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OnePlus Open April 2024 Update New Feature Rundown!

OnePlus Open April 2024 Update New Feature Rundown!


Open abril 2024 Actualización llega al dispositivo OnePlus open con multitud de novedades y mejoras. Camera improvements, including the search engine and all the options for customization, have been enhanced.

The successful installation of this critical update will bring users of the OnePlus open device a smoother and more effective experience. In the section below, we are going to elaborate more on what the Ultra Fast Charging feature is and how it impacts you.

Ultra Fast Charging

Other highlights in the OnePlus Open April 2024 Update include Ultra Fast Charging. When the feature is enabled, the charging powers of the device are improved, therefore allowing the users to charge their device faster. The Ultra Fast Charging feature significantly cuts down the time taken for charging, so that users are able to more easily and freely regulate the battery life of their device. The feature is designed to offer charging optimization in such a way that the user can power his device at any one time and, subsequently, have very little time to make use of the device without too much downtime.

Last but not least, it is one thing that Ultra Fast Charging could enable it to reach a very considerable fill-up of the device's battery capacity in a very short period.

This would be very useful for the on-the-go user and the user whose device is simply indispensable for a myriad of activities throughout the day.

The Ultra Fast Charging further speaks to device efficiency and performance as one of the missions that OnePlus intends to ensure by guaranteeing its customers benefit from innovative and customer-centered features that add value to them.

Photos Application Update

Notably, the latest OnePlus Open April 2024 Update makes significant changes to the Photos app, adding new features and improvements, which are visible in most areas of the app. Check out what new features and improvements have been included in the Photos app after the latest update:

Sync with Google Photos:

Now, the Photos app will work with Google Photos without any issues, and, thus, the entire collection from Google Photos can easily be viewed within the device. This, in turn, will empower users with flexibility for all Google Photos users and thus access the entire library of pictures from within the device.

Collages Without Frames:

Now, users can be creative while positioning their photo collage with the added features to the photo collage without frames, taking to a new height of imagination and personalization. This new tool will bring some fresh and novel dynamics into users' collections because the collage feature will provide users with the opportunity to develop independent, free-frame photo composites.

Smart Sidebar Integration:

The photos now integrate with the Smart Sidebar function, thus allowing ease in performing the functionalities of the photo. This will be allowed in increasing the general functionality and accessibility of the application, as effective managing of photos is concerned.

New Smart Sidebar Feature

In fact, with the brand-new OnePlus Open April 2024 Update, comes a new feature: Smart Sidebar. Detailed herein is a much closer look at the new Smart Sidebar feature and what it's bound to mean for the users who are going to experience it.

Partial Screenshot Option:

Now, the smart sidebar has the added option of partial screenshot, so part of the screen gets captured quickly and effectively. That feature really adds some functionality as it can help instantly with the proper capture and sharing of the exact content.

Enhanced Accessibility:

Smart Sidebar: in addition to the above-mentioned feature, it makes accessing essential features even faster and easier. This supporting independent toolbar running along with the edge of the application interface makes support for a more integrated and efficient user experience serving the varied needs of the OnePlus Open user.

Customization Options:

The Smart Sidebar lets users customize their most-used tools and shortcuts, which will be put first for ease of access.

The empowerment and convenience of the user are thus taken at a higher level of personalization, which enables the user to optimally use the device according to his or her special usage profiles and choices.

Partial Screenshot Option

Open OnePlus April 2024 Update introduces a new Smart Sidebar, one of the key features being a partial screenshot. It allows smoother sharing without the need to crop or remove the unwanted elements from within the captured item, therefore enabling the users to capture any part of the display very easily and conveniently.

The feature of partial screenshot thus adds an intuitive tool that improves the functionality of screenshots and answers to very diverse needs of users of OnePlus Open to improve their overall experience. Furthermore, features and tools are accessible with the Smart Sidebar in place, whereby navigation and utility of important functions is made easy without interruption from workflow. This feature is in line with the commitment of OnePlus to providing the users with the experience of innovative and user-centric features.

Turn On/Off Flashlight with Volume Button

The new feature that comes with the latest OnePlus Open April 2024 Update will be a really cool feature and allow toggling the flashlight with the volume button. This feature of providing an alternative way for access to flashlight functionality with flexibility and accessibility of essential tools and features helps users.

The flashlight is now activated by pressing and holding the Volume Down button while the phone is off. This new feature provides a shortcut to instantaneously light up surroundings by another means of using the flashlight. This feature would make the usability of the device very convenient and fulfill the promise of OnePlus for features that are demanded by the user to make the overall experience really satisfactory. Generally, the turn on/off flashlight with the volume button adds up to a feature that essentially presents users with a pragmatic and functional means of making the device more efficient at their disposal of an important tool.

Fuzzy Search from Home Screen

The OnePlus Open April 2024 Update now offers a fuzzy search from your home search bar, set to drawer mode. Through typing the first letter of an app, it makes it easier to swiftly locate a specific app. This makes looking for the apps easier and, in general, provides a push for efficient work. The user, from the home screen, simply taps on the search bar and keys in the first letter of the application to be found.

From there, the device shall, in response, give some app suggestions according to the letter entered. This is meant to allow users of the open device to find applications easily and intuitively, much in the same way they would have navigated home screens or found and accessed installed applications. The fuzzy search feature further improves user experience with the device by allowing users to search for apps right from the home screen. This is in line with OnePlus' commitment to providing some of the most innovative, user-centric features for a device to be more easily usable.

Theme Color Bug

Explained is a bug where the theme color keeps changing randomly in the latest OnePlus Open April 2024 Update Well, this is pretty unexpected from a theme and may tend to spoil the whole visual consistency and the personalization of the device, and it tends to affect user experience.

The user will be able to fix this theme color bug by going into the setting of the device to sound and vibration, from where they will easily be able to reset the theme color according to their desire. At the same time, choosing thejson the correct theming color will restore the visual aesthetic of the device and also make sure that there is no inconsistency or loss of personalization brought about by a theming color, common or personalized, across interfaces and applications.

While bugs in theme color can be annoying, in this way, users will at least be able to use the available settings and customization to remedy the issue, so they have an uninterrupted visual experience on their OnePlus open device. OnePlus is actively working to address this bug in future updates to enhance device stability and consistency.

App Specific Volume

Further, the OnePlus Open April 2024 Update added another feature: App-Specific Volume. This way, an option has been given that will let users have more control over the media volume of the apps they desire.

This has further improved the level of customization and flexibility for the users, as now they can control the volume of applications separately. App Specific Volume would give permission to a different interface that controls volumes for applications and gives finer control of the output, depending on individual preference in volume levels and usage scenario.

This would mean an audio output experience that is more specific and personalized in compliance with the objective of OnePlus to offer features with the end-user in mind and the end goal of more usability by the device owner.

Camera Features Update

One of the major updates coming in with the OnePlus Open April 2024 Update will be camera features, which are meant to provide a better experience in taking photographs and videos. Below are new features and improvements this update will bring:

Zoom Lens Display:

The users of this version are able to view the focal length display when using any of the zoom levels from the camera interface. This gives the user clear vision with the use of a zoom range, hence better control, and their shots are more accurate with the open device by OnePlus.

Enhanced Xpan Mode:

The Xpan mode is now enabled with the use of an ultrawide and telephoto lens, allowing the user further use of applications and more creative opportunities for taking some beautiful panoramic shots from all kinds of different perspectives. This will further enhance the versatility of the camera system to empower users with scope to practice a new dimension of photography.

Improved Shutter Response:

One of the improvements is an optimized shutter response time to be faster and improved photo taking response. The improved snapshot experience offers the user a chance to take their moments with more accuracy and clarity, from the effortless capture of decisive moments. Thereby, further improving the overall photography experience on the open device from OnePlus.

Video Zoom Wheel:

It now also provides a useful zoom wheel to users when recording a video, changing seamlessly between the zoom levels. This easily allows users to take the perfect shot of the required video by adjusting the zoom level while recording, which ensures that the video is dynamic and engaging.


This open April 2024 update brings full of new features, abundant enhancements to the OnePlus open device that make your user experience go to a whole other level of functionality.

From the improved Photos application to the Ultra Fast Charging feature, and even adding the Smart Sidebar, expect all these new features to be ones that will add further performance, accessibility, and device customization enhancements.

The perfect useful set of tools has been thoughtfully provided, as your usage scenario will be different—either for work or leisure. Partial screenshot option, torch toggle with a volume button, and fuzzy search from home screen. OnePlus will continue to invest in user-centric features and enhancements that help the OnePlus open device remain at the front of innovation and usability. As consumers would be waiting for this update to hit their devices, they can be pretty sure to experience operations of their device much smoother, more productive, and feature-rich.


1. When can users expect to receive the OnePlus Open April 2024 Update

Some users in some areas of the world may even get the updates before others. Normally, the update would roll out first to the users in India and follow with North America, the UK, and then the EU. This advice normally follows that users need to often check for updates in the system settings of his device so that the update's availability can be known.

2. What are the key highlights of the OnePlus Open April 2024 Update

Ultra-fast charging, major improvements to Photos application capabilities, partial screenshot functionality, Smart Sidebar integration, and the ability to turn on/off flashlight by pressing the volume button complete the brand new list of highlights in the updated firmware. And, for all these ease-of-use features, there's even a fuzzy search on the home screen. Further deployment of the system would also develop consistency in theme color, increase the volume control of different applications, and bring about major enhancements in camera functionality and features.

3. How can users maximize the benefits of the new features?

These all can be capable of exploring new features and changes with the use of device settings, apps, and the interface proactively. Ultra Fast Charging capability, integration of Photos App with Google Photos, Smart Sidebar, partial screenshot feature, etc., are some of the features that have been added in the smartphone.

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