Vivo Y71 Review: Budget-Friendly Smartphone with Impressive Camera

Vivo Y71 Review: Budget-Friendly Smartphone with Impressive Camera


Vivo Y71, now available for purchase on Priced from as low as SAR 90.00 to SAR 250.00, it combines style with performance in a way that matches the reasonable price for budget-considerate consumers. Serving the modern smartphone user with a sturdy design and reliable hardware, it manages to keep user-friendly features that ensure glitch-free user experiences.

A 6.0-inch FullView display on the Vivo Y71 makes for an enhanced viewing experience with all your multimedia needs. Now do more of streaming your favorite shows or games, or just plain browsing. The extra-large display is going to ensure more things are visible to the naked eye, each coming alive with rich, vivid colors and crisp details for the best impression. This is further shown with the slim bezels and overall design, which is elegant, increasing the phone's aesthetic appearance and hence making it a style accessory to carry around.

The Vivo Y71 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor and runs on 3GB of RAM. Multi-tasking on the device is pretty smooth; you can do almost anything with it. The phone comes with 16GB of internal storage, expandable with a microSD card, to store quite a lot of your applications, photos, and videos.

Photography lovers will certainly adore the 13MP back camera, which captures stunning shots with the utmost clarity and detail. The AI algorithms of this camera aid in auto-optimizing all of your shots for quality images; every one of them is Instagram-worthy. Powering the selfie camera, an AI Face Beauty feature for shots always on point.

Another strong point of the Vivo Y71 is the battery life. This is because the device has a 3360mAh battery that has just the right volume of juice to go through an entire day of usage. So, most of your browsing time, streaming, and chatting are done with the Vivo Y71 keeping you closer to what you love doing without the hustle of always charging it.

Vivo Y71 is based on Funtouch OS 4.0, which operates on Android 8.1 Oreo—a great enhancement to the user interface. On top of the operating system are smart features and a heavy dose of customizations that further help improve the user experience. The device also features face unlock, which is fast and secure.

Thus, on the whole, the Vivo Y71 is a well-priced smartphone available in the market for SAR. 90.00 to SAR. 250.00 on with a good design, decent performance, and a lot of pragmatism—all in one device. For students and working professionals, or those who need a good secondary phone, the Vivo Y71 has all the smartness in one, promising tremendous value.

Price and Availability

The Vivo Y71 is the classic case of the brilliant smartphone that can be said to have matched affordability with performance—favorite for millions of cost-conscious users around the world. We at have been very proud to offer these Vivo Y71 smartphones at pocket-friendly prices, as low as SAR. 90.00 and a high of 250.00. This highly competitive price ensures that our clients will enjoy this feature-loaded smartphone without worrying about burning holes in pockets.

Our website,, is user-friendly, and the availability of the Vivo Y71 is an assurance of our commitment to delivering high-quality products. This Vivo Y71 is rather appealing for its slim design and strong features, perfect for the active lifestyle that demands a reliable, hassle-free device for everyday use. This phone comes at a very attractive price of SAR 90.00. 250.00 so that everyone can afford and reach more people to get a feel of Vivo smartphone quality and functionality.

With an easy-to-find and easy-to-use interface, customers visiting are bound to find the Vivo Y71 with ease, making the purchase super convenient. Hence, there are flexible price points in a variety of budgets, so a shopper may find a Vivo Y71 for his needs at in his budget. The Vivo Y71 at will meet very many needs and preferences, whether one is looking for a pocket-friendly option or may be willing to spend a little more for more features.

At, we truly understand that this should never be at the cost of quality and affordable pricing. This is the motto that the Vivo Y71 brings to life: getting a high-quality experience from a smartphone but at a fraction of the cost compared to other high-end devices. Selling the Vivo Y71 for amounts ranging from SAR. 90.00 to SAR. 250.00 ensures our customers get great value for money.

Unboxing and First Impressions

For a budget-friendly, decently spec'd smartphone, John from Gemini not pH unboxes and takes a closer look at the Vivo Y71. On unboxing, he lands the version equipped with 3GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, 16GB of internal storage, a 13-megapixel rear camera, and a 3360mAh battery. It runs Android 8.0 Oreo with FunTouch OS and has a 5-megapixel front camera and LTE connectivity.

The box contains a Vivo Y71 smartphone, a triple SIM card tray, a Quick Start Guide, an ejection pin, earphones, a micro USB to USB cable, and a slim charger, which has a 1000mAh output.

Design and Build Quality

The Vivo Y71 is a slender and lightweight device, making it wieldy to hold in the hand during usage. The back is plastic with Vivo's signature feel. The phone does not house a fingerprint scanner, but the face unlock feature comes in quite handy for a fast and more secure unlock.

The back is fitted with a camera, the power button, and the volume rocker. On the bottom, there is a micro USB port, speaker grille, and 3.5 mm headphone jack. The 18:9 display aspect ratio, coupled with small bezels, lends an edge to modern design and aesthetics.

A rich and colorful brilliant display gives Vivo Y71 an expansive visual experience. The best presentation of visual products is done for multimedia and daily use. However, it comes at the cost of having narrow bezels since the 18:9 aspect ratio permits an enhanced form of viewing experience.


Software and User Experience

The device runs on the latest Funtouch OS based on Android 8.1. This will enable you to work smoothly on the device with a responsive performance, multitasking, and smoother performance of the applications with 3 GB of RAM and a Snapdragon 425 processor, enabling zero lag.
The Y71 comes with a Vivo manager that realigns the smartphone's resources and performance for the proper and user-customized experience. It also comes with a Vivo Club, providing cloud services that easily back up and sync user data to take care of convenience and safety.

Technical Specifications

The Vivo Y71 has 3GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, which should be able to carry a sufficient amount of memory to ensure seamless multitasking and storage of indispensable files. However, there is a catch to that: the available memory to use on the device is only 6.99GB, and thus, this might require the user to be a bit of a storage manager.

• RAM: 3 .

• Onboard Storage: 16 .

• Available Space: 6.

Camera performance

The Vivo Y71 shines in the camera department. Shots amazingly come out looking far above the price tag of a smartphone of this caliber. The camera in this smartphone does very well for both selfies and scenic shots and, in almost all cases, it makes colorful, detailed photos under a variety of light scenes.
The front selfie camera on the Vivo Y71 is very good and captures great detail in the well-lit self-portraits. Other than this, its post-processing capabilities assure that even under low-light settings, the selfies are bright and clear and bring out the facial features with quite clear detail.

The rear camera of the Vivo Y71 does well in capturing details and objects of vibrant colors, be it indoor or close-up pictures of the plants. It gets a sharp and adequately exposed photo, showcasing the strong point of the phone in photography.

• Close-up Photography:

The back camera does quite well for capturing the photos of small details and gives close, vivid, and keenly focused images of anything from plants to objects.

• Indoor Photography:

The dynamic range in the back camera performs exceptionally, capturing well-lit and detailed images, even indoors, where nothing is going to be left out.

While the Vivo Y71 does not have a dual-lens setup, the portrait mode is an amazing bokeh effect that gives the depth needed and focuses on the subjects. The final bokeh shots from this mode came out with truly praiseworthy detail and blur in the background, which one would otherwise expect from a higher segment of smartphones.

 Pros and Cons

When considering Vivo Y71, a number of things should be taken into account. Here are the key pros and cons:


• Affordability:

Vivo Y71 combines a few best features under one unit of very affordable pricing, so that it becomes a top preference for consumers having a cost factor.

• Camera Quality:

The Vivo Y71 offers an amazing photography experience, where the selfies and the rear camera support the price tag set above expectations.

• Face Unlock:

This is an easy and secure alternative method to unlock the device, making it more user-friendly.

• Build Quality:

The Vivo Y71 does not sport a fingerprint scanner; however, it comes with a glossy and light body, which makes it feel nice to hold and look at.


• Synthesis Processor performance:

A Snapdragon 425 processor is in this phone, so it's not comparable to the higher-end alternatives, but it still does an OK job with performance in day-to-day use.

• Storage Limitation:

The current internal storage of 6.99 GB would possibly have to be managed effectively in order to host user files and applications. Fingerprint scanner—this may be a turn-off for some users who want to unlock their phones by using biometric security.


Vivo Y71 is available on in the price range of SAR. 90.00 to SAR. 250.00. It is, again, a typical example of Vivo's determination to furnish the market with quality smartphones at affordable prices. In this case, where the market is flooded with budget smartphones, this device is making its presence felt by offering all of the features that the majority of people will need in a smartphone.

One of the key highlights of the Vivo Y71 has got to be the design.

It is comfortable to hold and use, with a lightweight build and an overall sleek and modern appearance. The 6-inch display is clear, giving a vibrant, crystal view; perfect for watching videos, browsing through the web, or doing social media. It provides the best screen-to-body ratio among phones in this price range, giving even more screen area without noticeably increasing the size of the device.

This is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, which does really offer smooth operation for tasks all throughout the day. It has the ability to shift through multitasking windows, browse the internet, or go social without any trouble. The performance on this model gets further enriched with 3GB RAM; hence, aiding in multitasking. Therefore, the Vivo Y71 is the device that's sure to deliver anything without a hitch for day-to-day activities.

One of the nicest features on the Vivo Y71 is its camera setup. The 13MP rear camera clicks good details and color under different lighting, while the 5MP front camera serves well for decent selfies and video calling. Not remarkable for its price range, due to catering to casual photography enthusiasts, it surely doesn't lag with the competition in high-end smartphones.

And, of course, most importantly, battery life of the smartphone, and the Vivo Y71 does not disappoint. It is a 3,360mAh unit, so it really lasts well over a day easily even on medium-to-heavy usage. This is particularly beneficial to users on the go, whose lives demand high levels of reliability on the part of the device.

Finally, there is the Vivo Y71, which can be used exclusively with, a great unit for those looking at having a smartphone within an affordable budget without ignoring some of the most important features. The thin design, good performance, decent cameras, and great battery life make this package all the more appealing to someone out in the market looking for an affordable but quite powerful device.

As a student, an employee, or a person needing a backup phone, the Vivo Y71 equates to value for money; hence, you get the most out of your investment.


1. What are the key specifications of the Vivo Y71?

Vivo Y71 runs on a Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor, which is capable enough for smooth functioning of daily work. For multitasking, it has 3GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. That should really be quite enough for most applications and media, though heavy users will consider the capacity a bit on the lower side. The device will get a 13 MP rear camera for crisp and vibrant pictures, well up to any type of photography needs. In the front is also a 5 MP camera for selfies and video calls. The Vivo Y71 boots the Funtouch OS on top of Android 8.1, providing a friendly interface and a wide range of personalization options. It further has a 3360 mAh battery that supports intensive use for the day. Face Unlock provides one easy and convenient way to unlock the phone. The 18:9 display ratio guarantees a perfect view of all things in videos and games.

2. Can the Vivo Y71 support expandable storage?

Yes, there is support for a microSD card in the Vivo Y71 for expanded storage. It is really very helpful, especially for people who would need a little more space in it to fill their media files, applications, and documents. With expandable storage, you can be free to have as many more photos, videos, or applications without limits to a phone that is full of memory. This makes the Vivo Y71 very versatile for people who would want to hold more media on their device. This feature of the microSD card slot ensures well-integrated operation for you to manage and access your files.

3. Camera features that stand out in the Vivo Y71?

The camera features of the Vivo Y71 are quite on point for a device in its segment. Featuring a 13 MP rear camera, this shooter is set to take detailed and vivid photos, which are good for almost every kind of shooting, from landscape to close-up. Now, in the portrait mode feature of the Vivo Y71, the dual camera lens setup will be missing, but the bokeh effect is pretty nice. It enhances focus on the subject and blurs the background. This is most appreciated by many during the time of taking portrait photos. The 5MP front camera is doing great in the take of bright and beautiful selfies perfect for sharing online through social media and video calls.

4. Does the Vivo Y71 feature a fingerprint scanner?

No, it doesn't have a fingerprint scanner, but there is a feature that compensates: the Vivo Y71 comes with Face Unlock. This gives an easy, fast, and secure way of unlocking the device, therefore securing personal information.

While some may miss the ease of the fingerprint scanner, face unlock works really well and is dependable in most lighting conditions. This security feature adds to the overall user experience, making the Vivo Y71 a practical choice for those looking for an affordable yet secure smartphone.

5. What are the major pros and cons of the Vivo Y71?

Vivo Y71 has several key advantages. One of the very obvious pros is that it is affordable for many users. However, at such low prices, the camera quality, be it for the rear or front camera, remains quite good in almost all conditions. Another good feature is face unlock, hence easy and secure access to the phone.

The smooth design of Vivo Y71 also adds to its attractive option to style-conscious users. But, there are a couple of limitations to it. The included processor, though adequate for general-purpose usage, may not be the most powerful, so it could feel somewhat slow when running some demanding applications. Added to that, the internal storage is really limited, with only 6.99 GB left for the user after system files.

This will also require the regular administration of apps and media to avoid running out of space. The other thing that could be a downside is that there is no fingerprint scanner, which could be a let-down for those users who prefer this mode of authentication. With these downsides, the Vivo Y71 is still up there with the other contenders in its class, presenting very good balance between features and performance.

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