Samsung Galaxy A8s: Hole-Punch Display Midrange Phone

Unboxing and Review: The Samsung Galaxy A8s - A New Midrange Phone with a Hole-Punch Display


Get the latest Samsung Galaxy A8s, combining a very modern design that is full of edges and performance, available only on The shiny 6.4-inch Infinity-O screen is one of the greatest for your viewing experience. Built for elegance and performance, it is designed for customers whose technology is a clear display of their aesthetic.

The powerhouse inside the Samsung Galaxy A8s is assured by the robust Snapdragon 710 processor, which is for very smooth and flexible performance, be it multitasking, gaming, or streaming your favorite content. For sale, the device would be coupled with 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal space—very spacious too.

The Galaxy A8s will entice people who love photography: a system with an ultrawide 24MP main sensor, a 10MP with telephoto, and a 5MP depth sensor—complete with Nylon camera setup for a wonderful shot.

Now at, the Samsung Galaxy A8s costs starting at 715 SAR, making it one hell of a steal when users need something really high-end but do not want to break their pockets. The Galaxy A8s is surely the phone you do not want to miss—your reliable smartphone for everyday use or a chic piece to complement your style. Visit our website today for more details about this outstanding smartphone, and don't miss out on this great offer.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy A8s is now available exclusively on our website, This powerful and stylish smartphone can help meet all your needs, from personal use to working and playing. This juncture of style and gadgetry with high technology from Samsung Galaxy A8s transcends limits and restraints, making this smartphone one of a kind for tech buffs and common people alike.

The Samsung Galaxy A8s offers real value for money starting at 715 SAR. At such prices, you can be sure to have an affordable premium phone in your pocket. You will not at all feel like your wallet has been creamed by virtue of the price of the Samsung Galaxy A8s, since it comes loaded with putative features like high-resolution display, powerful processor, and advanced camera capacity for perfect picture taking to ensure a seamless user experience.

The Samsung Galaxy A8s is available only at our exclusive online store,, as we focus on giving customers only the best in terms of totally exclusive deals. Rest assured, while doing so, you shall avail an authentic product along with reliable services and after-sales support.

Put it in an order through, ordering the Samsung Galaxy A8s. Relish the convenience of online shopping and receive our latest smartphone right at your doorsteps. So, do not miss this exclusive offer to get a top-tier device at a never-before price.

Unboxing and First Impressions

Buy now your very own Samsung Galaxy A8s, only from Prices start at just 715 SAR. Unboxing the phone, the first impression is set based on the feel of the device and quality of the materials used.

Be in awe of the first of its kind super amazing Infinity-O display that is currently the leading trend on the Galaxy A8s, smoothly designed on 6.4 inches, presenting sharp edges with noir bezels that allow a view of all that is on display. A design like that has never been seen before, coming in handy with a sleek glass back that adds to the phone's sophistication.

In the box, along with the phone. are the usual suspects: a fast charger, USB-C cable, a pair of earphones, a SIM ejector tool, and whatever else one would normally expect. In fact, Samsung also bundled in a transparent case this time, no less, to make sure your A8s is protected from day one.

Booting took even less time—straight out from the box—but the setting-up process was silky smooth, revealing a vivid and clear display. And the in-screen camera design really strikes as unique with the different feel of offering an almost full screen.

Talking about the processor performance, the Galaxy A8s attests to the Snapdragon 710 that enables a smooth running of applications and handling heavy games. The three cameras on the back ensure superb quality, with a main shooter of 24MP, 10MP telephoto lens, and 5MP depth sensor.

Confident details and truthfulness to colors will enable you to make great photos; this phone will be perfect for any amateur photographer. On the whole, the plethora of the Samsung Galaxy A8s is convincing for the price put on it, featuring innovative design, powerful performance, and variously performed camera system. Log onto to lay your hands on this impressive device and feel the future of mobile technology.

Display and Screen Quality

Introducing the very new Samsung Galaxy A8s, exclusively available at,,an exemplar deriving out Samsung's tough commitment amidst delivering the newest display technology. This device will sport a 6.4-inch Infinity-O display, which puts it a step ahead of its competitors.

This screen provides an immersive viewing experience for the full screen by Full HD+ resolution 2340x1080. Such high resolution ensures that each image and video is viewed in clear, bright detail—ideal for either streaming your favorite content or scrolling high-resolution photos.

The best thing about the Galaxy A8s is its Infinity-O design, where the front camera features a really small hole-punch cutout on the display. This design maximizes screen real estate, offering an almost bezel-free view combined with a very modern, pleasing-to-the-eye design. The colors come off vibrant, and the contrasts deep; basically put, everything visual pops with life on the IPS LCD panel.

Be it for web browsing, video watching, or gaming, the quality of the display is a chiselled consistency of above-par excellence.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy A8s supports wide color gamut, meaning more detailed and rich colors. Brightness levels for the screen seem quite impressive as it gets very legible and clear even when viewed under direct sunlight—though it is incomparable with flagship devices. Touch responsiveness is really good: smooth and seamless interaction with the device.

The guts and build of the Samsung Galaxy A8s ensure that it is one notch above the others for someone who considers their smartphones to be the closest thing to premium. Get ahold of your own device at for as low as 715 SAR. Embedding high tech into a cheap price, it is well-suited for everyone needing great value for their money. Do not let pass by the chance to have this powerful and striking smartphone, available exclusively on our website.

Software and User Interface

The Samsung Galaxy A8s will come with Android 8.1 and a security patch level of December the first. Though it was expected to come with Android 9, the presence of Android 8.1 is somewhat justified. It has very minimal bloatware, thereby providing a very clean UX, which in itself on a Chinese phone is quite rare to come by.

In addition, the phone provides an option to adjust the zoom on the screen; thus, one is fully allowed to zoom in and out to the required size of font for each feature that is being used.

As is the case with Chinese phones these days, what few apps come preinstalled with the A8s themselves really offer a user a cleaner interface and smoother user experience. Not to mention the new feature such as screen zooming, this has given an added layer of configuration, so the use of the display is exactly how users like it to be.

Performance Evaluation

Performance with the A8s is pretty middling. That Snapdragon 710 on-board still shows some poor performance, especially on multitasking or with light use. Six gigabytes of RAM can't really take away animation stutters and lags, which proves there is a lot of work to be done in terms of optimization. The chipset just can't provide an optimal feeling of fluidity when loaded to the full.

However, at times, it turns up inaccuracy in locationing, with the satellite usage by the GPS still remaining suboptimal. But the wireless speed and the associated range with the device is very nice, thus enabling a faster and reliable connection without any hassles.

The LTE speeds are okay, enabling downloads and uploads at 21 Mbps—although this may vary depending on different carriers. The phone has good reception and Google's Widevine level one, guaranteeing high resolution streaming on platforms such as Netflix.

Battery Life and Charging

Crafted to match a busy life, the Samsung Galaxy A8s, only at our website, comes with an impressive 3400mAh battery, ensuring you go on and on throughout the day without necessarily needing recharging. Whether you are streaming videos, playing games, or on the go working, the Galaxy A8s harbors the choice of high battery endurance and supports up to 20 hours of talk time with only one charge, getting ready to let you enjoy it nonstop throughout the whole day.

The device supports fast charging, so it should spend much less time being slapped on charging points. This Galaxy A8s is endowed with adaptive fast technology from Samsung that will enable it to get refilled from zero to skeleton in less than two hours—this feature sure to please folks constantly on the go. It's ideal for people with tight schedules as a quick 30-minute charge can be enough to last you a whole bunch of life.

In addition, the Galaxy A8s is more optimized to have better battery efficiency through the implementation of Samsung's specifically designed power management software. The system is said to optimize the performance of your mobile device by automatically configuring settings and controlling uses and apps that work in the background, guaranteed to give you more out of every charge. That means you can use your phone freely for all sorts of things throughout your day and not worry about surprising battery drain.

The telephone can be spotted on our website,, whereby prices for the Samsung Galaxy A8s start from as low as 715 SAR, providing the best value for quality battery performance that's overpowering for quick charging. Get on board with the Galaxy A8s for easy long-lasting power and smart charging kinetics, and say hello to new ways in which you can make use of your smartphone while on the go.

Biometric Security

The Samsung Galaxy A8s comes with a face unlock feature and a fingerprint reader for biometric security. Unlocking faces is moderately speeded on the device, taking a second to unlock, depending on the lighting conditions. It is not the fastest but offers decent performance. The fingerprint reader placed on the back, though, is super quick, with unlocks firing in less than a second, thus no cause for complaint; this, too, is very seamless and proves to be a perfect security option.

Audio and Speaker Quality

The lack of a 3.5mm jack for headphones might be a dealbreaker for anyone who uses one, but the Samsung Galaxy A8s makes up for that by including a Bluetooth headset. The voice quality during calls is very good; the communication will be crystal clear and without any difficulties. The loudspeaker is mono, which sadly nowadays can be viewed with regards to the omission of a stereo loudspeaker setup.

The downward-firing speaker performance is average, but some users feel that it could be louder—especially depending on the content one is playing.

Gaming Performance

The mid-range chipset in the Samsung Galaxy A8s would be powerful enough to assure that the latest games run at smooth frame rates, sufficient for when the power may be needed. Playable performance with relatively no far-reaching issues should be expected.

On that note, PUBG worked very well at high frame rates; there were stutters and lags every once in a while, but those could be addressed by playing with setting values. Many games, however, still showed problems at the borders due to the hole-punch design for the camera; fixing this shortcoming involves applying an update through firmware for Samsung or support from the apps.

Camera Features and Image Quality

The stock camera app on the Samsung Galaxy A8s is pretty much like on any other Samsung phone: straightforward in its interface and easy to learn. Users are able to easily swipe through different modes that also include beauty modes, life focus with a blurred background, or a pro mode with limited settings in things like white balance and ISO.

For many users, it could prove one of the disappointing areas for the Samsung Galaxy A8s. The focusing of the rear camera is not consistent, much like some older Xiaomi phone that was improved later. This could be down to the lack of any sensor with dual-pixel phase detection; hence, focusing is not as good. The ISO range for the camera is also up to 800, which further limits the possibility for low light photography. Below are some camera samples from the Samsung Galaxy A8s.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

Now the Samsung Galaxy A8s is available on our web for a competitive price starting at 715 SAR, the best on the market for somebody who searches for a robust and in-style smartphone. Then comes the unique design and mind-blowing features of performance, integrating the joe placed amongst prime mid-rangers.

The bull's-eye feature in the launching with regard to the Samsung Galaxy A8s is evidently the Infinity-O display, providing an incredibly captivating viewing experience, considering that the bezels are kept on a steady decline. This means that users can view their favorite content with full clarity and in magnificent and vibrant coloration.

This is a sleek and stylin' device that befits the internal muscle of a Snapdragon 710 chip and either 6GB or 8GB of RAM, making sure everything doesn't get bogged down during moderate multitasking and relatively intensive app use.

With a triple rear camera setup, having a 24MP key sensor, a 10MP telephoto lens, and a 5MP depth sensor, the Samsung Galaxy A8s amazes further in the photography department. It is capable of taking from detailed close-ups to huge landscapes. The 24MP front camera will specifically work well for a selfie and video call camera, making it sharp and vivid in stationary stilled shots with the utmost clarity.

Galaxy A8S excels as well in having a good battery, packing a 3,400mAh battery that powers the phone comfortably through a whole day worth of usage. Moreover, the device supports fast charging, where a user can easily top-up before resuming activities quickly.

All in all, it's a judicious mix of design and cutting-age design, high-level performance, and much-improved cameras for the Samsung Galaxy A8s that gives room for inquiry. But there might be something enchanting with the Galaxy A8s for those ready to have this new experience of a smartphone but at a quickly affordable price. All these are packed into this lovely device, and with its unbeatable price tag of 715 SAR, it provides more than great value. You do not want to miss this opportunity to procure the innovation of this fabulous device.


1. What are some of the key features of the Samsung Galaxy A8s?

The Samsung Galaxy A8s comes with a brilliant 6.4-inch Infinity-O display with Full HD+ resolution for an awesome viewing experience. Under the hood, it is set to run on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor that should be good enough in terms of providing smooth performance for working on daily activities and gaming. It sports a triple camera setup on the back, including a 24MP main sensor, 10MP telephoto lens, and a 5MP depth sensor enabling one to make good shots of portraits.

2. So just how much storage and RAM is the Samsung Galaxy A8s carrying?

The Samsung Galaxy A8s comes in a configuration including 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage, which helps to cover you with enough storage for apps, photos, and other memories. In addition to expandable storage, it expands via a microSD card to add up to 512GB of storage capacity. This should give you all the space you need for your files and not run out of space.

3. On which operating system does Samsung Galaxy A8s run?

That would be Android 9.0 Pie. In addition to the friendly interface, this device avails many latest features and updates from Google. It also uses Samsung's One UI, to offer a smooth and harmonious user experience both when navigating and using the phone.

4. So, how is the battery life with the Samsung Galaxy A8s?

In fact, a 3,400mAh battery can see the Samsung Galaxy A8s through the entire day with moderate use. Additionally, it incorporates fast charging technology, providing the ability to have your device up and running within no time. This way, your device will provide long hours of using it without constant worries about the charge.

5. Does the Samsung Galaxy A8s come in different source colors?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy A8s does come in three different colors: Blue, Gray, and Green. This affords you the chance to assure that the device possibly arrives in a variant of the color that is in conformity with your style and preferences, assuring the sleek design and vibrant color variants to endow the Samsung Galaxy A8s with a stylish outlook for any modern person who necessarily wants the phone to be sleek and powerful. The Samsung Galaxy A8s starts at 715 SAR on our website, Take a look now and place your order.

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