Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5: Wear OS 4 Update Concerns

Too Little, Too Late? Mobvoi's TicWatch Pro 5 Set to Receive Wear OS 4


The long-expected Wear OS 4 update for the TicWatch Pro 5 by Mobvoi has finally arrived, though the very poor past by the company in delivering software support fast enough raises some questions about when and how meaningful this update might actually be.

Introducing the TicWatch Pro 5

After rediscovering the TicWatch Pro 5 in his collection, the blogger decided to review it again to see how it has worn with time.

Obsolescence of software updates:

However, even with the impressive features of the TicWatch Pro 5, it was marred by a serious lack of timely software updates, which left concerns about its performance and usability.

Woes in Software Support:

Upon reacquaintance with the TicWatch Pro 5, it was clear to the blogger that the software for the device remained sorely unsupported. It was time for a closer look.

Outdated software versions

The TicWatch Pro 5 has been left behind on an old software version from October or November 2023, indicative of a massive delay in receiving important updates. This just isn't acceptable for a flagship-tier smartwatch.

Impressive Hardware, Lacking Software

However, in spite of the great hardware, excellent battery life possessed by the TicWatch Pro 5, evidently weak software support and applications finally decide the general usability and functionality of the watch.

Trouble with Software Updating:

One problem that seems to have followed the TicWatch Pro 5 series is the software update problem. The update was extremely delayed, with several essential updates taking place way after the device had been in use. This has created some fear in the performances and compatibility of the device with some essential applications.

Application Limits:

Furthermore, the Health app from Mobvoi has always remained quite limited: it only syncs steps with Google Fit through Health Connect, which is far from providing a complete health tracking experience. That also points out the deficiencies in its software.

Sign up for the Wear OS 4 Beta with Mobvo

Mobvoi has finally started recruiting for the Wear OS 4.0 beta program on the TicWatch Pro 5, which, in all honesty, does seem to mark a change in attitude within the company to actually attempt to fix software shortcomings and generally improve the user experience.

Beta Testing Opportunity:

Recruitment for the Wear OS 4.0 beta program is open until April 30. Selected participants are expected in this beta test to try out the new update, offer their feedback, and in general, improve the software performance and functionality of the device.

Reputation for slow updates from Mobvoi

Mobvoi has a track record of failing to deliver software support, and this has surfaced very clearly with the protracted delay in delivering the Wear OS 3 update to the TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra. And that trend continues with the TicWatch Pro 5, where a device has not received an update since November, underlining what it means to be behind on regular software support.

Justifications and Reasons for Slow Updates:

While the reasons Mobvoi gave for its late software updates seem to make sense, those, in practice, have not been enough to justify why the update cycle for its smartwatches was so slow. Given that the TicWatch Pro 5's architecture is less complicated compared to the earlier models from the company, the lack of routine updates to its smartwatches threw into question how really serious the company was in providing its customers with timely and necessary software improvements.

The Unenviable Position of the TicWatch Pro 5

Unfortunately, the TicWatch Pro 5 has built a reputation for being terribly slow with not-so-great software updates. While the hardware on the device is great and has really amazing features packed in, the ongoing software support issues have really hampered its performance and hence user experience.

Hardware Superiority, Software Inferiority

Excellent hardware, fast performance, smooth accurate tracking, and long-lasting battery in the TicWatch Pro 5 do all of this in fine style, once again let down by software updates that are not up to par, not doing the user any favors in realizing fully what its capabilities and complete satisfaction are.

Limitations of the Mobvoi Health App

Though an integral part of the smartwatch experience, the Mobvoi Health app does trail behind such competitive applications as Samsung Health and Fitbit. This, in its own status, is functional and good but not as strong and feature-rich as other applications that give overall tracking of health metrics to provide an all-inclusive and enhanced user experience.

Expectations from the Wear OS 4 Update

This eagly-awaited update of Wear OS 4 with great interest and curiosity to users of the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5.

This would be a source of keen anticipation for many regarding the potential performance and functionality boosts that may come to the smartwatch, more so when we take into consideration the slow software support the device has been able to get in the past. While this has yet to be proven to users, having encountered delayed updates and limited functionalities in previous versions of the Wear OS software, there is an aspect of skepticism that still remains regarding the expected impact and depth of the new Wear OS 4 update on the TicWatch Pro 5.

Probable Updates and Enhancements:

Whether Wear OS 4 will fix those weaknesses of the app—more particularly in the Mobvoi Health app with its syncing to Google Fit through Health Connect—remains to be seen. This is meant to be a restoration in functions that have been curtailed but which could offer far greater health detection than the number of steps. A few changes are also expected in the app ecosystem and the UI, which are expected to tweak and optimize the overall experience of a smartwatch.

User Anticipation and Skepticism:

Enthusiastic as the news regarding the Wear OS 4 beta program for the TicWatch Pro 5 has made its users, it is this news that comes tinged with a kind of caution, bearing in mind the past history of software support woes on the device. The update now remains the cynosure of all eyes; whether it could iron out all these issues that have long been bugging the devices of the users and bring in any difference, positive or negative, with regard to the usability or functionality of the smartwatches.

Conclusion and Outlook

The Wear OS 4 update will most probably be a turning point in the future of the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5. The company's beta program is hence a move to the new direction concerning software support and updates that give a chance for users to take part in perfecting the forthcoming update. However, since the device previously had software support difficulties, there is a healthy dose of skepticism with how Wear OS 4 update is going to perform in both the general device performance and user experience for the TicWatch Pro 5.


1. What is a major concern for software support on the TicWatch Pro 5?

Some of the perennial delays noted in some of the most important updates have raised questions among users about the performance of the device and compatibility with some of the necessary applications. Besides, there is a great limitation in the Mobvoi Health app, which can only be synchronized with Google Fit and lacks full tracking of health features.

2. What the Wear OS 4 update would bring to the TicWatch Pro 5?

This would be a potential improvement awaited with many expectations for better performance of the smartwatch in GUI as well as in the app ecosystem. Users also doubt due to the past history of slow support in software by the gadget. With the update to Wear OS 4, the present limitations get addressed and the functionality and usability of the smartwatch will rise enormously.

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