Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: Review of Flagship Phone

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus: The Goldilocks of Flagship Phones


We're excited to present to you the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, available for the shoppers' delight at—a portfolio that is bound to redefine the experience of a smartphone. At the introductory price of just SAR 363.00 and SAR 616.00, this flagship device from Samsung comes with a premium fusion of technology and style that should find its way into the hands of tech-enthusiasts and everyday users alike.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus was crafted to astound you, with a 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display that will make your view clear and vivid from almost any lighting condition. Whether streaming your favorite videos or capturing your treasured moments, the display offers an experience like none other.

Underneath the hood, Exynos 990's chipset powers the Galaxy S20 Plus in most markets around the world, ensuring ease in multitasking. An 8GB RAM and an internal storage capacity of up to 128GB will handle everything from high-octane game sessions to intensive professional tasks, without missing a beat.

The camera capability of the Galaxy S20 Plus would capture interest from any photography enthusiast, as the device is capable of both 64 MP telephoto and 12 MP wide and ultra-wide rear cameras, respectively, and capable of taking breathtaking pictures and video captures. The 10 MP front camera ensures every selfie taken is impressive, with rich detail and flattering light.

Of course, battery life also gets a mention here, which stands at 4500 mAh, with quick-charging support and wireless charging. That means you can stay connected and productive all day, with no concerns about your power dying on you right when it matters most.

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Price and Availability

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus represents an amazing smartphone entry into the S series from the company. It is now available with us only on our website, The price range at which this smartphone is available makes it an absolute attraction for a large segment of the mass eyeing for a high-end feature phone at a very competitive price. The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus will cost between SAR 363.00 to SAR 616.00, with flexible conditions on the different configurations of the phone. has ensured that the details for every variant of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus are mentioned clearly so that the customers can make wise decisions as per their needs and budget. States of availability for the phone, from brand new to certified pre-owned, are existent to be able to enable customers to procure a suitable device without letting its quality standards down.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus would make for a perfect buy for those looking at flagship features balanced against value for money. It has an advanced system of cameras, long-lasting battery, and powerful processing power—all these sum up to the top-notch quality Samsung is known for. The price ranges mentioned would suit both the budgeted customer and the tech fanatic looking for the best gadgets for reasonable prices. We welcome all the potential buyers of to visit our store with this exclusive offer: to view the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus. We strive to ensure that transparency prevails in our detailed descriptions and specifications of each model, enabling our customers to make informed purchase decisions. Join the world of Samsung and review such great, cutting-edge technology that easily fulfills the most exacting expectations and wallets.

Design and Display

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has design aesthetics that are done to perfection; it looks so sleek with that screen curve and those razor-thin bezels. The phone is designed with Gorilla Glass 6 on the front and back panels, and the phone is given an IP68 rating to ensure durability and water and dust resistance.

The S20 Plus is pretty light and slim for a device with such a big display, definitely making it a comfortable hold and feel in hand.

The display, measured at 6.7 inches on the S20 Plus, is of Dynamic AMOLED caliber, and it has to be, for it is one of the best ever seen in the market. Users are allowed to either set the refresh rate at 120Hz and the resolution at full HD, or at 60Hz and qHD, respectively.

It has a higher refresh rate, which means more responsiveness from the device, albeit at a little hit on the battery life. The screen is pretty colorful and adequately bright for multimedia consumption and energetic viewing.

Audio and Media Experience

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, of course, is supposed to be a media powerhouse not just by its screen quality, but also by the quality of the audio output. It sports a stereo speaker setup using the downward-firing speaker at the bottom and the earpiece as a secondary channel. In testing, the loudness the phone put out was impressive, ensuring an immersive audio experience with regard to multimedia content and entertainment.

Charging and Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ runs off a 4,500mAh battery, and it should offer a pretty nice balance between performance and efficiency. On the other hand, during internal testing, it showed the same battery life as the sibling models at 120Hz: 87 hours of endurance. While on 60Hz, it extended the usage to 97 hours. The notable fact is that these numbers could be owed to the fact that dynamic refresh rate implementation is absent and an external modem is added to the chipset.

It is bundled with a 25-watt adapter, so juicing up from zero to 62% takes only 30 minutes. That might not be the only advantage, because 100% can be reached after 57 minutes to minimize downtime. It also supports up to 15-watt wireless charging, which is useful for sharing power wirelessly with great flexibility while on the go or reverse wireless charging to other smartwatches and earbuds that are compatible for charging.

Processor and Performance

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus comes with one of two chipsets, either the Snapdragon 865 or the Exynos 990, depending on the market. While the first can be seen in most of North America, the second is used in other regions. When tested for performance, the S20 Plus showed a little lag compared to the ES 20 and S20 Ultra, which was not really felt in day-to-day performance. Incredible to notice that the performance data seemed even better with the Oppo Find X2 Pro than the S20 series in both multicore and single-core.

Software and User Experience

Samsung makes use of its very own UI 2.1 skin on top of Android 10, on the Galaxy S20 Plus. It brings in the system-wide dark mode on board in the S20 Plus, allowing easy viewing while improving navigation with gesture controls that will see users swiping from the sides to go back. Google Duo will also be built into the phone app to enable easy video calling straight from the dialer. There is also a music share option where the phone becomes a device to which several others are connected through a Bluetooth speaker.

The small redesign for the edge panels allows better accessibility and enhanced functionality. But in a way, it can be felt that it is a tad less intuitive, as the multi-window has to be entered through a mini menu.

Camera technology

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, for its part, is equipped with a triple camera system—now including a fourth time-of-flight camera. The main camera performs very well, capturing detailed and rich pictures, with good auto HDR. Versatile and of high quality, the ultra-wide and the hybrid optical zoom lenses are very good. A time-of-flight sensor brings major advancements for live focus and portrait photography and largely broadens the possibility of different creative effects users can experiment with in taking great photos. In low light, the S20 Plus does very well in terms of taking pictures with a high dynamic range, and this includes its night mode. The ultra-wide and telephoto lenses also support night mode, which extends to making the other two lenses provide usable and high-quality photos in challenging lighting conditions. The S20 Plus comes with two portrait modes that capture quite a lot of depth and detail, be it wider or in close-up. Its live focus mode further extends this ability toward non-human subjects and gives good performance in creating professional-looking and captivating portraits.

Functions in the Application

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has some impressive video recording capabilities added to a device that is already known for enabling easy shooting of high-quality footage. While the device can shoot 8K at 24fps, it eats up storage big time. Added to that, the difference in quality between 8K and 4K may not be easily visible on normal computer screens. Therefore, shooting in 4K can be relatively more practical for most users. The device further provides stabilization options, such as Super Steady mode, that let the user choose among the main camera with OIS and autofocus, or the ultrawide snapper for varied perspectives. The 10 MP front camera of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus captures detail to the dot, though colors may appear a bit washed out in comparison with the main camera. But the selfie cam does a more impressive job. Self-portraits from the device give an amazing balance between depth and detail, and indeed, users can easily create stunning self-portraits

Comparison to Competitors

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is a really strong 2020 flagship smartphone compared to any of the competitors. Its major competitor is probably the iPhone 11 Pro, especially for die-hard iOS fans; however, the Galaxy S20 Plus has a better screen, a lighter build, a more compact form factor, and often performs better with the camera.

The Galaxy S20 Plus is a proposition of an excellent display, efficient design, and exciting camera capabilities in one high-performance Android smartphone.


It is, therefore, the place for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus, which justifies a purchase with its mixing of features. It sells at prices from SAR 363.00 to SAR 616.00; this means it represents the best value for people desiring high-end smartphone capability without the price tag of the new models.

Specifications are pretty strong in the case of the Galaxy S20 Plus, hence suitable for tech enthusiasts and casual users. A 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen, it is big enough to do well, great in streaming high-definition content, or even graphic-intensive gaming. The versatile camera system, spearheaded by a 64MP telephoto lens, ensures photography enthusiasts can capture even the minutest detail with clarity and vibrant color accuracy.

Performance-wise, it is supercharged by the powerful Exynos 990 chipset in some regions, ensuring that the phone does not stumble with multitasking and running high-end applications. This, combined with a battery capacity that supports all-day usage and super-fast charging, means the phone can be used heavily throughout the day without multiple top-ups.
The premium build quality and sleek design go further to enhance Samsung's legacy in producing beautiful and durable smartphones. In addition, it supports 5G connectivity, perfect to make your device future-proof for the next wave of mobile network technology.

The Galaxy S20 Plus is an all-around smartphone sold for a price that really presents a great value, especially for those buying it from FoneZone. This combination of good performance, aesthetics, and advanced features makes it a smart choice in the market if one really has to pick up a reliable and powerful smartphone.


1. Is Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus waterproof ?

Yes, indeed, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is IP68-rated, meaning it is resistant to water and dust, making it pretty much suitable for use under many other environments and conditions.

2. What is the capacity of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus battery?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has a battery capacity of 4,500 mAh, implying the perfect match of performance without a hitch and effectiveness, plus long hours of usage from a single charge.

3. Is the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus equipped with wireless charging?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus supports up to 15-watt wireless charging, providing the customer with the convenience of using the Wireless Power Share and Reverse Wireless Charging option when on the go.

4. What are the camera capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus?

With its incredibly versatile triple camera setup—supplemented by the extra time-of-flight camera—Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus can capture detailed, colorful, and crisp photos with consistent auto HDR, great low-light ability, and extremely good video recording quality.

5. How does the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus stack up to the competition?

Compare that to the competition, and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus is in another tier in terms of display quality, battery life, and camera versatility, making it a very appealing choice for those looking for sheer performance on their Android device.

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