface through which you can easily manage all the functions and data of the Mibro GS Active.

While the app functions as intended, some users may find the English language within the app to be lacking in quality.

The app does offer baseline functionality for tracking health, fitness, and activity data, making sure of a seamless experience in the same with the Mibro GS Active smartwatch.

Overall Verdict

The Mibro GS Active offers a compelling package for individuals seeking an affordable and feature-rich smartwatch.

Where this watch really punches above its price point is some really impressive display features: a bright 1000nit AMOLED panel and a smooth 60Hz refresh rate.

It includes comprehensive health and fitness tracking, over 150 workout modes, and auto detection of sports modes to be the all-rounder partner for users at any level of activity interest.

Inclusion also has five satellite GPS onboard, which will then give you an outdoor experience that will properly track all the details for distance, pace, route information correctly.

The Mibro GS Active can last up to 20 days on a single charge—one of the most outstanding features of its battery life. While these remain to be seen, the battery in practical use of the PocoWatch can be expected to last a week or over for one reliable, long-lasting companion for everyday use.

On the other hand, the Mi Bro fit app falls in with all the features of the watch but in English language limitation within the app and provides a seamless interface via which one can be able to manage their health, fitness, and activity data.

All in all, the Mibro GS Active comes out with a strong value proposition on the smartwatch market and should be considered by people who want to get a quality smartwatch full of features to aid them in the way of their health and activity journey within reasonable price limits.


Q1: What is the battery life of the Mibro GS Active smartwatch?

The Mibro GS says that from a single charge, the Mjson Active should give a battery life of up to 20 days. As always, that would be under absolute best circumstances, but a user should still expect no less than a week of juice, no matter their settings and usage patterns.

Q2: What workout modes are available on the Mibro GS Active?

The Mbro GS Active offers over 150 different workout modes, catering to a wide range of activities and exercise preferences. Five Satellite GPS on board, with outdoor activity, monitors as accurately as possible.

Q3: Is the display of the Mibro GS Active suitable for outdoor use?

A: Yes, it is; the GS Active has a bright jsonmod 1000nit AMOLED display to be visible even under direct sunlight. Navigation through its various modes is better for a more seamless and highly-appealing user experience with a refresh rate of 60Hz to offer the adequate level of smoothness.

Q4: Does the Mi Bro Fit app provide a seamless interface for managing the watch's features and data?

A: Yes, sure. The "Mi Bro Fit" app offers basic functionality for the user to keep track of health, fitness, and activity data, albeit limiting English use within the app.

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