Samsung Galaxy S3 Review: A Flagship Device Worth Owning

The Impressive Samsung Galaxy S3: A Flagship Worth Owning


Here it comes, the classic piece of technology—Samsung Galaxy S3, now up at our online store: Samsung Galaxy S3 is a beautiful favorite smartphone among people because of its slick design and brilliant power. The device is ergonomically curved and lightweight, so it's really lovely to hold, yet at the same time, it carries hardware that assures a smooth performance. Be it a trusted gadget that will get all your everyday jobs done or a second phone that may suffice for other needs, the Galaxy S3 is an ideal pick.

Here, at, we boast of our price range to be assumed to be the lowest on the Samsung Galaxy S3, starting from just 77.00 د.إ AED. This iconic device comes with a bright 4.8" Super AMOLED display that depicts all your viewings brightly and with precise details. Meanwhile, the 8MP rear camera allows you to snap your breathtaking scenes, while the 1.9MP front camera just goes excellent with video calling or taking a selfie. Under this strong engine is a 1.4 GHz Quad Core Processor with 1GB of RAM; a perfect powerhouse when it comes to multitasking, hence the perfect partner at work and play.

This splendid, easy-to-use interface of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is integrated with the Android system and combines with the Google Play Store to provide an entry for thousands of apps. With a 2100 mAh battery, this gadget gets you through the day, and it has many other intelligent features, including Smart Stay, to keep the screen on if one is looking at it. Buy your new Samsung Galaxy S3 at and enjoy the perfect mix of fashion and performance in this classic smartphone.

Price and Availability

Here at, we're pretty excited to introduce the all-time iconic Samsung Galaxy S3, which has made a footprint in the hall of fame by setting some high performance and design standards in its time. It's known for its slim design, vivid display, and firm performance in the technical world. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has come to be a sweetheart among tech lovers and the average user.
This combines to guarantee a smooth user experience with this potent hardware complemented by software features that are nothing short of a trustworthy companion to all the needs one may have throughout the day.

Samsung Galaxy S3 is now available for sale with us, only at This fantastic smartphone can be yours for just 77.00 د.إ AED.

This is what makes the Galaxy S3 an excellent choice for a high-end smartphone at a very pocket-friendly price. The Galaxy S3 is the perfect phone for anyone who needs a backup phone, a special gift for a loved one, or just wants to go retro with a classic Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 on is assuredly well taken care of, bringing great value for your bucks. The purchase of a device is available at any time on our platform, allowing for secure payment by the use of our simple and secure payment gateways. Make your purchase of Samsung Galaxy S3 at an excellent price today. Place your order at today and feel timeless excellence together with Samsung Galaxy S3.

Hardware Specifications and Design

True to its flagship-worthy status, the Samsung Galaxy S3 has hardware in the form of a 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor with a sizeable two gigs of RAM. In the thickness of 8.6 mm, it packs in a 4G radio as well as expandable storage by micro SD. Samsung has done a bang-up job keeping things uniform with the Galaxy S III on all the carrier versions; the accessories are interchangeable. The customizable aesthetic means a lot more than just the striking white-on-blue contrast look that the interchangeable backs provide.

Samsung has achieved a minor miracle with the Galaxy S3:

making sure every carrier's version is the same. Everyone, regardless of where they lived, would be guaranteed compatibility and a standardized user experience.

That is, the expandable storage in the format of microSDHC offers the customer more flexibility and easy management of his digital content.

Dual Core Processor:

1.5 GHz dual-core processor with Snapdragon S4 by Qualcomm, providing the power that makes multitasking smooth without interfering with user interaction.

The Stunning Super AMOLED Display

The Samsung Galaxy S3 will have an astoundingly gorgeous 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED screen with 1280x720 resolution. It's a pentile screen, but you wouldn't even know it because the visual experience is dazzling. It's got super-crisp imagery, top-shelf touch sensitivity, and perfect contrast. Display on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is Super AMOLED, making viewing quite a pleasant experience as colors pop at you with the excellent contrast ratio. At the same time, the main attributes are deep blacks and excellent responsiveness for a quality user experience while interacting with the content.

The Smooth and Responsive TouchWiz Experience

The fluidity and smoothness in the interface of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are noticeable, which sets the difference from the rest of other Android phones. The high frame rates and smooth animations of the TouchWiz interface are perfect. That gives a user-friendly interface unlike any other Android device.

The Galaxy S3 runs without a hitch or glitch in the performance, and because of this single reason, it's the device that's always the top priority for most the people, just because they want a smooth interface. With two gigs of RAM, the Galaxy S3 assures the user that they are going to have a super-swiftly responding device, thereby improving the user experience.

TouchWiz is snappy and one of the less annoying interfaces over the core Android user experience. Not very much intrusive, TouchWiz still assures the experience close to pure Android, with only slight changes in the settings menu and some battery percentage indicators. This is why the Galaxy S3 with TouchWiz is excellent for people who like a clean, uncluttered interface.

Personalized Calendar Widget:

Both have been replaced by a fresh Samsung interpretation for the widget and its app association, which brings a new theme into the mix—one that looks very visually different and works even better for interaction with a calendar application.

Samsung Preloaded Applications:

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes equipped with pre-loaded Samsung applications that help to enhance user experience, providing them with various tools and capabilities.

The Notification Toggles: Useful but Slightly Annoying

While handy enough, those toggles in the notification area of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have a kind of tiny little thing that is somewhat irksomely helpful about them. What I mean is that for every instance when you pull the notification tray down, there is a slide-in animation, so it comes down in your face.

Take, for instance, the Wi-Fi toggle. Now, it resides on the left, and it slides in from the left, so for a split second, when you pull down the notification tray, you lose the tap target on Wi-Fi. Of course, it is a minor annoyance. That being said, the toggles are absolute gems and the star feature of TouchWiz.

The physical home button on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is a feature one loves or hates.

These critics have been, up to now, growing with hate for the physical home button, while the select few have loved the fact that the home button sort of seems to be of purpose. The three-button layout and the physical home button have taken their fair share of criticism. But, in time, some have become accustomed to the physical home button.

Disappearing those buttons when they are not helpful to the user makes for an excellent, clean interface; meanwhile, there will still be the possibility of multitasking through a long press of the Home button. Well, it is seamless for the user.

Gimmicky Software Features

The software on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is filled with all kinds of novelties and fun little additions to amp up the user experience—most advanced, most smooth.

Among these, the Smart Stay is the most noteworthy feature, as it uses the front camera to sense your face looking into the screen, so it does not dim or turn off the screen. This assures that your reading or browsing experience will not be interfered with by frequent tappers on the screen, which is so handy for one who stays too long on his device.

Another good gimmick in the S III is Direct Call. So, you can call any person you are texting with just by lifting the phone towards your ear. The motion sensor can detect this kind of motion and dial the contact's number automatically, facilitating and saving time when communicating. On top of that, the Galaxy S3 will come with a Smart Alert: if, when picking it up, there have been a few missed calls or messages, it will vibrate.

That's such a subtle little feature, but it works so well, and you won't miss an important notice.

More so, S Voice lets your Galaxy S3 act as your assistant, carrying out several tasks just by your verbal command. Setting an alarm, playing a song, or checking the weather—everything adds further ease and touches modernity to your experience with S Voice.

Discover the gimmicky but pleasant software features with your new Samsung Galaxy S3 at and enjoy an innovative and, at the same time, amusing experience with your smartphone. Do not miss a chance to buy the packed device at a great price!

The Impressive Camera Performance

The camera on the Samsung Galaxy S3 is quite impressive even up to this date and exclusively on our website, The phone has an 8MP primary camera that sports many advanced features to make your images and videos beautiful.

Your photographs of landscapes, portraits, and even the ones taken from close range will all turn out to be very clear and colorful, providing correct picture details. A great thing about the Galaxy S3 camera: it clicks awesome pictures in even less light. The hardware is built in a way to let more light in the sensor, therefore reducing noise and assuring the photo quality to be clean and radiant, even in obscurity.

You can set the diverse modes and settings in your camera to conditions you consider optimal according to your photographic application. You can buy it at an unbelievable price from 77.00 د.إ AED at Such a fantastic offer allows everybody to access excellent performance from the camera even while under a budget. You can't afford to miss this chance of owning a smartphone that will perform way to perfection with photography, as well as a bunch of features. Visit our website today for more information on and for the purchase.

Battery Life and Overall Performance

Powerhouse sums up the Samsung Galaxy S3, capable of gaming and heavy applications at its utmost ease. The battery life proved to be way better than expected, hence giving one the ability to use it throughout the whole day without any complications. With these and its 2100 mAh battery and efficient internals, the Galaxy S3 is just a long-standing, reliable outclass in its category, punching away at most of its predecessors and many of its contemporaries. The design of the Galaxy S3 makes it not only very sleek and thin but also creates an outstanding build quality and an excellent grip with the Gorilla Glass 2 in the front. The design is also very user-friendly as it comes with a back that can be opened up, giving access to the inside components like the battery, SIM card, and SD card for expandable storage. The battery door is very rugged and harsh; even with its give, there seems to be no problem under regular use.

The Galaxy S3 Launch Events

Samsung Galaxy S3 launched, and it was nothing less than hysteria over all the US carriers, be it Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, or US Cellular. These served as official venues for the device launch and promo, with the keynote style of delivering the presentation and an insightful discussion on the feature set of Galaxy S3. Most importantly, the events had the US variants of the Galaxy S3 as the focal point, heaping more emphasis on carrier-specific branding that projected the far-reaching availability of the device. The tone was to an actual leading-edge device, pointing out technology improvements and new features available on the device. A few playful jeers from other companies added a bit of competitiveness throughout the event. Being present at launch events for US variants allowed the attendees to see what it would look like to have customized and US carrier-specific Galaxy S3 variants.


The Samsung Galaxy S3 proves to stand as a testimony to Samsung's commitment to innovation and quality—only available at This phone has been famous for being slim and a top performer, being a smartphone that never failed to arouse interest from everyone, from techy guys down to just about every man and woman. Samsung Galaxy S3 ensures you get an experience like no other, be it an intuitive interface or robust hardware, ideal for a person of taste but functionality with style.

There cannot be a better deal than the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the market for just 77.00 د.إ AED. Released a couple of years back, this model holds and is strong enough in the smartphone market—tested by millions of consumers who had been satisfied to use one when set against new breed models released in the market. Internet surfing and gaming on this lively 4.8-inch Super AMOLED using its vibrant colors and sharp definition will be fun. This smartphone is also equipped with an 8-megapixel rear camera, which produces high picture quality for those with high grandeur pictures but tight on the budget.

We delight in the fact that we can offer our customers the very best products at premium quality and yet be highly competitive on prices. The case is no different with the Samsung Galaxy S3. The phone is perfect for anyone who wants an affordable but fully powered smartphone that can perform all types of daily needs without any hiccups. The fact that it is still in such great demand tells a lot about the quality of the device. Don't miss your opportunity to become the proud owner of the smartphone that made an unbelievable impact on the history of smartphones yet will surprisingly be within your pocket. Find more details on this deal and order now from our website.


1. What are the unique factors that lead to making features of the Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 has a 4.8" HD Super AMOLED screen, providing lifelike images. It has a quad-core 1.4 GHz processor that allows one to multi-task and run heavy applications with ease. On top of this, there is an 8 MP autofocus camera with the option of an LED flash and to do video in HD with excellent quality; the camera allows for taking perfect pictures and videos. Furthermore, it has a 1.9 MP front camera for video calling and selfies. Galaxy S3 operates on an Android 4.0.4 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS that can be upgraded to 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and has simple usability with access to thousands of apps.

2. What is the storage of the available options of Samsung Galaxy S3?

Samsung Galaxy S3 is 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB. There is also a provision for an added microSD card slot of up to 64 GB storage, which compensates for the expanded data taken by apps and media—photos, videos, and more. This feature is made for the choice of the volume of storage you need for either saving more media files or for a device that is light and compact.

3. Does Samsung Galaxy S3 support the 4G LTE network?

Of course, it does. Users of this phone will enjoy all the pleasure of browsing fast through the internet sites without any hitches, streaming endless content without buffering, and downloading a significant number of things like apps and files all the same at the highest speeds. Additionally, it has other features that include connectivity, such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC, that are great for flexibility and convenience.

4. What is the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S3?

This is powered by a 2100 mAh removable battery and offers quite a decent battery life for the device, capable of going through most of the day's activities. On a 3G network, the battery averages 11 hours of talk time and 22 days on standby. Moreover, the design of a removable battery makes it replaceable if its performance deteriorates over time, thus extending the life of the overall device. Additionally, heavy users can carry extra batteries or a power bank to ensure that the phone is up and alive all day long.

5. Unique features of Samsung Galaxy S3?

There are so many new and unique amenities housed within the Samsung Galaxy S3 that it will tend to create a user experience in a better light. First up is Smart Stay, where the screen remains on as long as one's eyeballs are looking dead straight at it. Next in line is S Voice, which enables the control of your phone using only voice.

There's also Pop-up Play if you like to play a video and do more than one thing at the same time. All these added capabilities come with robust hardware inside and a good, clean design to deliver the Samsung Galaxy S3, a brilliant and very user-friendly smartphone. Samsung Galaxy S3 starts at 77.00 د.إ AED on our website, Do not hesitate to visit for more details about this fabulous gadget, and buy one today!

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