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OnePlus Thinks You Should Upgrade from Your Pixel to the 12R

OnePlus Thinks You Should Upgrade from Your Pixel to the 12R


"OnePlus has just launched the OnePlus 12, which is a superb device. For only SAR.2,934, this phone is undoubtedly a flagship killer: it is packed with design and features. The screen is better based on the improved display, and the battery life is supported by a powerful battery. It does, in any case, merit the upgrade, specifically for Pixel consumers. The new device is covered in this article’s highlights and the pricing and design."

The Design and Pricing

The OnePlus 12 has an elegant design with a fucking figuration and the Elephant's foot. The addition of Gorilla Glass 5 on the back this year and the choices of different colors make this gadget fragrant. The special aspect here is the LTPO Pro XDR (superior graphics-power-consumption ratio) 1440p (very-high resolution) 6.8 inch-screen. It has shown itself as a perfect companion for the video-gamers (with amazing vividness and deep-dynamic colors).

The Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 is the engine that is located under bonnet, which means super-fast performance and better cooling. The 5,400 milliamp hour battery and 80-watt wired charging offer a great battery performance, which is further enhanced by an option of the up to 50AW wireless charging, quite handy feature.

In the sector of the camera subsystem there are some innovations, but at the same time it is still behind the highest flagship on the level. The key sensor and the improved zoom option are quite acceptable when it comes to photography but not very much for the advanced users we can say.

Nevertheless the OnePlus 12 has a couple of setbacks that ends up being some of its edges which includes a curved display, costly processing as well as a reduction in years support of software update compared to other flagship devices. While the SAR.2,934 or even SAR.2,621 with trade in offer give it a really competitive price, a user who’s on the lookout for a high quality smartphone with an optimum value for the money should definitely consider iPhone 14.

Display Upgrades

The new and improved 6.8-inch 1440p LTPO Pro XDR screen of the OnePlus 12 achieved remarkable brightness of 1,600 nits outdoors and up to 4,500 nits peak HDR brightness features. The update was a massive improvement over the subtler panel on the predecessor and offered an amazing viewing experience on any lighting condition. Although the curved display will not combine well with all due to the light fall off and further reflections, now it is more readable outdoors and in the light. Moreover, the panel has elevated PWM dimming, which avoids the flickering that some users have a problem with OLEDs at low brightness.

"Furthermore, OnePlus has included Aqua Touch technology, which keeps the screen highly responsive even when water droplets are on the screen. This factor would enable the users to access the phone even after it has fallen in water or when they are in the rain. The data transfer speed on the screen is also very high, promising great user experience. With these upgrades on the screen, OnePlus has seemingly set the standard for other phones to follow."

Camera Upgrades

The camera system of the OnePlus 12 has been improved dramatically, and the flaws in this component have been fully addressed. The main sensor is now LYT-808, which has more pixels and an aperture that is slightly wider because there is glass in front of it. The photo quality is still not quite achievable; however, it is now on par with the typical flagship model. It should be enough for most people in normal lighting conditions because this phone is still unable to take low-light photos.

"The option of a new zoom feature adds more flexibility for users to shoot a less repeated point of view. Although new hardware has been added to the camera system, the performance of the camera system, for the most part, after the model is comparable to other models and it is a minor improvement rather than revolutionary. However, they are not sufficient to make the OnePlus 12 a leader in smartphone photography cameras Than the competitors in the field. However, OnePlus’ ongoing commitment to refining its substitutions promises good decisions. The technology seems to move in the right direction. Even the announced models appear with even more advanced camera options, strengthening its position in the best smartphone cameras in the market."

Downsides of the OnePlus 12

The OnePlus 12, while offering impressive features and performance, does have a few downsides that users should consider:

"In conclusion of this review, It is imperative to consider some of the cons of the OnePlus 12, despite the strong features that it presents: light fall off as well as the additional reflections of the curves, readability and the longevity of use are some of the cons. The fingerprint sensor is average and it is just the optical sensor of the years back. More so, the AI features are a miss, and it means that the phone may lack the necessary capabilities in some of its functioning. Additionally, the software is said to have fewer years of update support which is software updates for over four years and security updates for five years, and this is a miss for those users who are looking for more software support years."

Comparison with Other Flagships

When comparing the OnePlus 12 to other flagship devices, it's important to consider the following factors:When comparing the OnePlus 12 to other flagship devices, it's important to consider the following factors:


The price of the OnePlus 12 is almost SAR.2,934 which brings it to the forefront as a competitor in the segment of premium class of devices. With pre-order opportunities and trade-in deals, you can sometimes very much find yourself paying SAR.2,621, that indeed is exceptional worth with all the features it can flaunt.

Camera Capabilities:

The OnePlus 12 is slightly inferior to the best camera systems installed in flagships, that´s notwithstanding it has measured up in the road to betterment. buyers flat out for the camera will most likely not find the other editions interesting on this point.

Software Update Support:

Upon releasing the phone, OnePlus guarantees to give a software support up to four years along with a security update for five years which is the least among those that the flagship manufacturers like Google, Samsung or Apple would give. Consumers who are into the idea of software support in the long-term scope will like devices that are guaranteed to provide longer version releases.

AI Features:

Unlikre other flagship models, the OnePlus 12 harvests a lot of features, like generative fill, crop correction, phone call transcription and live translation, lack of which may affect some uses and functionality.

In a nutshell, OnePlus12 provides captivating feature sets but probably, it is advisable for the users to weigh core preferences before comparing it to other top-flight models on the market.

Is the OnePlus 12R Worth Considering?

The OnePlus 12R is the cost-effective version of the OnePlus 12 and can be a great choice for people who want a high-performance OS at a reduced cost. The less expensive one may be the one without all the fancy stuff of its expensive competitor, but it sure delivers when it comes to features and function. undefined

Features and Performance:

Surprisingly, although this model is an affordable one, still it does not come at the expense quality. It is outfitted with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor that ensures reliable mode of operation with reduced power consumption even when performing mild tasks. Even though it does not bring the level of fluidity that the newest high-end CPU can, the phone does provide a sufficient responsive interface.

Camera Capabilities:

The OnePlus 12R has little bit of simpler camera system installation than the OnePlus 12. Despite its ability to capture pictures that are just good enough, it still does not deliver the power necessary for fast-paced photography. The sensor and zoom of this camera operates reasonably well for capturing standard dark conditions, what makes the camera suitable for most users.

Additional Considerations:

OnePlus 12R shines among its affordable counterparts with its excellent craftsmanship, rock-solid performance, and superb price tag, Though it does not have the high-end features of flagships models, this phone exudes the niche position of providing a suitable package of capability and affordability.

In sum, if you are looking to get the best value together with outstanding performance, OnePlus 12R should be definitely your choice among various smartphones. Being quite distinct from the top models in its range, and yet it provides quality that suits its price at the same time.


To conclude, the OnePlus 12 and 12R present attractive options for high-performance smartphones at reasonable prices. Users interested in flying high with the OnePlus 12 should consider the flagship’s features and enhancements. However, the smartphone lacks the same and users should know where to draw the line between their preferences and priorities. Furthermore, the budget-friendly 12R offers an affordable alternative while ensuring key features are not sacrificed. Essentially, both devices indicate OnePlus’ innovation and value in the smartphone industry.


1. Is the OnePlus 12R with its robust specifications a worthy alternative?

Yes, OnePlus 3PR is a cheaper alternative of OnePlus 12, offering a high performing smartphone at a budget friendly cost for people who like the best out of it. On the flip side, it may not be as fancy and laden with all those that comes with the expensive model, however, it has a good share of features and functionalities.

2. What are the cons of Pixel 12?

The OnePlus 12 and its superb attributes as well as performance are what have made them popular among the consumers. However, just like other smartphones there are also some things to consider as downsides. The curved display, average in-screen fingerprint sensor and the brief life of system update are some other factors when pitting that device against other flagship models sporting long years of system updates.

3. How does the OnePlus 12 compare to the other top companies?

Although finding the overall best flagship phone is most challenging, particularly given the variety of different factors to consider, the OnePlus 12 is a good example and has stood its own ground among other flagship devices. Following careful evaluation regarding their interests and, consumers should compare their preferences.

4. Which are the brand new achievements embedded in the OnePlus 12?

OnePlus 12's flagship specs such as a big, bright 6.8-inch 1440p LTPO Pro XDR display, Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip, great battery life with quick charging, and improved camera system, make the handset a good phone. It also provides attributes like Aqua Touch technology, fully adjustable dimming up to PWM standards, and support for super-high speed data transmission.

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