Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo: Mid-Range Smartphone Review

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo: Is It Worth the Price?


Welcome to, your best destination for top gadgets and accessories. We are excited to present the one and only Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo to our store; here we have modern technology married with classical design, which gives unmatchable user experience that fantastically answers the need for both professional and personal tastes.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is available at the unbeatable price starting from 80 SAR and is extremely good value for money for those looking for performance combined with elegance in a single device.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, with its incredibly sleek, up-to-date design, is really funky and functional. The Super AMOLED 5.1" display enhances colors and heightens contrasts, so surfing the web or watching movies is a real feast for the eyes.

Under the hood lies an octa-core processor and 2GB of RAM, ensuring that this smartphone allows for smooth multitasking and fast performance, therefore keeping you going and on top of things even when you are on the go.

It's packed with more style, performance, and a 16MP rear camera and 5MP front snapper for great shots, boomerangs, or selfies taken in literally any environment.

The powerful battery and water resistance make sure it's ready for any adventure. Be it a hard work day or a weekend soiree, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo keeps the fun on the rails.

Learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo and move your mobile experience to the next level with this amazing device.

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Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo has been setting new standards for sale on our exclusive online shop, This beautiful smartphone with great features and a stylish design brings another level of perfection to our customers' experiences. Truly, the best phone for tech lovers or anyone cool yet also needing a reliable phone.

Hence, from 80 SAR singly, the Samsung Galaxy S5 really presents itself among the best alternatives for a power-packed, full-value device. The top-end smartphone boasts vivid displays rich in color, a powerful processor, advanced features for shooting, and more.

It is accompanied by enhanced swiftness in performance and smoother multitasking such that whether it is a professional or personal assistance device, one will always be content with this phone's capability. The water-resistant design adds some extras to its durability, ensuring strength in daily wear and tear.

You can easily buy the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo directly from our website, Here we provide a friendlier shopping experience, and you will get your device quickly and safely.

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Design and Build Quality

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, available at our exclusive online store,, is brilliantly designed and powerfully built. Much detailed in design, the smartphone combines the beauty of aesthetics and functionality.

The device boasts a smooth curved back that fits into the palm of your hand, ensuring a stable grip, thereby practically eliminating the risk of accidental drops. The subtlety of the textured finishing on the back cover premiumizes the feel of the phone and dramatically increases grip.

The Galaxy S5 Neo will possess a 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display, traditionally protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3 to keep the phone away from full exposure to hard scratches and impacts and be the perfect partner being used regularly.

It encases a polycarbonate body with a metallic frame and gives it a sneaky step in between light weight and resourceful built. The metal frame is not just for fancy looks; it actually adds to functionality through strength and protection for the extra number of drops and knocks it undergoes.

Moreover, the S5 Neo comes with certification for IP67, which simply denotes that it is dust-tight and water-resistant up to 1 meter in 30 minutes. These are, therefore, ideal phones for all people living an active kind of life that is always bound to find different sets of environmental conditions.

On the backside, the phone has a removable back cover, making it easier to reach the battery, SIM, and microSD slot. A lot has been done on the more practical design of the device.

From our website, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, for its best worth on the design and build quality, is there for one to buy, with price tags of not more than 80 SAR. Reducing style, durability, and functionality into a single ofereca, the device caters for the consumers in search of reliant and good-looking smartphones.

Display and Viewing Experience

It proposes breathtaking viewing experience on a single competitor that beats in comparison. Although, armed with the 5.1-inch FHD Super AMOLED screen, hues and contrasts produced by S5 Neo will be vivid, which will in return make a delightful viewing of each picture displayed and video played by the device.

The 1080 x 1920 pixels with Full HD resolution give crystal clear clarity, making it fit for high-definition videos, browsing, or playing graphics-intensive games.

With approximately 432 ppi pixel density on the display, text looks sharp and very understandable, therefore increasing device usability in general.

The display of Galaxy S5 Neo is very optimized, offering excellent performance whatever the light available during time. The brilliance of the screen could go dim if used indoors but brighter when taken outside, hence clear visibility all the time. Viewing experience is further enhanced through Adaptive Display technology, automatically balancing color according to the current illumination around for great and comfortable views.

Going out from these excellent technical specifications, Samsung packed the Galaxy S5 Neo with accompanying features that would enhance the experience of its users.

Additionally, the screen is protected using Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which is peculiar for great resistance against scratches and minor impacts to the display in such a way that daily use keeps it in quite a flawless manner. The device also sports multi-touch support in a responsive and smooth user interface within its touchscreen.

All these properties make the display on the Galaxy S5 Neo a powerful delight of an experience upon every usage, with enhanced viewing for all kinds of displays.

The phone is available on our website at very good value on money,, starting from 80SAR, to those who like to have a good display experience with their smartphones.

Hardware and Ports

Several ports and hardware features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo contribute to its features and user experience; let's take a closer look at them.

The first is with regards to the charging port, which is exposed in this stranger compared to what was available for the S5. There is also a microphone positioned down beside the charging port. The front of the device is home to a speaker, the Samsung logo, a front camera, and proximity/lights sensors.

Its power button is placed on the right and delivers a perfect tactile feel when you press on it. To its left are the volume up and down buttons, which like the power button feel perfect with the good tactile click feel upon pressing. The back cover is plastic but gives a rubberized look, so it's easy to distinguish from its predecessor.

At the rear side of the device, you will find a 16-megapixel camera, flash, and a heart rate monitor. The speaker of the device is located at the bottom, and since it is at the back, this might cause a little blockage in case placed down. With the back cover removed, you get to the 2800mAh battery, SIM card slot, and memory card slot for expandable storage.

Software and User Experience

Exclusively offered at, the price of Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is only 80 SAR, ensuring users have firm and smooth software to boost their capacities at work and in play. Powered by Android Lollypop 5.1, that means soft navigation and clear interaction, so it works well for geeks and for the ones who just initiated their experience with smartphones.

Intuitive TouchWiz, exclusive at Samsung, comprises a main screen that is organized in the exact way the user prefers, quick access to all the important applications, and a full range of widgets.

One of the more outstanding components the Galaxy S5 Neo is integrated with entails Samsung's own suite of applications—all from S Health to S Voice.

S Health turns the phone into a virtual health coach, monitoring the level of all physical activities with insights to keep up a healthier lifestyle. S Voice, on the other hand, is a personal assistant offering features like reminder settings for a call or text. All this is done through voice commands, enabling the practice of a hands-free method for multitasking on the move.

Moreover, the Galaxy S5 Neo is powerful in its security provisions, whereby Ultra Power Saving Mode optimizes battery power by shutting down unnecessary applications and the home screen converts to only absolutely necessary apps.

This ensures that the device remains ON even at times important missions to execute are available, yet recharging might not be at all possible. With the fingerprint scanner, there is now an additional security feature built into the device, providing an even more secure protection for your personal data.

On the other hand, the phone also supports multitasking through the multi-window feature, which allows users to simultaneously run any two apps on the screen.

More or less, this is a very helpful feature for people managing businesses and approaching many assignments at a time that may require surfing the internet while simultaneously working on their emails. What's more, the software on this phone is specially optimized, vibrant, and rich with no single bit of a lag, making the applications work faster and smoothly.

Utilize the services of sophisticated software along with galaxy features of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, available at for just 80 SAR. Do all the things that boost productivity for you, keep healthy life, all with seamless multitasking that is allowed by this device at a special price of 80 SAR on our website now, published in.

Sensors and Biometrics

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo is coupled with a heart rate monitor, through which users can track their heartbeats live, right from the device itself. This feature clearly brings some health-conscious people a way, without any doubt, to monitor fitness and overall health. The heart rate monitor in the S5 Neo is effective and credible, giving accurate readings to users.

Storage and Memory

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo has an in-built storage of 16GB, with only about 10.9GB accessible to users. This meager available storage space might give the user a very bad experience—basically, those who normally buy gadgets with a massive amount of stored data in them are sure to understand this. So, users should take this into account while selecting the best storage capacity for their use.

Camera Performance

Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo provides a camera with a 16-megapixel matrix for taking pictures using autofocus and supporting quick and reliable focusing even in low light. There are lots of effects and modes: the HDR mode, the Beauty Mode for a frontal camera, and more. Finally, to take a picture, all one has to do is touch the sensor; there is no need to press the screen.

The picture's brightness level is adjustable, and there is a choice of various added effects enhancing sumptuousness to their photography experiences. The camera in the mid-level device is doing quite well, taking images of fairly good quality with the help of the standard Samsung camera technologies.

Network Performance

LTE is the major feature of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, and this gives it the most assurance of a high network speed. A number of the speed tests realized while the gadget is connected to LTE manifest positive speeds of the network. Users thus find the gadget an assurance of consistent connectivity and swift data transfer when used on compatible networks.

Audio and Call Quality

Test calls done on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo have proven the sound to be clear and loud enough, considering one is listening from the speakers. For surety of a perfect experience during calls, the proximity sensor works seamlessly. To be precise, some phones might not only be better but also cost a fraction of 80 SAR, which is the current price.

Final Thoughts and Recommendation

All in all, the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo gives a good user experience but tends to be overpriced based on the value offered. Sure the device has its highs, but it usually comes with a price tag that may shoo away any potential buyers. For one notorious in being practical to cater to a huge population with this idea in mind of getting a good mid-range smartphone on the cheap, though not cheaply made, then considerations of alternatives may be in order.


1. How much does the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo cost?

It costs around 80 SAR, making it a smartphone for the middle market.

2. What is the display resolution of the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo?

The vivid colors and sharp images of the 1080p high resolution display make viewing an unforgettable experience.

3. How many capacities does the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo have?

Furthermore, out of 16GB total internal storage capacity, a user will only be left with about 10.9GB for practical use, which may dent the user experience in case a user frequently saves large piles of data on devices.

4. Does the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo support external storage expansion?

Normally, there is a memory card space in the gadget that can be extended to meet the inclinations of the client with respect to capacity limits.

5. What OS powers the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo?

Android 5.1.1 comes preinstalled on the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo, but it probably isn't doing the device any favors, as Samsung's TouchWiz interface tends to be.

6. The specification of the camera in the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo.

Finally, the device embeds a 16 MP primary camera with fast focus, several shooting modes, and varieties of installable effects; it offers users the great opportunity to make quality pictures.

7. Can the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo be used on an LTE network?

Yes, the device is LTE-enabled and this can ensure high speed on the network with assured connectivity for all data transfers.

8. What is the disadvantage of Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo?

On the down side for said device is the higher price tag it will have versus the several other smartphones there are now in the marketplace, thus directly affecting its overall value proposition for possible buyers.

9. What is the language selection option for Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo?

This is very important to people who need diversified language support since the Canadian version of the device likely has less language variety in comparison to the international version.

10. How much more life do the add-on features breathe into the Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo?

The device carries a heart rate sensor, various motions and gestures, and many sensors that really take the user experience and effective functionality of a smartphone to the next level.

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