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Unboxing and Review: boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch with Alexa Built-in,14 Sports Modes, Sandy Cream Brand New


We are proudly introduce to you The boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch with Alexa Built-in,14 Sports Modes, Sandy Cream Brand New Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In, another fine brilliant addition to our exclusive collection here at fonezone. me. The Sandy Cream finish wraps the picture-perfect presentation around the smartwatch invention that will take usage each day to brand new heights in the style of functionality. The boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL smartwatch comes at a mere 214.00 د. إ AED but is loaded to the back with features, making it quite a catch for tech and running enthusiasts.

All the more, the factor that makes this smartwatch the most innovative is the fact that within it is Alexa, Amazon's intelligent assistant. With Alexa built into the smartwatch, controlling all smart home gadgets is a hands-free experience only by voice, keeping one always connected and being the boss from anywhere.

The 14 built-in sports modes of the boat Xtend/Xtend RTL will be a hit with fitness enthusiasts. It includes running and cycling, swimming, and even yoga modes for almost every activity you might be engaging in at this very moment. Get accurate insights into the data from activity tracking and work on bettering the performance. All your vital statistics will be up to date with comprehensive health monitoring, which includes heart rate tracking, sleep analysis, and SpO2 monitoring.

The same does not compromise anywhere on the fashion sense. The boAt Xtend / Xtend RTL Smartwatch is available in Sandy Cream color, is sleekly made, and is an elegant piece good to wear on any occasion. Besides, a high-definition display ensures all the notifications, your workout stats, and any critical data are always visible.

Only on FoneZone.me: BoAt Xtend/Xtend RTL smartwatches, exclusively available on FoneZone.me, are meant for those who long to carry technology, fitness, and class with them in their lifestyle 24/7. Don't let this affordable versatility slip from your grasp: let it mold, guide, and keep you ahead throughout every daily grind on your fitness journey.

Price and Availability

boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch — First time available with an exclusive discount at FoneZone.me. Price: AED 214.00. This Xtend wristwatch from boAt has quite a feature—meant to make your daily lifestyle and fitness regimen so much easier, with added features. This smartwatch with built-in Alexa lets you control lots of other devices in a hassle-free way, set reminders, or even get hold of information hands-free, which is a convenient add-on to any lifestyle. The watch supports up to 14 different sports modes while providing viable tracking in running, cycling, swimming, or performance in any other sport and activity.

Besides, the smartwatch is available in sandstone beige for elegance in your look. Also, it is helpful to give you the best visibility in broad daylight so that you may check notifications and health metrics quickly. Another feature that comes with the boat Xtend/Xtend RTL is other health monitoring features, such as heart rate, sleep, and SpO2 monitoring capabilities that appraise you on your health.

Also, the Xtend/Xtend RTL from boAt will provide you with mammoth battery life, ensuring you will not lose touch and will stay on track without having to recharge time and again. It's also waterproof and dustproof, making it IP68-rated. So, wear this smartwatch with such a rating between your workouts and trips unabashedly. The boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL smartwatch is available only at FoneZone.me, making the functions of style and advanced options in one watch come to life for all smartwatch experience upgraders.

Feature Highlights of the boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL

BoAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch, at 214.00 د.إ, selling nowhere else except FoneZone.me. This fully packed smartwatch will interface with your daily life and merge seamlessly with your fitness routine. Have Alexa on standby with its built-in features to handle your smart devices, set reminders, and furnish you with hands-free information. These include the ability to fully track activities of running, cycling, swimming, and many more, thanks to its 14 different sports modes.

The ergonomically engineered design of this boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL smartwatch in Sandy Cream has underlined the functionality of all its features, captured on its wrist for perfect use on all occasions. This smartwatch has a very bright display, which helps in easy visibility during bright sunlight; therefore, browsing notifications or health metrics become easy to check. Further, boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL offers extensive health tracking, including features for heartbeat, sleep patterns, and blood oxygen level monitoring—all of which help users keep abreast with their well-being status.

That will keep you connected with people and on track without the need for frequent recharging by the powerful boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL super-big battery. So, this IP68 rating will ensure the boat Xtend/Xtend RTL is waterproof and dust-proof, damage-free in any place: going out without any second thought, doing a workout, or indulging in various outdoor activities. Now, all the boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL is here with FoneZone.me for all its users to bring practical functionality right to your wrist, ornamented with style and loaded with advanced features.

Purchasing Options

The boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL is available exclusively in a brilliant Sandy Cream color, with Alexa Built-In and 14 Sports Modes. The price of 214 د.إ AED makes it happen with a mix of great functionalities and styles to be added to your tech ensemble. We have made it easier and more convenient for you to shop with buying links on our website.

Purchase the boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch easily at one zone. me. Just visit our official website and check out our product page. Our interface is strategically developed so that you can maneuver just as easily from selection up to the checkout. We also accept the majority of the payment methods—for instance, Visa and MasterCard—to make sure you can opt for what works best for you in the easiest way possible. We also have secure payment gateways where you can make payments without worrying about safeguarding your personal and financial information.

You can also avail of our super-fast delivery process while placing an order. We process and dispatch the order in no time so that you can wear your smartwatch in the fastest possible time. Our customer service is at your service at all times, providing a solution to every problem or inquiry that comes your way while placing an order. Just one click, and you are in for the most reliable and satisfactory experience of shopping for your boat Xtend / Xtend RTL Smartwatch at Fonezone. me.

Unboxing the boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL

On opening the packet of the boat Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch, you find the magnet charger. Indeed, this product marketing method is convenient to use from anywhere. Besides, the box contains a mini setting-up instruction manual and a one-year warranty card. It is sandy cream in color—such that it is intricately elegant and relaxed in appeal, an accessory one can use for any type of occasion.

Setting Up the boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL

To start, download the boAt Wear app from an Android or Apple app store for the app provided. After downloading the app, just turn on the Bluetooth settings and the smartwatch; they will search automatically to locate it. After that, just tap on the device's name to connect, and that is all. From then on, just tap on yes on each notification, and the watch will be ready to be used.

Connecting the Smartwatch to Your Smartphone

Make sure the boat Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch and the Bluetooth on your smartphone are both turned on during pairing. After the smartwatch has been detected, click on the name of the device, and it will be connected. With the notification at hand, the handset will connect with the smartphone, hence making the access procedure easier into all its features and functionalities.

Exploring the boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL's Features

It's time for the feature-rich all-new boAt Xtend RT smartwatch with Alexa built-in, 14 sports modes, sandy cream finish, and a 1.69" big HD display, full touch, and many more functionalities. Now, let's look at what this boat Xtend is about.

The BoAt Xtend/Xtend RTL smartwatch personalizes the wearables to easily change its face. There are several watch faces available to choose from to match your style and personal needs, which makes it added value to the wrist.

A 24×7 real-time health and fitness activity monitor lets you measure heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and stress. Keep tracking and analyzing fitness activity with 14 sports modes, which bring precise and in-depth data into your workouts.

Coming with in-built Alexa, the boat Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch offers freedom and flexibility in firing voice commands for many functions and information right from your wrist. Therein lies the ease of interacting with Alexa on the go for tasks and information.

The BoAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch is rated at 5 ATM for water resistance, making it splashproof and useful in activities and other setups. The rugged construction of the smartwatch will help it to support the user during his daily tasks perfectly.


Get yourself a Boat Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch with Alexa Built-In, now available on FoneZone.me for 214.00 د. إ AED only. This one surely cannot be forgotten when function meets style. It is an elegant smartwatch in Sandy Cream color, very much a tech mate, and it is a style quotient. Things will turn out to be pretty easy with this inbuilt Alexa feature for setting up tasks, reminders, and controlling smart home devices to ease routine life effectively. Additionally, the boat Xtend supports 14 sports modes, catering to the varied preferences of different users. So, be it running, cycling, or yoga, one can get precise tracking with insightful data to fulfill their fitness goals. All this will happen with ease and hassle-free navigation through numerous features with its responsive touch screen and an intuitive interface.

Apart from being competent in the features concerning sports, boAt Xtend is constructed for comfort and durability, so you can wear it all day with its lean structure. It is built strongly for rough, everyday use. The thin sophistication in its Sandy Cream color makes this perfect for a day's errand or even for more formal looks. In simple words, the boat Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch is an all-around device. It is bought from FoneZone.me, and it minimizes any forms of doubt about getting a smartwatch as it offers good value with quality and price.


1. Key features of boAt Xtend / Xtend RTL Smartwatch

BoAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch has many features and will be a dual purpose for fitness lovers and tech-savvy bees. This smartwatch will further enable you to command smart home devices to turn on and off, set reminders, or even call incredible weather updates with the built-in Alexa feature. Enjoy sports as good as running, riding, swimming, etc. This watch has a heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, and sleep tracker to monitor health data. In sandy cream color, it matches everything and makes sure you look magnificent with everything that you are wearing.

2. How do you pair Alexa with a boAt Xtend or an Xtend RTL Smartwatch?

With Alexa on board, the boat Xtend/Xtend RTL smartwatch has become way more functional. A press of the button on the smartwatch summons Alexa, and you can perform voice commands to schedule tasks, control smart devices, elicit the weather status, set alarms, and more. Post-integration, users of the devices will be able to harness the use of a wide array of hands-free functions, making their daily lives convenient and more effective. It also means users can stay connected and informed without reaching for a phone repeatedly.

3. Does the boAt Xtend / Xtend RTL Smartwatch track my activities correctly?

Yes, the boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch has precise fitness activity tracking.

It features up to 14 sports modes, including walking, running, and cycling, and other workout styles. Sensors on the watch are more advanced and keep track of the heart rate, burnt calories, and distance traveled. The SpO2 sensor of importance gives information about the health status, especially during intensive workouts. The sleep tracking feature keeps watching your sleep quality and gauges your sleep patterns for improvement.

All combined, these make it a reliable fitness buddy.

4. BoAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch: How's the battery life?

The boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch has powerful battery support. It works pretty well without charging it frequently. It can provide battery support of about seven days on a single charge, depending on the usage. This is controlled by an intelligent battery management system that optimizes battery power according to user activity. He will always be sure that the watch can last a whole week when tracking fitness, providing notifications, and conducting Alexa interactions continuously. This turns out to be a big plus for the users who want the minimum charging interruption in their routine.

5. BoAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch: Durability and Water Resistance?

The boAt Xtend/Xtend RTL Smartwatch can be defined as all-weather, rough, and brutal in daily handling. Rough use can be done daily. This features an IP68 water-resistant rating, meaning one can swim, run around in the rain, and much more. In other words, it's limitless. It goes on to tell that with every bit of confidence, one can wear their watch through activity and adventure without fearing any damage from water. This makes the watch ideal for water-borne activities and running in the rain.

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