Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: Full Review and Analysis

Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: A Flagship That Delivers


Brand new in box Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 128GB Black. Now available in our store: This all affords the user an individually premium smart device for advanced use, one who loves top-tier technology in search of a suitable form for style.

Superphone Galaxy S22 Plus, with a 6.6-inch Dynamic AMOLED screen that brings excellent color and deep contrast, drives a fantastic watching experience with the use of the Internet, streaming, or gaming affairs.

The processor on board is the Exynos 2200 with the Samsung Galaxy S22+, churning out flawless and good performance for all your multitasking needs on the device.

The device will have an internal storage option of 128 GB, where you're supposed to take care of your biggies: pictures, videos, and apps. Multitasking is handled with greater ease through 8 GB of big RAM on the phone—the phone's capabilities expand.

The camera system in the Samsung Galaxy S22+ will be a powerhouse setup mounted behind the scenes, topped only by another flagship feature.

The device sports three cameras at the back: a prime 50MP primary sensor, supported by a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 10MP telephoto one to help click great shots under virtually any circumstance. With this, there will be a front-facing 10MP camera for highly detailed selfies taken during video calls.

Here at, we have this marvelous gadget for only 1,144 SAR. With good specifications, stylistically designed, and great value for the money, this Samsung Galaxy S22 128 GB in black looks new and will be an ideal upgrade for any user. Come to us for more, and make a purchase now.

Price and Availability

Be sure not to miss out on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 128GB Black if you need every important function combined with the quintessence of modern styling. Tick this particular model off your checklist at our website,

The specs and design of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus are dazzlingly top-notch. It starts at 1,144 SAR with a brilliant display and performance, carrying great versatility through the camera and making it recommendable for use both in everyday life and in solving professional tasks. Store all the apps, photos, or videos you need with 128 GB of space and even more peculiar files in great abundance with a splash of black elegance.

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Design and Built

Remarkable in its design and rigid quality of construction, this black color variant 128 GB Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus looks incredible. Cradled within is a sleekly polished metal frame that exudes class and toughness up front. It is correctly bonded with the frame—which in the hands feels rich for a great look—into the back glass, upfront, imparting a seamless feel.

They are designed in black with a sensational finish that oozes a shiny appearance, a sleek and modern design embodying class in the most minimal definition for a user of this computer.

While the Galaxy S22+ delivers that more considerable screen experience with just the correct grip dimensions, the 6.7-inch Dynamic AMOLED display boasts bright, sharp details and quality colors—an experience guaranteed for video viewing and everyday regular browsing. Paired with a punch-hole front camera, super-slim bezels ensure the screen estate utilizes maximum space, and sprawls out over an expansive display while it sits juxtaposed over an ultrathin bezel.

Built to survive rugged uses in daily life, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus has Gorilla Glass Victus protection on both the front and back, with leading-class scratch resistance and drop performance through the two. The phone is also dust- and water-resistant up to IP68 to protect better against those "Oops" moments.

Now available at is one 128GB Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus in black, which is in excellent condition, at 1,144 SAR. A prime opportunity to get in arms one of the best-class cell phones, where technology and design are at the top. Visit the online workshop for all the details on this top-class device and more from the exclusive offers section.


Are you looking for the perfect smartphone with elegance, performance, and reliability all built into one? Look no further! We take immense pleasure in presenting our newest Show of Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 128GB Black, which is gorgeous. Available only on our website,, this phone will be a visual delight and packed with features that will deliver all your wants and needs in a tech caper.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is designed not just to be sleek and stylish but also to add the best accessory to that classic style. With a 128 GB storage capacity, you will never miss enough memory space to store your photos, videos, apps, and more. It is for the busy, active professional, the student, or the lifestyle enthusiast who loves to capture every moment.

The first great differentiating thing is the screen on the Galaxy S22+; colorful and bright indeed, it offers pretty good viewing not only for the ideal video streaming experience but also when just playing games or basic web surfing. The high-resolution display brings out images and videos in gripping sharpness and perceived detail.

The feature of the processor aided by the chipset in the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus will be performance. That begets the ease of multitasking with good performances in general.

One will keep switching between apps without any lags and play heavy games or do anything that crosses one's mind without lags or hitches. We offer the best deal on the planet for a smart device you can depend on at

We are, therefore, bringing to you the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 128GB in black, which is flawless and has been tested up to the point at which we can guarantee that the state and the functioning are at 100%.

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Prepare for a premium flagship experience with the pictured exceptional, more expectedly excellent, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 128 GB Awesome Black. Guaranteed quality shots and video. It is an exclusive model that befits anyone unwilling to compromise with anything less than perfect quality in every aspect.

The Galaxy S22+ features a revolutionary pro-grade camera system that never cuts corners and offers groundbreaking hardware, married with user-friendly software—and a perfect companion to take great shots and record amazing videos.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus has an impulsive triple camera set-up comprising a 50MP wide lens, a 12MP ultra-wide lens, and a 10MP telephoto lens.

This combination ensures the clear and precise reproduction of any scene you have captured, whether a vast landscape or a close-up image with comprehensive details.

Advanced image processing ensures color representation remains precise, eliminates noise, and enhances dynamic range with bright, realistic pictures. In addition to the mentioned, there's also a killer feature on the Galaxy S21+: Night Mode, which turns what were thought impossible shots into astonishing shots even in locations with low light.

Night mode will now work in low light, harnessing the big camera sensor and super-smart software floating tirelessly to help brighten shots without blowing a whole deal into the way of detail so your photos at night can look just as good as they did when the sun was out.

This ensures super-smooth and perfectly stable video recording—for instance, from an action-packed spot or a serene view. For some, the selfie addiction may just stop with the correct medication from the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus.

The high resolution of the camera, 10MP front view, with a wide field, it goes on to support a group selfie or solo portrait. AI enhancements further back up that they portray your selfies accurately with natural skin tones and high details.

Boost your pictures to another level with Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 128GB Black for only 1,144 SAR in Excellent condition at one zone. me. Sharpen your photography skills by purchasing the newest advanced gizmos. Visit our website today!

Video OIS Test

Exciting enough video with all the Mavic at 8K 24 fps speed of OK, the average Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus at 4K 60 fps.

Besides, the primary sensor is equipped with OIS stabilization to avoid sudden shakes, thus giving the videograph some decent quality in this regard that does not have much shaking.

Whether it is high-ranging recordings or just the usual ones, the rate of recording with Samsung Galaxy S22 is taking good stability, as much improvement is provided.

That is important during shooting so that compelling video is recorded to capture an attractive one. In general, this smartphone is a very flexible tool for video, so making the recording of more positive moments can be joyful and, in return, require less effort.


The Samsung Galaxy S22+ will come packed with the superpowerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, 8 gigabytes of operating memory, and an internal memory variant of 128 or 256 gigabytes. In everything honestly, 12 gigabytes of internal memory, together with the possibility for its expansion up to 512 gigabytes, are pretty solid to make the fears leave about not having something important, with literally recently created data but brought in the pocket.

The great surprise can be attributed to the fact that this device shall take on the job of computation for daily operation and routine tasks despite the low memory of only 12GBs of internal space.

That means the users get no lags or stutters while negotiating from task to task with one good experience. Additionally, it certainly helps that this device can game quite smoothly, with few stutters compared to the likes of the generic S22.

Though this can be taken as a red flag of [high-intensity throttling] during game times, Samsung promises to [fix it] through updates, and people have one less worry. This could have some inconsistency in the tests; in general, it is handling pretty well what a modem user would require from a smartphone with its results in real-life testing.

Even though one, if nitpicking hard, might just find a couple of minor hiccups there and here in the actual gaming experience on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, maybe even more compared to the regular S22, in general, game input impressions are fluid, and Samsung does have history with updating out throttling. The company guaranteed that the device was cut for gaming and presented an optimized gaming user experience.

Exceptionally possibly varied in benchmark tests, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is a piece of kit that jells into what needs to be done daily. Therefore, with 8 gigabytes of RAM and a snapshot memory, expect nothing less but flawless, responsive performance when running through its tasks with much ease on this phone powerhouse.

Battery and Charging

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus is a very balanced unit for the longevity between sizes, for the fact that it has a 4,500 mAh unit battery.

While the number itself does not stack up to those inside devices with 5,000mAh cells, the S22 Plus has a fast-charging spec of 45 watts. The higher wattage in the fast charging would ensure users rapidly juice up the device's battery. Hence, no one gets downtime with the device because they remain connected all day.

Coming ranked with the fastest version ever and a big battery and improved fast-charging feature, a Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus acts in partnership with surfers who live their life on the go; when looking for the longest usability, it acts to stay apart for the shortest charging time.


The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 128GB Black at is the sharp option for premium smartphones on the tall list. Perfect from the top-rated functioning down to the ingenious design with unrivaled features, it is ideal for tech enthusiasts or even the run-of-the-mill user.

All this in an internal 128 GB storage brings users an assurance for sure about a considerable amount of pictures, videos, or applications without the experience of low space. Furthermore, sensors, the newly added Face ID recognition, speakers, and cameras are all found in a svelte polycarbonate body with a black finish.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus does deliver so high state-of-the-art technology that, simultaneously, its software operates so smoothly and responsively.

The high-resolution camera system brings some breathtaking photography and videoing by capturing every moment with great detail. Its radiant display is suitable for engaging views and is ideal for streaming, gaming, and surfing.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 128 GB Black in pristine condition at a fantastic price of just 1144 SAR is the top-shelf deal. Don't wait; run down to, check out this marvel, and make it yours because, just like an excellent deal, they don't last.


1. Mention the distinctive features of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus?

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus: display sharp for great displays, enhanced with powerful processors, incredible camera replacements, and fast charging—all in perfect execution that should come into play in a user's life.

2. Does the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus offer expandable storage?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus does come No, it has strictly a dual SIM card tray setup for the customer without what may seem like an added option for expandable storage, therefore allowing one to rely only on internal storage.

3. Where does the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus lack improvement?

While some critical areas could have been improved on, such as the design, the lineup for extra RAM storage options, and the lack of periscope lenses to have crazy optical zoom options, alternatively, the Ultra model does come with them.

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