A Complete Guide to the boAt Xtend Talk Smartwatch

Unboxing and Exploring the boAt Xtend Talk with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth: A Comprehensive Guide


Get the best of both worlds with technology and style in your all-new boAt Xtend Talk, only on FoneZone.me. This is a more innovative smartwatch that brings an entirely new level of experience to everyday activities through its sleek design and feature set. The watch has been engineered to its most total capability with dedicated Bluetooth so you can stay connected anywhere.

Be it running daily routines or fitness activities, this smartwatch will ensure that you get all the information on your wrist.

BoAt Xtend Talk is much more than a watch; it's an all-inclusive takeaway companion and makes living much more manageable. With its sleek interface and hard-hitting functioning, one can easily handle calls, messages, and notifications without wiping out the phone. Keeping you connected with your smartphone, hands-free, comes on board with a dedicated Bluetooth feature. That's easy, really efficient.

The luxury, sophistication, and practicality are now on your wrist with the boAt Xtend Talk at an unbeatable starting price of 146 SAR. Get on FoneZone.me today and create flair with the boAt Xtend Talk—be atop the evolution of smartwatches today.

Price and Availability

Now, the boat Xtend Talk with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth comes to fasten your pulse, available exclusively at our website: FoneZone.me. From the best in Bluetooth to a complete suite of health tracking for your advanced digital lifestyle, it's all available here. Be it fitness or your profession that requires nonstop connectivity—then the boat Xtend Talk delivers on its seamless connectivity and user-friendly interface to serve all purposes.

Priced competitively, the boat Xtend Talk comes in from as little as 146 SAR to be quite pocket-friendly for any individual looking to upgrade their wearable technology without having to sacrifice quality or functionality necessarily.

The device can tie style and substance together since it not only exudes sleek design but complements any attire with robust performance. At FoneZone.me, we ensure our customers are exposed to the newest and most avant-garde products hitting the markets.

The boAt Xtend Talk is another testament to our commitment to bringing high-quality gadgets at unbeatable prices to our customer's doorsteps. Log on right now to our website and see what's in store for you—the boAt Xtend Talk at a simply unbeatable price. Avail a marvel opportunity to be an owner of the latest technology smartwatch that shall keep you miles ahead and connected.


The boAt Xtend Talkbox is sleek, with the boAt logo at the top and the picture of the smartwatch right in the middle. It tells on the box about Bluetooth calling and health benefits. Inside, you get a magnetic charging cable and some paperwork mentioning details on the Bluetooth calling feature, a year of warranty, and a hybrid 15-day battery life. Such a design has been imparted to give it a 1.69-inch HD display, plus liquid silicone wristbands for comfort at the wrist.


The boAt Xtend Talk has a curved 2.5D display and a button on the right side to make navigation easier. The watch itself has a built-in speaker and microphone, but the main body is made of polycarbonate, giving it strength but light in weight. At the back, it has a silver finish, and the material used in the Watch band is soft yet sturdy. All this design not only stands stylish but also comfortable and self-explanatory in terms of wearability and removal.


The 1.69-inch HD display enables brilliant readability in all conditions and is quite readable in natural light, too. The content on the screen will be sharp and clear enough to make for a complete viewing experience. Touch-sensitive sides are added for easy operation and navigation due to the overall convenience and user experience of the watch.


Setting up the boAt Xtend Talk is pretty straightforward.

After downloading the boating app from the Play Store, it has to be opened; further, turn on the Bigg Boss for the first time. It will pop up with a QR code that needs to be captured by the device using its camera. Finally, tap the 'Advance' option to add awards manually or utilize a QR code scanner to scan the tax code.

After the Bluetooth request and all permissions, it will set up the watch. Users can log into settings within the app, then select Amazon Electrode, log in with their Amazon account, and permit. It will now set up the watch to have access to Amazon.

App Walkthrough

When the boat Xtend Talk is all set up, one can dive into the app interface and see the daily activities about their profile and the total distance covered. It also gives separate sections for tracking the SPO2, stress, and sound detection. Directly below the Device Time section comes Connected Devices and their battery percentage. Tapping a connected device brings all the different settings to the fore, and users can turn on the screen with the side button.

Watch Walkthrough

The boAt Xtend Talk smartwatch has features that enhance the user experience—Bluetooth calling, heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen tracking, and most importantly, stress monitoring. It gives all updates regarding health. Ambient sound detection and Alexa integration bring ease to life. With sports mode on the watch, various apps, water resistance, and a long battery—I have everything to blast the day.

Watch Faces

BoAt Xtend Talk comes with many watch faces to help in personalization for every user who wants to style the smartwatch. One can quickly move through a range of watch faces by tapping the dial pad and then picking the desired design. Be it classic and elegant analog or excellent digital, boAt Xtend Talk has faces for all occasions.

They can even add complications to their watch faces, like date, weather, or activity tracking; this will make some information readily available on their wrist. By adjusting any watch face to fit their preferences, users can generate an experience that is truly personalized to them as individuals and correspondingly tailored for their specified activities each day.

Moreover, boAt Xtend Talk facilitates downloading third-party watch faces from the App Store, where one gets loads of other design options besides the ones installed in it. Thus, what this flexibility gives to its users is the ability to refresh the looks of their smartwatches every time and rate a perfect face that would complement their style and mood.


On the note of control, Boat Xtend Talk ensures one stays connected and up-to-date with extensive control over notifications. One can manage their app notifications straight from the watch by picking which apps actually to receive alerts from. This will help keep distractions away from your daily endeavors but keep you updated on everything very fundamental.

By making it possible to select apps individually, the smartwatch will let its owner know about messages, calls, and emails—so no important update goes unnoticed. Simultaneously, too many unwanted or uncalled-for notifications are avoided by a user. This type of personalization allows a person to prefer one notification over the other as per liking or requirement.

Besides, boAt Xtend Talk features a unified center for all the received alerts, thus enabling users to manage them in one place. Access the notification center and catch up with all the missed notifications. Clear them with a single sweep, and you're good to go for an organizer.

Control Center

The boAt Xtend Talk is designed with an intuitive control center, providing most of the main settings and functions with one click. One can easily access a host of device settings and reach key features from within the control center itself to make a user's experience simpler in most ways.

From representations of the battery status and Bluetooth connectivity to controls for brightness and sound, there are sweeping device controls in the control center that let users quickly change most of their settings without drilling down through various menus. This facilitates ease of use and, thus, efficient management by the smartwatch wearer. The control center further supports device personalization, offering customization options on brightness, sound, and connectivity settings. Through personalization of these features based on preference, users can optimize the smartwatch vis-à-vis its use and environment.


The boAt Xtend Talk features some convenience shortcuts that help access different features and settings quickly. One can always customize the shortcuts as per liking—be it for managing notifications, opening apps, or just tweaking device settings. Tapping into these customization options will empower users to personalize this smartwatch for their needs and improve their overall experience by adding shortcuts based on personal preference.

Heart rate

The boAt Xtend Talk comes with a heart rate measurement dedicated sensor for tracking the User's Heart Rate in Real-Time and Accurately. Seemingly, through this smartwatch, they can monitor their heart rate easily for meaningful insights about cardiovascular health. With the ability to detect irregularities and fluctuations, the feature of heart rate makes users fully aware of their heart condition to make prompted decisions concerning well-being.

Blood Oxygen

The BoAt Xtend Talk, on the other hand, comes with a dedicated blood oxygen sensor that helps users track their saturation levels very accurately. As one initiates measurement, all vital information relating to the level of oxygen in the blood will be known, thus developing a complete understanding of respiratory health. Therefore, This feature is useful during workout sessions or under stressful moments to modulate breathing according to oxygen consumption for better performance and well-being.

Stress Monitoring

The boAt Xtend Talk comes fitted with the facility for stress monitoring, with real-time updates. Further, it can detect a high-stress environment; hence, the user can take steps to navigate away and find calmness to ensure good well-being and mental health.

Bluetooth Calling

With advanced dedicated Bluetooth, the boat Xtend Talk will further empower seamless Bluetooth calling, letting users stay connected and have speedy chit-chat directly from the smartwatch. The built-in speaker and microphone ensure clear communications, hence Multiply convenience and Easy Access while users are on the go.

Sports Mode

The boAt Xtend Talk offers a Sports mode through which a vast variety of exercises can be tracked and even personalized by users. One can select specific sports activities and track performance for personalized monitoring of fitness routines and setting goals. This enables adding and editing activities to personalize workout and fitness routines.


The boAt Xtend Talk smartwatch comes with the Alexa talkback feature, which it gives users the ability to do much using voice commands. With one command, users can set alarms and reminders, check on the weather, and even ask about general knowledge. Alexa makes things easier on the smartwatch by giving users voice access to services and features.

Ambient Sound Detection

The boAt Xtend Talk offers an entirely different feature with ambient sound detection for a healthier and fitter lifestyle. With it, one can hear the usually outside sounds; these further automatically turn on the activities as per the noise levels. If the volumes are too high or stressed out, it would alert the person and ask to move to some quieter place, evoking feelings of peace and serenity.

Aside from this, users can also use this feature to be lulled to sleep or simply to listen to soothing sounds that help relieve stress and relaxation.


There is quite a large variety of apps the boAt Xtend Talk makes available to increase the user's experience. One can get access to music control applications that help in managing the phone's music directly through the smartwatch. Besides, the clock application is available on the watch, which caters to all needs for alarms, stopwatch, and world clock to support time management. Not to forget, a rather unique feature called 'Vriddhi' also tracks certain activities during sleep. It tells a person about his sleep pattern and the quality of his sleep. This diversity in apps brings versatility and functionality to the boAt Xtend Talk, covering various aspects of a user's lifestyle.

Water Resistant

BoAt Xtend Talk Smartwatch is designed for protection that includes any water conditions. In this aspect, users would be allowed to wear it if they are involved in sporting activities or even find themselves in wet conditions without any hassles. The smartwatch enjoys decent sweat and splash resistance, allowing users to enjoy it without fearing damage from water, hence proving a perfect date for an accordingly massive range of activities outdoors.


The boAt Xtend Talk has impressive battery life, which backs up as long as ten days of normal usage. If one is using the watch mainly for Bluetooth calling, then it lasts for about two days. Now, if intermittent Bluetooth is calling once in a while, then this battery backup goes up to 45 days.

The charge-up is also accompanied by a charging song to delight the user experience.


Now available at FoneZone.me, the Boat Xtend Talk comes with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth - a versatile, new-age smartwatch to make life easy. This feature-rich device amalgamates style with substance to become the ultimate lifestyle companion by including accessible communication, health and fitness tracking, and state-of-the-art technology in one. It has advanced dedicated Bluetooth functionality that keeps you going hassle-free on calls and notifications right from your wrist.

This alone would make the watch convenient for people living active lives who need to be connected and always on the move. Keeping in touch right on your wrist, the boat Xtend Talk is a watch that comes right out of the box with a fully-fledged health and fitness tracking package—from heart rate monitoring to sleep tracking. Easy to use, it has replaceable watch faces that accommodate any event as an accessory.

High-capacity battery life supports everyday activities effortlessly without frequent recharge cycles. Now available at FoneZone.me, the boat Xtend Talk—featuring Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth—drops from 146 SAR, making it this cheap but by far the most premium option for any gadget freak or fitness enthusiast. Boat Xtend Talk is an electronic gadget that dominates artistry, style, and affordable pricing. Hurry.

Avail this offer only on FoneZone.me and realise the future of smart watches with the boat Xtend Talk.


1. What is the boAt Xtend Talk with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth?

BoAt Xtend Talk with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth is among the best smartwatches. It comprises an endless mix of technological and stylish sporting activities for the user. It is advanced, with cautious Bluetooth that favors nonstop connectivity and smooth operation for any gadget user who loves technology. Several health-tracking features have been fitted into this device, basically involving the dominance of customizable watch faces and quite a few varied sports modes aimed at different categories of users.

2. What is Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth, and how has it shifted the user experience?

Dedicated Xtend Talk Advanced Bluetooth on the boat empowers robust and stable connections between devices with your phone. This facilitates direct dialing and receiving of a call through one's smartwatch, saving hassle and improving efficiency in many ways. It will also support seamless music streaming and notification, among other intelligent features that will give a better user experience upfront without toggling frequently through disconnections.

3. Boat Xtend Talk Health and fitness features?

BoAt Xtend Talk provides various health and activity tracking facilities, such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and SpO2 monitoring, amongst others. Track your crucial health metrics and take due action toward a better lifestyle. Supports multiple sports modes: run, cycle, swim—these let one monitor performance and progress in varied activities.

4. Will the boAt Xtend Talk support Android and iOS?

Yes, the boat Xtend Talk with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth will support Android and iOS. You can, therefore, link the smartwatch to the smartphone belonging to a user via the Boat Wave app available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. That's why both platforms will immensely help users make full use of this feature-laden smartwatch.

5. How much is the boat Xtend Talk on FoneZone.me, and can one purchase from this website?

Sell the boat Xtend Talk with Advanced Dedicated Bluetooth Now on FoneZone.me—starting at 146 SAR. Log in for more details, images, and purchases on our website. At such competitive pricing, it's good value for such advanced features and sleek design. More Info and Buy the Boat Xtend Talk: Looking to learn more and purchase the boat Xtend Talk? Visit our website.

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