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Dell Latitude E3450 i5 5th Gen , 500GB 4GB Ram

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Dell Latitude E3450 i5 5th Gen , 500GB 4GB Ram, With Bag
Regular price Dhs. 950.00
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Dell Latitude E3450 i5 5th Gen , 500GB 4GB Ram - Specifications

The Dell Latitude E3450 is a durable student and professional laptop. Intel Core i5 5th Generation processor blends performance and efficiency, making this laptop suitable for everyday and more demanding workloads. The processor lets users run several apps without slowdowns.

The Dell Latitude E3450 has 4GB of RAM for basic to moderate processing. Standard office applications, web browsing, and light multitasking run smoothly with this RAM. The laptop may be upgraded for extra memory to improve performance for more demanding jobs.

The 500GB hard disk of the laptop may hold documents, media, and software. This storage capacity is ideal for people who need to save plenty of data without external storage. The 500GB HDD gives consumers enough room to store crucial stuff.

Its elegant, corporate and academic design makes the Dell Latitude E3450 ideal. Resilience makes daily use rather outstanding. Users of its small and light design can carry the laptop between lectures, meetings, and remote business sites.

For efficiency and entertainment, laptop displays are neat and clear.
Spreadsheets, movies, and surfing are easier on good screens.

USB, HDMI, and Ethernet allow peripheral and network connectivity on the Dell Latitude E3450. Customers that need stable and flexible connectivity will love its versatility.

The Dell Latitude E3450 runs Windows, a familiar and user-friendly operating system that supports many software programs.This makes locating and setting up study and working instruments easier.

For many people, the trustworthy and flexible Dell Latitude E3450 i5 5th Gen with 500GB storage and 4GB RAM is The power and features of this laptop let one manage daily computer tasks for personal, educational, and professional use. sells laptops for everyone looking for a durable and reasonably priced one.

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