Oppo F1S: A Comprehensive Review of the Popular Budget Smartphone

Oppo F1S: A Comprehensive Review of the Popular Budget Smartphone

Premium Design and Display

The Oppo F1S, priced at around $300, offers a remarkable build quality with a design reminiscent of the iPhone. The full metallic body, glass front protected by Gorilla Glass 4, and a unique feature of dynamic wallpapers on the lock screen contribute to its premium feel.

Build Quality

The phone boasts a full metallic body, exuding a premium feel similar to high-end devices. The metal construction on the sides and back adds to its durability and aesthetic appeal.


Featuring a 5.5-inch display with a 1280 x 720p resolution, the Oppo F1S offers a spacious screen with satisfactory visual clarity. The display ensures excellent outdoor visibility and optimal brightness, making it suitable for various lighting conditions.

Form Factor

The phone's form factor, with its 5.5-inch display, appeals to users who prefer larger screens. Despite its size, the device maintains a comfortable weight and a slightly thicker build compared to its predecessor, the F1 Plus.

ColorOS: Similarities to iOS

The Oppo F1S operates on ColorOS, which bears notable similarities to iOS in terms of design and functionality. From the home screen to the power off menu, the ColorOS exhibits a striking resemblance to Apple's operating system.

User Interface

ColorOS presents a user interface that resembles iOS, featuring home screens without an app drawer and the ability to organize apps into folders. Additionally, the interface allows for quick app uninstallation and rearrangement, akin to the iOS experience.

Visual Resemblance

Upon closer examination, the power off menu, wallpaper changes, and camera access from the lock screen demonstrate a design that closely mirrors iOS. The similarity extends to the camera interface, which displays a striking resemblance to the iOS camera app.

Operating System Version

While the Oppo F1S utilizes ColorOS, it operates on Android 5.1 Lollipop, which lags behind the current Android versions. The absence of the latest Android iteration may be a drawback for users expecting the most up-to-date software experience.

Customization and Personalization

The Oppo F1S offers a variety of customization options, making it possible for users to personalize their device according to their preferences. Through the use of the ColorOS, users can access the Theme Store, enabling them to apply different themes and download various wallpapers. This feature provides an opportunity to create a unique and personalized user experience without the need for third-party applications.

Wallpaper Selection

Users can choose from a wide array of wallpapers without having to download additional applications. The device's dedicated section for wallpapers ensures that users have a diverse selection to personalize their device's appearance, adding a touch of individuality to their user interface.

One-Handed Operation

The Oppo F1S includes a convenient one-handed operation feature, allowing users to easily access all parts of the display without using both hands. By swiping from the bottom to the middle of the screen, the display shrinks into a corner, making it more accessible for one-handed use.

One-Handed Operation and Fingerprint Sensor

The Oppo F1S incorporates a one-handed operation feature, enhancing the device's usability by allowing users to navigate the entire display with a single hand. This functionality is particularly useful for individuals who prioritize convenience and accessibility in their smartphone experience.

Glove Mode and Additional Features

In addition to the one-handed operation, the device offers a glove mode, catering to users in various environments or weather conditions. The inclusion of glove mode ensures that the device remains functional and accessible, even in situations where traditional touchscreen operation may be challenging.

Fingerprint Sensor Customization

One notable feature of the Oppo F1S is the ability to map applications to the fingerprint sensor, providing users with a convenient and personalized way to access specific apps. By assigning different fingers to launch specific applications, users can optimize their device for efficient and tailored use, enhancing overall user experience and accessibility.

Processor and Performance

Equipped with a MediaTek chipset and 3GB of RAM, the Oppo F1S offers decent benchmark scores and smooth performance, demonstrating the capability to handle various tasks and games seamlessly. The device's RAM management appears efficient, with ample free RAM for multitasking, ensuring a commendable user experience.

Benchmark Scores

The benchmark scores of the Oppo F1S indicate reliable performance, showcasing its ability to deliver a smooth and responsive user experience. While the device's chipset may be slightly downgraded compared to its predecessor, the F1 Plus, it remains capable of handling games and applications without encountering significant issues.

RAM Management

The Oppo F1S exhibits strong RAM management, with a substantial amount of free RAM available for multitasking. This efficient management contributes to the device's ability to retain applications in memory, ensuring swift and seamless transitions between tasks.

Camera Performance

The Oppo F1S features a 16-megapixel front camera and a 13-megapixel rear camera, providing commendable photography capabilities. The cameras deliver satisfactory results in both outdoor and indoor low-light conditions, offering pleasing depth of field and vibrant colors. While the front camera supports 1080p video recording, the rear camera impressively allows for 4K video capture, enhancing the device's versatility in capturing high-resolution content.

Front Camera Quality

Despite being marketed as a "selfie phone," the Oppo F1S' front camera may not deliver exceptional results compared to other devices with similar megapixel counts. However, it still offers good quality and supports 1080p video recording, making it suitable for capturing high-definition self-portraits and video content.

Rear Camera Capabilities

The 13-megapixel rear camera of the Oppo F1S performs admirably, delivering impressive image and video quality, especially with its capability to record videos in 4K resolution. The camera excels in producing vivid colors and maintaining clarity across various lighting conditions, ensuring the device's ability to capture high-resolution content with finesse.

Battery Life and Power Management

The Oppo F1S comes equipped with a 3000mAh battery, delivering impressive performance that ensures a day or more of usage without any inconvenience. With its 5.5-inch screen, users can expect around five to six hours of screen-on time, making it a reliable companion for extended use. Additionally, the device offers a low-power mode, which optimizes CPU speed to conserve battery life, further enhancing its power management capabilities. Moreover, the inclusion of eye protection functionality, akin to a night mode, adds a layer of convenience for users, safeguarding their eyes during prolonged usage.

Battery Standby and Efficiency

The Oppo F1S exhibits excellent battery standby, delivering stable performance even when the phone is locked. With the potential for further enhancement through the Marshmallow update, which introduces doze mode, users can anticipate improved battery efficiency. The device's battery management, coupled with its substantial capacity, positions it as a reliable choice for users seeking enduring battery life without compromising on usage.

Comparison to Competing Devices

While the Oppo F1S stands out as a popular choice in the budget smartphone segment, several competing devices offer compelling features and performance in a similar price range. Notably, the Huawei P9 Lite presents a formidable alternative, boasting competitive specifications and a strong focus on camera capabilities. Potential buyers may find the Huawei P9 Lite to be a worthy contender, especially for those prioritizing photography and multimedia experiences. However, the Oppo F1S distinguishes itself with its robust battery life, user-friendly interface, and reliable performance, making it a compelling option for users seeking a versatile and enduring smartphone experience.


In conclusion, the Oppo F1S impresses with its premium design, efficient one-handed operation, and commendable camera performance. While its ColorOS exhibits similarities to iOS, the device's customization options and reliable battery life make it a compelling choice in the budget smartphone segment, offering a versatile and enduring user experience.


1. Does the Oppo F1S support 4K video recording?

Yes, the Oppo F1S is equipped with a 13-megapixel rear camera that supports 4K video capture, allowing users to create high-resolution content with finesse.

2. What is the battery capacity of the Oppo F1S?

The Oppo F1S comes with a 3000mAh battery, delivering impressive performance and ensuring a day or more of usage without inconvenience.

3. Is the Oppo F1S suitable for one-handed use?

Yes, the Oppo F1S incorporates a one-handed operation feature, enhancing the device's usability by allowing users to navigate the entire display with a single hand.


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