Is the Google Pixel 7 the King of Flagships? Read to Find Out!

The "Google Pixel 7": Return of the King?


Meet the all-new flagship Google Pixel 7 at This is the latest member of the Pixel series, comprising Google's vice in technology related to mobile phones. The blend of robust performance and sleek design, packed with innovative features—Pixel 7 allows you to own a phone and a gadget, redefining the experience on the go.

The Google Tensor chip gives super-fast processing to the Pixel 7 for a speedy and smooth experience loaded with superior AI. The 6.3" OLED display visualizes everything brilliantly, from your favorite streaming services to the internet, with vibrant colors and deep blacks. The adaptive battery is built to keep up with your busy day, letting you enjoy power that will last all day and then some.

In the photography department, camera buffs will be treated to a level of sophistication and powerful computational photography on the Pixel 7 for clear images and video shooting.

Dual rear cameras and powerful image processing software from Google allow you to take professional-quality pictures in every light. With the Pixel 7, all your pictures, from broad, sweeping landscapes to spur-of-the-moment snaps with best friends, will come out ideally.

Likewise, security on the Pixel 7 is a priority item on the list. It also has Titan M2 security chip features to secure data and privacy. With regular security updates from Google, you know your device will always have the latest defenses against threats.

The brand new Google Pixel 7 is available now through from as low as 850 AED. So, head on to take up this great mobile phone. Check out this offer on our website and order your Google Pixel 7 now.

Price and Availability

The latest release in the Pixel series, the Google Pixel 7, is now up on our website— With cutting-edge technology, an incredibly improved camera, and multiple integrations within the Google ecosystem, the Pixel 7 stands out among its competent smartphone counterparts.

Finally, is pleased to announce that this Google Pixel 7 will be available starting at 850 د.إ AED. This, we believe, places brilliant value on such a magnificent device in terms of its unmatched performance and innovation. With the latest hardware and software, the Pixel 7 is a power device for personal use, but especially in the professional sphere where improved technology comes into view.

In addition to the attractive pricing, this device, being on, can offer stress-free access. Shopping is a piece of cake through our user-friendly website, as you gain information about the specifications and features of the new Pixel 7. You can now have them delivered straight to your destination by using our competent delivery services.

Hurry and ensure you have the commercials for the brand new Google Pixel 7 in your palms. Visit to order for charm in the making: shop today. Be it an upgrade from an older model or your first-ever Pixel, the Pixel 7 is a choice you won't regret.

Display Specs and Performance

Available now at your trusted online shop,, a truly magnificent set of display specifications and performance by the Google Pixel 7 commands the starting price of only 850 د.إ in AED—an new level in the mobile experience brought up by cutting-edge technologies and elegantly designed features in a smartphone.

The 6.4-inch OLED screen on the Google Pixel 7 is genuinely gorgeous. Things look this good, not only because they are displayed incredibly but also because excellent viewing is saturated with bright, accurate colors; true blacks are seen, hailing from the OLED panel. Swiping, taping, and scrolling with 2400 x 1080 pixels and a 90Hz refresh rate are just ridiculously smooth and so clear—it would not matter whether you are just huddling the web or streaming those favorite TV shows.

Built inside is the highly efficient Google Tensor G2 chip, which empowers it to function fast and handle multitasking. Games, work, or even multimedia can be managed with ease. The processor inside the Pixel 7 has 8GB of RAM for zippy and efficient performance to echo your busy lifestyle.

Get the brilliance in display and performance experience on the Google Pixel 7, now available at FoneZone. Visit FoneZone today and get this exception—groundbreaking price, only 850 د.إ AED.

Ergonomic Design and Screen Size

The Google Pixel 7, which is now available on our website,, is truly a device that speaks of peerless design and user-centric engineering. Priced at 850 د.إ AED, this smartphone gives an extraordinary blend of aesthetics and functionality, thus making it one of the best picks for every tech lover.

The design of the Pixel 7 is hugely ergonomic, thus making one able to hold it for quite some time without any discomfort. It's sleek, slim, and well-rounded on the edges—hence, it looks pretty remarkable to hold in the hand for normal day-to-day usage.

Impressive screen size is among the salient features of Google Pixel 7.

The device sports a 6.3-inch OLED display that produces vibrant colors and sharp details to enhance the visual experience. Streams of all favorite shows, high-definition gaming, or surfing the web, the screen of Pixel 7 gets absorbed in an immersive experience.

It has a high resolution, making all images or videos seem to be sharp and precise, while the add-on feature of adaptive brightness, by gauging how much ambient light is available at a place where you are using your phone, will regulate your screen's brightness to provide you with the best charisma at all points of time. is proud to offer the highly regarded Google Pixel 7, which succumbs not only to its design but also to creating an unrivaled screen experience. Find all you need to know about this fantastic device today on our site and take exclusive prices while it's still available. Designed to meet precisely what users want, the Google Pixel 7 combines style, comfort, and advanced technology—all in one sleek device.

Flagship Design

The design of the Pixel 7 carries the distinct identity of the Pixels and picks up from where the predecessor, the Pixel 6, left off. It is slightly smaller inside the dimension tape, lighter inside the build, and has an aluminum camera bar blends miraculously with the frame—giving the feel of a premium finish in the case of the Pixel 7. It also retains most of the needed features: IP68 water and dust resistance, supports wireless charging, and finally, a fast USB-C 3.2 port for connectivity.

However, a weird observation is that when the screen is off, and the phone is viewed in direct sunlight, some internal components lying behind the display become faintly visible, which is also not a very worrying issue.

Improved Fingerprint Scanner

The Google Pixel 7 is a futuristic phone with its tech stuff and more user-friendly attributes that now further make security and ease of access a prominent concern with an improved fingerprint reader embedded. It is offered for sale at, with the new and enhanced gadget that will further ease user experience with fast biometric authorization.

Google Pixel 7 also has an upgraded fingerprint sensor, so your device instantly recognizes you and unlocks your apps. This makes everything extremely fast and responsive for everyday use.

Security is a significant consideration for smartphone users, and the Pixel 7 has addressed this with advanced fingerprint recognition technology. It is created to identify your fingerprint more accurately, so the occasions of false rejections are reduced to the least, keeping data safe.

To access certain sensitive information, as well as to just unlock the phone, the improved fingerprint scanner gives an assurance of being safe and trustworthy when used.

Moreover, the Pixel 7 comes with a fingerprint scanner built into the sleek design to ensure that the curve of the phone does not have any丫 ugly provisions for that particular feature. As such, ergonomic placing makes it easily usable on the go or even at home when one uses their phone. This, with other high-end specs, brings in precisely the reasons why the Google Pixel 7 is an excellent pick for someone in need of a wonderful experience with a premium phone.

The newest addition to the lineup, the Google Pixel 7 with the latest and improved fingerprint scanner, is now available on our website at, priced at just 850 د.إ AED. Don't miss the chance to own the most advanced smartphone on the planet at a very competitive price only for customers of Shop with us at to experience the superior security and convenience of the Google Pixel 7.

Tensor G2

Google released its Tensor G2 chipset in the Pixel 7 to secure a unique position. With the G2, it boasts many advancements like clock cores, another generation GPU, and advanced Artificial Intelligence features, mainly built using a five-nanometer architecture.

There was a buzz that it might come as a mid-range chipset; however, the benchmarks reveal that it performs at the level placed similarly to last year's tensor chipset. It only outperforms in AI benchmarks but is average in terms of CPU and GPU benchmarks and, therefore, does not offer any competition to flagship chipsets.

The Pixel 7 does warm up with heavy usage but, as expected, does not warm up to the point of crossing the overheating limit, nor is there stalling apparent in usage like gaming, so it should be more than adequate for the average consumer.


Yes, the Pixel 7 does throttle the CPU in some kinds of benchmark tests. Plus, it will warm mildly in the course of such tasks as app installation or update. However, that isn't something that the user will find extremely prominent from daily casual use or gameplay through the ages. Therefore, unless the phone heats, which it doesn't, considering details about whether the display is dimmed just like many other phones do, the throttling might be somewhat problematic from a long-time performance point of view for a group of folks.

But all in all, it does not matter for day-to-day functioning or gaming experience.

The Experience

The Android 13 version feels essentially premium and creates an excellent impression when combined with the Pixel UI as designed by Google. As the updates won't take much time before coming in, due to the policy by Google, this phone is ideal for everyone who desires proper software support and updated features. It may not be perfect for those who expect adequate hardware updates soon enough. Still, again, it is helpful for the optimum Android experience, which hardly anyone has experienced, and even the competitors failed to bring the same accuracy.

Updating the Camera Tricks The rest is some exciting innovation in photography thanks to the Tensor G2 inside the Pixel 7. There is "Photo Under, which does wonders with most old photos, sharpening and bettering them. That way, the unknown quality of those cherished moments now could make the unknown reappear with clarity. Then, of course, there is a "Cinematic Blur" in the video. It's something, but again, it present limitations in resolution, and framerate may not satisfy all users.

With no significant upheavals under the sky, well-expected with every new Pixel flagship, camera innovations by introducing the better Night Sight and Super Res Zoom ensure Google still stretches the envelope for mobile photography.

New Camera Tricks

The good news is that Google's Pixel 7 excels, as always in computational photography, and the camera experience is rivalled by very few other high-end camera phones.

Pixel Flagship Cameras

Although it retains pretty much the same configuration as the Pixel 6, the Pixel 7's cameras spit out some truly exceptional photos with great colors, excellent dynamic range, and good detail. Main cameras, portrait mode, and even ultrawide shots turn out excellently well — more often than not, exceeding expectations from the viewfinder. The upgraded 10-megapixel ultrawide selfie camera further assures the device takes photography to next-level capabilities, ensuring all your selfies and video calls are perfectly on-point. Even though the Pixel 7 has to compete with heavy devices of the S22 level caliber, actual camera performance sets it stand as a flagship camera powerhouse.

Selfie Camera

The Pixel 7 comes with a completely new 10 MP ultrawide camera, setting the standard for general front-facing photography. While taking awesome selfies, this new sensor really posts when video calling, providing users with an excellent quality communication device and great utility. Thanks to its all-around capabilities and enhanced sensor, the selfie camera on the Pixel 7 sets the bar for how clear a photo from any smartphone can be, allowing the user to capture moments in life as fully and detailed as possible.

Camera Comparison

The Pixel 7 and the best-in-class iPhone 14 Pro Max expand this even further if a comparison for video quality and stability is what you need, and you shall be surprised at how the competition pans out — much to your delight, primarily for daytime video quality. The icing on the cake for the Pixel 7 is that it shoots 4K 60fps videos from all its three cameras, besides transitioning the lenses during 4K 60fps capture—elevating the overall functionality yet again and opening new vistas in excellent performance concerning moving pictures.

Battery & Charging

The Huawei P30 Lite available here on our website,, undoubtedly reflects impressive features of the battery and charging that answer to the modern needs of the present-day smartphone user. Thanks to a robust 3340mAh battery, the Huawei P30 Lite gets you through your day, not thinking constantly about recharging. Whether you are browsing the web, streaming videos, or remaining busy in your favorite social media activities, the Huawei P30 Lite has the battery life to support your lifestyle efficiently.

Besides the high battery capacity, the Huawei P30 Lite also has fast charging technology. This dramatically reduces the duration it may take to charge your phone and fast charging at 18W powers up your device quickly to get back to your vital work with almost no downtime. This is very helpful for a busy person who needs the convenience of a quick power boost in the most unlikely moment.

Also, the Huawei P30 Lite has been designed to consume the least or optimal battery for your phone. It features an intelligent power management system that tailors the power allocation as per the usage of your apps. You get enhanced battery endurance without letting go of the performance and features of the device.

This makes the Huawei P30 Lite, at, from 230 د.إ AED to 1,218 د.إ AED, a very worthy option to consider concerning its advanced battery and charging features. Whether you just need a simple but reliable phone for everyday life or your use is more demanding and requires the cell phone to keep up - the durable Huawei P30 Lite, along with the latest technology, will do the job for you.


Go at, all having the promise that this will not only be the latest but new with innovation and experience. Available starting at 850 د.إ AED, this flagship combines the most innovative hardware and software from Google. And this makes this phone practically second skin to any user, considering all the excellent specs - design, display, and performance, among other things - that it holds within it. So, Pixel 7 happens to be on top of the options in an already populated saturated market for smartphones.

One of the biggest highlights of Google's Pixel 7 is its complex camera setup. Thanks to Google's super outrageous computational photography, this smartphone is really unique at taking pictures and videos. The Kırch landscapes or the sensitive portraits are clear because most shots are detailed, thanks to the Google Pixel 7. Equally important are the device's Google Assistant and all the other Google services integrated within, resulting in much intuition and ease in the organization of daily tasks for the maximum productive outcomes.

The Pixel 7 has excellent battery life and fast charging, so you have power on the go and in your pocket all day. It integrates seamlessly with the Android ecosystem and provides a quick, intuitive user interface, while Google software updates guarantee your device is always secure and loaded with the newest capabilities.

We at are proud to announce the Google Pixel 7-living proofs, indicating the real future of mobile technology in the real sense.


1.Is the Google Pixel 7 available at

Yes, the Google Pixel 7 is available on Grab the latest model right off of our website. Google Pixel 7 has cutting-edge features and a lack of design that has wowed smartphone buffs.

2. How much does a Google Pixel 7 cost at

The Google Pixel 7 is priced from 850 د.إ AED onwards at Fair pricing should enable you to get optimal value on a top-notch experience with a premium smartphone.

3. What key aspects are associated with the Google Pixel 7?

The unique features of the Google Pixel 7 are the advanced camera system, display, and Android operating system. It also holds Google's proprietary Tensor chip for improved performance and AI capabilities.

4. Is there a warranty with the Google Pixel 7 on

Yes, the warranty you get for the Google Pixel 7 you purchase from I is definitely branded as a manufacturer's warranty. This is how much the company believes in its products, and case of any defects or issues, it takes care of the product for you.

5. Would support and accessories be there for Google Pixel 7 at

That's right. offers many accessories available for the Google Pixel 7, from cases to screen protectors to chargers. Plus, if you are confused or want to ask anything regarding your new device, you always have the customer-friendly team at your service. The Google Pixel 7 is a fantastic smartphone with features you would yearn for—starting from, the best deal and stipulated support for your purchase.

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