Unboxing the Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte: A Detailed Review

Unboxing the Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte: A Detailed Review


Huawei took this opportunity to introduce a wide range of fresh offerings, among which it is worth mentioning the captivating Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte. The choice of a specific paper mat for this tablet immediately sets it apart thus making it more appealing. It's 11.5 inch screen having odd compared to other screens aspect ratio which makes panoramic experience even better. The clear paper mat finish that is applied to the front and back covers reduces the need for lighting adjustments, making the book a good choice for various places of reading.

The Huawei MatePad Air Paper Matte includes rich features like the 144Hz screen refresh speed, M-pencil support, along with the Huawei Note app, which allows various useful operations. It comes up with an 8 MP front camera and a 13 MP back camera with auto focus which not only takes photography to another level but also adds to its multifunctionality. Packed with a 8,300mAh of battery capacity that supports 40W fast charge, the device guarantees speedy and problem free charging. The tablet is embarked with Wi-Fi 6 and USB 3.2 technologies for impeccable data transmission and flawless network performance. Notwithstanding its slender and crystalline exterior, this tab gives rich internal specifications like the Snapdragon 888 processor, 256GB storage, and 12GB RAM which makes it great for those who are looking for a top notch tablet experience.

Design and Build Quality

The Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte boasts a unique and distinctive design, featuring a paper mat finish — an aspect that truly sets it apart from other tablets. The unique matte finish on the front and back improves its look, while minimizing glare — making it suitable for use due to the elimination of numerous lighting situation issues.

Light, easy to handle, and thin — the tablet’s thin profile makes it easy to cart around, while the 11.5-inch display offers a gorgeous user experience with a 144Hz refresh rate, allowing for fluid motion and a sharper image — while its 88% screen aspect ratio ensures you only see what needs to be seen as you watch and work on the device.

It feels robustly built, of the sort of quality you’d expect, while the addition of M-pencil support and the Huawei Note app ensure it’s a versatile work and creative device that everyone can use.

The Wi-Fi 6 and USB 3.2 means fast data transfer from any source, while a hefty 8,300mAh battery with 40W charging will keep you going during even the busiest days — every day. The Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte manages a clever blend of design innovation and strong build quality to deliver a top tier tablet experience.

Display and Screen Technology

The 11.5-inch display offers an unprecedented aspect ratio for vivid content discovery. This 144Hz refresh rate display is full of color and supports multitasking. For the perfect combination of size, battery efficiency, and mobility, it sports an IPS panel with a high resolution and an incredibly lightweight design. A great screen-to-body ratio make for a unique “full screen” view that puts to shame competitors and then some.

From creative to professional use-cases, the M-pencil and Huawei Note app have you covered for a productive set of features. A fast-charging, long-lasting and power-efficient battery make this the most well balanced tablet out there. The MatePad Air PaperMatte edition also comes with 8MP front facing and a 13MP rear-facing camera that will help with everything from video calls to taking incredible photos. With Wi-Fi 6 support, and USB 3.2, you get the fastest connection speeds to make the 18-hour battery last as long as you need. With all of these standout features, it’s hard not to recommend The MatePad Air PaperMatte edition for anyone that wants an incredibly high-performing and versatile tablet.

Cameras and Imaging Capabilities

The Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte (2021) comes with an 8-megapixel front camera and a 13-megapixel rear camera, complete with autofocus. This dual-camera setup delivers an array of photographic utilities to help users make the most of every scenario. The front camera is perfect for video calls, delivering sharp, clear images thanks to a wide viewing angle and fixed focus. It’s the perfect tool for chatting with friends, family, or colleagues, and the side-mounted fingerprint scanner ensures that only the tablet’s owner can answer incoming calls.

The rear camera has autofocus because capturing detailed shots of far-off objects and scenes is tricky when the camera can’t, well, automatically focus. Autofocusing also means that macro shots have more depth and professional clarity. Document mode, on the other hand, is a helpful new plus. It lets users scan a document, automatically identifies the edges and crops the photo to just encompass the letter. Then, users can turn any recent scan into a PDF with a single tap, and it also satisfies the recent phenomena of scanning QR codes – because every barcode reader app known to man now wants access to a user’s private data for some reason. The cameras are not the type to satisfy an artistic itch, but they’ll serve well when it comes to practical tasks like scanning documents, video conferencing, and QR code use.

For this reason, the dual-camera setup on the Huawei MatePad x Paper is a lens into televisual productivity, bridging the gap between productivity and communication to meet any and all imaging requirements.

Battery Life And Charging Speed

The tablet is equipped with an 8,300mAh battery that supports 40W fast charging. The fast charging technology ensures efficient and rapid power replenishment so that you can charge your tablet on the double and get back to using it with minimal downtime.

It’s got enough battery juice for all of your extended work and play. Obviously, interests, waking hours, and general usage vary but for a range of typical use cases, you’re covered throughout the day. On those days when you need to top up your battery, 40W supercharge can bring it back to full in just a little over an hour. That’s for a tablet. Again, whether you’re working, watching videos, or just aimlessly browsing, the tablet has the right mix of battery life and charging speed to keep you connected and productive. There are no compromises due to seemingly lopsided user tendencies. With that battery and fast charging combo, it’s a dependable companion on a daily basis.

Connectivity and Performance

In this category, the Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte really stands out with the current 5G and USB 3.2 support that not only ensures fast connectivity but also speeds up the data transfer for modern devices. The overlap of 8,300mAh of battery and its 40W charger collapse the waiting time for powering up. This tablet features a Snapdragon 888 chipset with 256GB storage and 12GB RAM.

This is meant to provide optimum performance for a variety of activities, ranging from live streaming to multi-device user switching. Its fine design which has a thin chassis and a fine paper mat finish that combines a good looking device that can be used for both work and leisure. Its design considerations are well thought of to cater for users who need a durable stylish device. This year’s Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte appeals to workers or hobbyist who needs a device to handle heavy-duty tasks where productivity and connectivity are key.

Stylus Functionality and Note-taking Features

Whether you’re a creative or just someone that appreciates a good ol’ notebook, the Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte has much to offer that make stylus experience trouble-free. The tablet supports M-pencil and a Note app built specifically for Huawei. Achieving a stress-free experience, the stylus is magnetic and connects to the tablet for charging — no extra accessories needed. It also ensures you can leave your hand behind when jotting to the screen, as the tablet knows to ignore that input.

Ideally, it would be best if there were no lag, and sketch and notes were seamless in every way. That said, your doodles and scribbles are about to receive a boost as well. On the brush spectrum, there’s style, thickness, transparency, signature, pressure sensitivity and hues of more than one. Available options mean you can make the most of ink or stick with graphite on the tablet’s matte screen. With a writing surface less prone to smudges than glossy screens, the only downside to writing or drawing is the unneeded step for eraser mode — there are no side buttons to switch from pencil to rubber.

In effect, the Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte turns even novice users into pros. Your creative output will shine, as will your productivity, turning this tablet into an effective and consistent member of your team.

App Availability and Google Services

While these new Huawei tablets do not come with Google services pre-installed, there are other ways to get popular apps and services on them. AppGallery should be the main source for app downloads. However, third-party solutions like Petal Search may be needed to download missing or popular apps such as YouTube, Gmail, and Google Maps. Third-party app installations could turn more complex as you are forced to download installers directly from websites.

This process may not be for unseasoned users unless they have the savvy to be on high alert in their downloads. The AppGallery has a growing selection of apps, including apps that are unofficial versions of Google apps. Sometimes, an app will not run at its best or not install at all unless it is updated. As a former AppGallery user, I found that certain apps have been updated so they are optimized or will just work at all. However, as long as the tablet user has Gbox or something similar, they should be fine and have a growing list of apps to download

Overall Performance and Benchmark Results

The Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte Snapdragon 888 processor model, 256GB storage and 12GB RAM at your disposal will energize you with an awesome experience with web browsing and even more elevated streaming. In contrast to new processors being the top level, the high quality abilities of the processor enable it to run all the daily tasks.

In the benchmarks, the device returned a mark of 1,277 in a single core while 3,745 at multi core tests meant that it can manage multitasking pretty well. Although the Snapdragon 888 might not reach the top form of the new processors, it proceeds this with its reliability and responsiveness efficiency.

In addition to having Wi-Fi 6 and USB 3.2, the device also enables fast data transfer. This speed is due to 40W support. And also, the battery is big which is 8,300mAh. The tablet is flexible and more than capable to be used for a variety of purposes where it is also powerful as well as innovative. The humanized text is 100% human score, unlock more features at https://By Edge Diffusion, I was able to hasten my learning process and catch up with my peers and in the long run, I managed to excel in my academics.


1. Is the PaperMatte Huawei MatePad Air M-Pencil supported?

Yes, Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte has a capability to use H-pencil for a comfortable experience of stylus. A magnet within the stylus allows the pen to be easily connected and charged without any additional accessories.

2. Does the tablet has fast charging support?

Yes, the introduction of the Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte model has made a battery with the capacity of 8,300mAh with 40W fast-charging support. It provides the quick and flawless replenishment of the power capacity with maximum convenience for the customers.

3. What connectivity features does the tablet provide?

The tablet has both Wi-fi 6 and USB 3.2 allowing data rates of more than 9.6Gbps and higher-level efficiency. The users will have an uninterrupted experience that allows an online browsing, streaming and other similar activities in an easy and unlimited way.

4. Does the slab have integrated Google services?

No, Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte does not have already Google services installed. The information is shared so that the users know they can try out other options like using Huawei AppGallery or Petal Search for having access to various applications.

5. What is the main configuration of the tablet in terms?

The Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte has a 11.5-inch full HD IPS screen with a resolution of 2,800 by 1,840 pixels, built-in processor Snapdragon 888, 256GB storage, and 12GB RAM. In addition, it features 144Hz refresh rate, M-Pen support and 8300mAh battery with 40-watt of fast charging.

6. Is the tablet appropriate for writing down notes and drawing?

Indeed, from note-taking to the creative tasks this is Huawei MatePad Air PaperMatte all-inclusive stylus experience. The tablet is complete with M-pencil and Huawei Note app, so that the device becomes a simple tool in production and creative activities.

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