Explore the Apple iPad Pro 11-inch: An In-Depth Review

The Apple iPad Pro 11-inch: A 2018 Masterpiece


Apple iPad Pro available now, an 11-inch Superlative Performance portfolio, from fonezone.me. Made to be on the move, this model wows from its slim design to very powerful features for use by professionals or at a personal level. At Fonezone.ME, we are pleased to present to you this premium tablet within an appealing price range of 1,150.00 د.إ AED to 2,530.00 د.إ AED, with an unsurpassed return from your valuable investment.

It works on the A12X Bionic chip, which makes it more powerful and responsive to run all the heavy tasks—video editing with many clips, creating detailed designs, or multitasking between different applications. The Liquid Retina display provides breathtaking views, while ProMotion technology truly brings every transition to life.

What comes really outstanding in the features of iPad Pro 11-inch is support for Apple Pencil (2nd generation) and Smart Keyboard Folio, after which the inclusions can be called mere accessories in comparison with the features that they add. And packed within a USB-C port, you get to maximize your connectivity to many different peripherals even more to grow your workflow capabilities.

At Fonezone.me, we simply believe in providing our customers with the best technology at the best possible price. Apple iPad Pro 11" is really functional at its core and high performing, taking care of maximum kinds of diverse needs from the users; whether you are a professional who needs this reliable workhorse or a tech enthusiast loading down the trend of the latest in tablet technology, the all-new iPad Pro will have you well covered. Please log in to our website and check this wonderful product. Please make it yours today.

Price and Availability

Apple iPad Pro 11-inch is one of the most awaited devices and now becomes another great deal on our exclusive website - Fonezone.me. Highly impressive, it falls between the prices of 1,150.00 د.إ AED and 2,530.00 د.إ AED, catering to every need and budget. At Fonezone.me, we take pride in ensuring competitive pricing while providing our smooth shopping experience to keep our customers happy and ensure that everyone can enjoy the very best of technology free from too much burden on the pocket.

Our stock constitutes Apple iPad Pro 11-inch in various storage capacities and conditions. Whether you are in need of a new or a slightly used one, Fonezone.me has got you. Every device is tested to make sure it is up to our set standards of quality and performance; therefore, you can shop with confidence, knowing definitely that you are about to procure a trusted product.

The Apple iPad Pro 11" is all about flagship sleek design, powerful performance, and versatile functionality that make it the best tablet for personal as well as professional use loaded with an advanced camera system and compatibility with Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard, together with a breathtaking Liquid Retina display. This was created for all those most daring dreams in creativity, education, or pro of human beings.

At Fonezone.me, we make it easy to be the proud owner of this exceptional gadget without straining your pocket so much. Fonezone.me has made shopping for a gadget easy and convenient. Our website is very user-friendly, which helps you scour through the big collection of gadgets. Read the detailed description of the product to compare the prices with ease. We further ensure that your products are delivered timely, revered services to make your shopping experience smooth. Grab your chance and enjoy the Apple iPad Pro 11" as never before at an unbeatable price.

Compare prices and shop online at Fonezone.me to avail of the best exclusive deal for this premium tablet.

Design and Sizing

The Apple iPad Pro 11" has the best form factor and perfect size—just the right size between an iPhone and the grander 12.9" iPad Pro. It carries more screen real estate compared to the iPad Mini, which makes reading and interacting with content much easier and faster. It has been designed to be compact and lightweight for preferred portability choices with prolonged use, setting it apart as a beautiful, minimal, and portable device.

11-inch Size: Its size perfectly strikes a balance between being a little bigger than the iPad Mini in screen size and also keeping the portability and convenience of handling for extended periods.

Form Factor: Speaking of design, only one camera bump with volume rockers and a lock button is present on the right side of the 11-inch iPad Pro.

Portability: It is easy to hold for long simply because of the fact that the tool is light and small in size.

And the 11-inch Apple iPad Pro does not compromise in any way, most especially because it's flowing with a ProMotion display that's been continuing in distributing sharp images. It's fitted with vibrant colors and razor-sharp detailing that gives it a capability of a P3 wide color gamut in its arsenal. The display continues to excel in providing immersive viewing experiences for all types of different content out there—be it movies, videos, or artworks. Detailed and fast are the words used to refer to it.

Display quality: Brilliant and detailed, the way this ProMotion screen looks means to provide an excellent platform for viewing different forms of content.

Color accuracy: With support for the P3 wide color gamut, the display guarantees more accuracy in colors and vibrancy.

Performance: For real, it is quick and precise in performing the tiny detail of the display, which brings satisfaction and visual excitement, making this feature highly commendable for the Apple iPad Pro 11-inch.

Speed and Performance

Moving on, the A12 Bionic processor still keeps the Apple iPad Pro 11-inch an extremely fast performer by today's standards, and really good enough for reliability in use even during the year 2024. Fast performance with super speed is what you get; applications being opened literally right after tapped, and hardly any signs of lag are felt. There are still instances when it can be a bit slow on very rare occasions, but then again, nothing big—a full working set with every latest update for iPadOS means a fluid-surfing and smooth-riding environment.

All this contributes to the setup of making apps load almost immediately, with no wait time practically. Sending text messages and checking social media are everyday tasks that can be done super quickly which makes the 2018 iPad Pro a significantly powerful device to use in regular situations. In fact, the 2018 iPad Pro stands its ground toward the new M2 iPad Pro in terms of speed and performance. Side by side tested with an M2 iPad Pro, the A12 Bionic processor shows it's running just about as fast, so this old processor is holding up pretty well.

Battery Life

The battery life on this model is not that great compared to the new models, but it still works decently for day-to-day use up to 2024. Typical on-screen time registers from three to four hours, which makes the device quite reliable in terms of media consumption, messaging, and general browsing.

Its battery efficiency will definitely vary based on use, but it remains sufficient for regular tasks. Most probably, in most of the general use cases, the 11-inch iPad Pro will last for a top-up only once every other day, given light to moderate workflow. Even though, if you engage in more serious tasks like photo and video editing, one might really appreciate the better battery life on new iPad Pro models.


The Apple iPad Pro 11-inch has decent cameras that just don't stand out compared to the new models, and especially to the enhanced camera technology infused in newer versions of the iPhone. While the cameras on the device will be more than enough for ordinary applications—scanning documents or taking a quick snapshot—they simply won't cut it if you are going to do intensive photo or video capture. To these users, the low camera functionality of the 2018 iPad Pro is compared with other features on their tablets.

For casual use, the cameras in the iPad Pro are still good enough when one has to get some basic needs done, like document scanning or a quick photo. However, people with great photovideography demand may find this model's camera coming up short against the latest devices and may choose to consider other iPad models with more features for a camera.

Pricing and Value

This is where the 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch has a considerably high value proposition, especially when considering its price compared with newer models of the iPad Pro. It is priced rather cheaper to provide those people who want to get something functional and performant in the manner of an iPad Pro but have no money to spare. It's going for around 1,150.00 د.إ AED - 2,530.00 د.إ AED on platforms like Facebook Marketplace, and the 2018 iPad Pro is really quite good value for the performance it has.

The 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch is dramatically cheaper compared to new iterations of iPad Pros, where at times prices come out as a third or even a half. In such a case, it is really a good choice for those who would like to get all the benefits of iPad Pro and stay in budget, so this price is one of the factors which could give more leverage of value in 2024.

Should you upgrade to the new 2018 iPad Pro?

The 2018 iPad Pro 11-inch stays fast and has a great display with good-enough performance, which makes it a much more compelling choice for anybody in 2018. It shows the limitations in features like battery life and camera capabilities, yet strong enough to be viable when wanting to find balance between function and affordability. Measure up against the new ones, and the 2018 iPad Pro becomes an affordable gateway into Apple's range of professional-grade tablets with a strong balance of performance to value.

User Testimonials

Users also love the fact that the iPad Pro 2018 remains just as fast, reliable, and incredibly supportive of all the latest versions of iPadOS, not to talk about its compatibility with Apple Pencil, hence seamless in use.

Great Compatibility: Users are thankful for the support to all updates of iPadOS, as the device and Apple Pencil work in tandem, thereby making usability much better.

Enduring Speed: The feedback points towards the enduring speed and performance of the device for exemplary service that is sound enough to handle the daily tasks competently and reliably.

Some users appreciated this 2018 iPad Pro because it was cheap—they were saying in relation to the newer models—and they found it strong in value, the one that serves well in balanced performance and cost-effective.

Affordability: Reviews justified the device in a way that it is far more affordable to still have the same capability of an iPad Pro.

Performance and Value: This was the feedback, whereby it emphasized that the device could really balance the act between performance and value, hence a choice in which many budget-oriented individuals would find interest.


Apple iPad Pro 11-inch is a great device and something about it is really special, in thinness and versatility of use. This edition of the iPad Pro, available exclusively at our shop, Fonezone.me, has features that offer both professional and personal usability, regardless of whether you are a creative pro, a student, or a person who just loves something of exceptional quality in technology. A real notebook for real people with many needs—from a student to a working guy—whichever way you go.

The incredibly important highlight is the powerful A12X Bionic chip, due to which performance runs smoothly and at the top level. This will make it easy to multitask while doing some video editing or graphics design with apps. Adding on, the edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with ProMotion works beautifully from watching movies to creating digital art in True Tone and P3 wide color support.

What is more, the iPad also works with the Apple Pencil (2nd generation) and the Smart Keyboard Folio, which only boosts the productivity. With these accessories in place, this model of iPad becomes an incredible implement for writing notes, making sketches, and typing: a real find for both students and specialists.

In addition, this device makes sure one will not be left without his or her major things to do, as it is portable, rugged, and has advanced features to enable free working from literally anywhere. We do sell Apple iPad Pro 11-inch at a very attractive price range through different storage and configuration options, ranging from 1,150.00 د.إ AED to 2,530.00 د.إ AED. That being in a sort of affordable range, the device is likely to meet different budget configurations.

On purchase from our website, you are definitely making a great bargain while also ensuring that the products are genuine and customer service provided is reliable. In a nutshell, an Apple iPad Pro 11" from Fonezone.me is a good deal for you because of its strong performance, portability, and advanced features.

Loaded with advanced features and cutting-edge technology, at Fonezone.me, we offer this super selection at perfectly competitive prices for a wide range of consumers. Beyond the limits, explore with this 11" iPad Pro to ensure the next level of your digital experience.


1. What features does this Apple iPad Pro 11-inch have?

The Apple iPad Pro 11" display is going to be a killer, using Liquid Retina Technology that offers unparalleled clarity and precision when it comes to color. Infused with the A12Z Bionic chip, quoted as powerful silicon, this device is just wonderful for intensive video editing, graphic design, and many more activities. This device will also support the second-generation Apple Pencil that magnetically attaches to the device so as to charge wirelessly and further boost productivity and creativity. It also features advanced camera systems, Face ID for secure authentication, and the ability to attach the Magic Keyboard to use it like a laptop.

2. How's the battery life on an Apple iPad Pro 11"?

Apple's iPad Pro 11-inch is designed with all-day battery life, which usually lasts around 10 hours for web surfing via Wi-Fi, watching videos, or listening to music. The power-efficient A12Z Bionic chip and energy-saving operating system iPadOS introduce excellent battery life management, enabling users to get through many kinds of tasks without the need for a recharge at short intervals. This makes it a perfect option for professionals and students because it is a reliable gadget for use during several hours away from a power source.

3. What storage options does Apple iPad Pro 11-inch have under FoneZone.me?

FoneZone.me has the Apple iPad Pro in 11 inches with multiple storage configurations to wade according to your needs. Available models are in 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and the really enormous 1TB of storage, so whichever assures users they can go ahead and pick a model according to their requirements, whether they ever need enough space to stuff files with hi-res photos and videos, big-sized applications, or many documents.

The high-storage options are especially useful for creative professionals who have to work with large files in regularity.

4. Does it support any accessories such as Apple Pencil and Magic Keyboard?

Yes, Apple iPad Pro 11-inch second-generation Pencil will definitely help you with drawing, noting things, and document marking. The second Apple Pencil charges wirelessly, with the help of a magnetic connection on the side of the iPad Pro. It does support the Magic Keyboard, the accessory that will make work more suited for the iPad, with built-in trackpads and backlit keys for the best typing experience.

5. How much does an Apple iPad Pro 11-inch sell for at FoneZone.me, and what is the cost-driving factor?

Based on the FoneZone.me website, the Apple iPad Pro 11-inch covers a big range of price points: from 1,150.00 د.إ AED to 2,530.00 د.إ AED. There are also a few factors that come into play here: for one, the storage capacity; and two, whether it includes Wi-Fi or cellular features. Higher storage capacities and added cellular features give more convenience and functioning, respectively, so their price would be accordingly higher. Such pricing flexibility allows customers to select an appropriate model in terms of budget at the same time that they are meeting their specific needs.

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