Xiaomi Poco F5 Review: Top Performance, Great Value

Xiaomi Poco F5: Insane Performance, Budget Price


Xiaomi Poco F5 is a device that's meant to offer performances like a flagship device at a lower, much more affordable price. The phone runs on a Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 2 CPU, which offers both highly responsive performance for gamers and fast performance for multitasking on the device. The Poco F5 gives a beautiful display despite great performance, adding two dual speakers with a 3.5mm headphone jack to give the feel of a much-needed multimedia experience.

Reliability of the equipment and durability, together with the quality of the camera performance and how long the battery can stay before it is recharged, must be considered.

Display and Audio

It will have a 6.67-inch full HD Plus AMOLED HDR 10+ display with a beautiful peak brightness level of 1000 nits. Therefore, very sharp and vivid hence great visibility outdoors can be experienced by the user.

Videos really look crispy and clean; the phone plays HDR titles on Netflix as it should. The dual speakers of Poco F5 make sure that the sound quality is okay; with the presence of a 3.5mm headphone jack, it's rare for today's smartphones. The only con would be the shiny back that is a fingerprint and dust magnet; then again, this can be easily avoided by using the case provided in the box.

Reliability and Longevity

But a point or two where the Xiaomi Poco F5 may test its users come down to reliability and durability. This is considering that, while the phone is absolutely great in terms of performance and value, a few things are still left that can become a concern for long-term usage. The device provides only two years of Android upgrades; this is peanuts to somebody used to Apple or who is accustomed to buying a phone and then owning it for a large number of years. However, it is worrying that some sections of the Poco users have taken the liberty of complaining about the motherboard and battery issues during OS upgrades. Poco tries to temper some of these concerns with a basic 2-year warranty period on the Poco F5. But in the event that the phone does not experience a problem, the user may have to experience going to the service center and may also lose his data in the process. However, it would really depend on the buyer because one would weigh the fabulous performance and value of the Poco F5 against the mentioned potential reliability and longevity issues.

Video Performance

The Xiaomi Poco F5 is a powerhouse when it comes to video performance. And now that it's equipped with the new Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 2 processor, the execution will be inexpressibly fast and provide excellent conditions for gamers—or just those who like to have everything done like on a snap—respectively.

Equipped with a 6.67-inch full HD Plus AMOLED HDR 10+ display, the visual is just amazing, making videos look clean and crispy. The phone comfortably handles HDR content on Netflix and exhibits great outdoor visibility, thanks to its highly bright peak brightness. The 120Hz display further does justice to smooth and seamless video playback, while the dual speakers and 3.5mm headphone jack at the top in terms of sound output quality.

This 12GB Poco F5 boasts remarkable optimization that will give constant frame rates either in single or in online multiplayer games. Further enhancing performance is the latest Bluetooth 5.3 for connectivity, support for Wi-Fi 6E, and Wi-Fi calling with a dual nano-SIM tray. Moreover, the MIUI 14 interface will have more customization options, an always-on display, and a built-in screen recorder that will enhance the user's video viewing experience.

Value for Money

At a price of SAR.1,349, the Xiaomi Poco F5 offers incredible value for money. It basically means the Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 2 is equipped with a flagship-level processor, so an overwhelming experience of gaming and multitasking are both guaranteed to run smoothly. The beautiful viewing—the 6.67 inches Full HD+ AMOLED HDR 10+ display with 1000 nits—the beauty of this phone, which guarantees videos are sharp and look perfect. What is hardly found at this price range, if not the dual speakers with the 3.5mm headphone jack, providing sound output of the best quality for a more immersive experience in multimedia. In addition, it is alleged that the phone features a 5000mAh battery capacity on the Poco F5 and a 67W charger, topping the charts for battery life; the phone offers outstanding battery life that should easily see a user through a full day of use, even with mixed usage. The device also comes with a two-year warranty, providing users with peace of mind and added confidence in the product.

So, therefore, the standing of excellent performance, quality of display, sound output, and battery life of Xiaomi Poco F5 will be unparalleled value in the market for smartphones.


The Xiaomi Poco F5 is a smartphone that truly delivers on its promise of insane performance at a budget price.

The Poco F5:

The new Poco F-series phone with a flagship Snapdragon 7 Plus Gen 2 processor and a beautiful 6.67" Full HD Plus AMOLED HDR 10+ display. This smartphone will be featured with Dual Speakers and a 3.5mm Headphone Jack for an amazing experience in multimedia.

Dependable performance, long battery life, plus a warranty that lasts two years: that adds value to a hundred-dollar package. This makes the product very attractive to a budgeted user but who wants a high-performing smartphone.

But here is the catch: the motherboard and battery may face reliability issues during system OS upgrading, and there is a two-year constraint for Android upgrading.

Setting such considerations aside, the Xiaomi Plo F5 will offer consumers an unmatched value for their money and be the prime competitor in budget smartphones.


1. Is the Xiaomi Poco F5 waterproof?

This means that the Xiaomi Poco F5 comes with the assurance of never getting damaged by water to a certain extent. However, no warranty of water protection is provided, meaning one needs to take considerable care of this aspect while under an environment of water.

2. What colors does the Xiaomi Poco F5 come in?

It is available in two colors: black and snow. The snow color is themed "Elsa Frozen," while it is recommended to consider the black color, which is resistant to fingerprints and dust.

3. Does the Xiaomi Poco F5 have a 3.5mm headphone jack?

Yes, it includes a 3.5mm headphone jack in the Xiaomi Poco F5, enabling its consumers to use wired hands-free.

4. What is the battery capacity of the Xiaomi Poco F5?

It's powered by a 5000mAh Xiaomi Poco F5 battery capacity, which spices up users' experiences with extra-long battery power for a whole day's mixed usage. The phone further provides a 67W charger, hence charging speeds to 80 minutes.

5. What is the warranty coverage for the Xiaomi Poco F5?

The Xiaomi Poco F5 packs a two-year warranty to assure the user of comfortable and safe use. Even if considering the inconveniences that a user may face, it should be going to a service center and the likely case of data loss in case of its falling; mention there are certain risks.

6. What are the limitations in terms of reliability and longevity for the Xiaomi Poco F5?

The Xiaomi Poco F5 is a very good value and a performer; but, it has a few cons that the users will have in mind, such as: The phone will get only 2 years of Android upgrades, while upgrading OS might lead to some issues with the motherboard and battery. These factors should be considered when making an informed decision about purchasing the device.

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