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Recently, Oppo released its new mid-range device, the Oppo A3 Pro, in China. The model has some very impressive features, like IP protection, and the storage goes up to 512 GB, which can be seen only in high-end smartphones. Thus, the Oppo A3 Pro has collected quite a lot of interest during the pre-sale time, making many speak about this device as a possible major success for Oppo in China. And, that's where this blog will take forward a discussion on the powerful specs and features of Oppo A3 Pro, with everything relating to its durability, design, camera features, and more.

Let's explore the remarkable attributes that make the Oppo A3 Pro a standout in the mid-range smartphone market.

IP Protection and Storage

With such a shielding, the Oppo A3 Pro has an advantage that it can support the hot water, splashes, and even the jets of pressurized water without getting damaged. All of these resistive levels of water make the device quite resistive at this level and increase the durability of the device up to harsh weather and rough treatment. Plus, Oppo Crystal Glass increases the resistance level of the screen to make it at a five-star level in drop tests from SGS.

Plus, the Oppo A3 Pro comes with an extended storage space of 512 GB, hence giving the user enough room for running all their applications, keeping the photos and videos they need, among other data. This large extent of storage ensures a user-friendly experience, which means there will be no hustles about the storage running your data.

The LPDDR4X RAM and UF 3.1 storage further improve the efficiency that enables smooth user experience. Built on its strong and durable IP-rated protection, the Oppo A3 Pro delivers with it all the storage needs that one may ask for and more, backed by great technologies that its RAM and storage assure of great durability but even better—reliability and functionality.

Success in China

According to the report, the Oppo A3 Pro attracted great attention and received a good reception during the presale period. Its feature configuration, such as IP protection with substantial storage capacity, has appealed to consumers very well in China. This mid-range device would go on to prove that it is one of the very best in the smartphone landscape—a highly competitive one at that—and definitely cements its position as a handset to consider for any consumer on the lookout for a rugged and reliable smartphone.

Attractive Design

The Oppo A3 Pro has a beautiful, thin body that represents it as a tough product with features of strength and resistance. The company sells the device in such stylish versions as pink, blue, and dark blue; it will make this smartphone very attractive for all connoisseurs of beauty. Its nature of CJSonlyUGd screen and the glossy nature indeed add much to the device's visuality and stylistic appearance. It further uses synthetic leather on the sides of the device in general complementing its design of the device under consideration.

With all those impressive IP class protections and durable abilities, Oppo A3 Pro doesn't let off the class to be modern and slippery between other mid-range smartphones.

Processor and Memory

That's even as the Oppo A3 Pro shall receive its processing power from the MediaTek Dimensity 750 chipset, which will be good for average overall performance.

Users will have the flexibility to choose between 8 or 12 GB of RAM, coupled with either 256 or 512 GB of storage. Even though the RAM and storage are not the fastest in the market currently, they offer enough capacity for one to multitask and storage, ensuring that one gets to have a smooth experience without lags or hiccups. As for its memory, the Oppo A3 Pro will have LPDDR4X RAM, promising optimized and reliable performance, and UF 3.1 storage. The users will, therefore, experience efficient multitasking, fast launches of applications, and responsive data management, all to give a speedy operational feel to the whole device.

Running either several applications at a go or saving numerous large media files by size, the processor and memory capacities of Oppo A3 Pro combine to give the user an appealing package of power and the volume of storage. In most cases, the processor on the Oppo A3 Pro Dimensity 750 from MediaTek comes out very brilliantly, with RAM and ROM offering generous options. Its enabled technologies for the most advanced memory and storage make it have an excellent supporting ground toward reliable performance and efficient data management. These features make this model ideal for the mid-level smartphone market.

Camera Capabilities

It also has an 8MP selfie snapper and dual 64MP and 2MP rear shooters placed vertically at the top left corner.

What is not the most equipped in terms of the number of camera sensors, it can still record videos with the main camera at 4K/30fps.

This device, being video recorded, should be ideal for vlog recording and all other events and literally any other type of video content one should need.

The handset is not aimed to compete for the top slot in photography, but with the features like video recording and imaging capabilities of this, it can cater to the diversification of the fully functional camera experience to the users.

Whether it's to shoot the memorable moments or create content through moving visual media, this thing can sure shoot. Oppo A3 Pro does present quite a compelling set of capabilities in the camera department and is thus a very strong suggestion for prospective buyers looking for a multimedia-friendly device on a mid-range budget.


1. What are the standout features of the Oppo A3 Pro?

The Oppo A3 Pro boasts excellent IP protection and an onboard storage of as high as 512 GB, something that's ideal for premium-class phones. This makes it very durable, reliable, and operational, striking the best in the mid-range smartphone segment.

2. What colors is the Oppo A3 Pro available in?

The Oppo A3 Pro will come in three color variants: Pink, Full Blu, and Dark Blue. They might cater to the consumers who have a good and tasteful sense of cuteness and grace.

3. What is the processor and memory configuration of the Oppo A3 Pro?

The phone, on the other hand, employs an 8GB or 12GB LPDDR4X RAM with a MediaTek Dimensity 750 processor and has an internal memory of 256GB or 512GB. It also has features of UF 3.1 storage, meaning this device further propels itself into efficient and reliable memory and storage capabilities.

4. What are the camera capabilities of the Oppo A3 Pro?

In this line of thought, the Oppo A3 Pro is equipped with an 8MP front camera and another one at the rear—it holds the main one of 64MP, along with a 2MP depth sensor. The main camera lens itself allows the user flexible functionalities in multimedia, as it offers 4K video recording at 30 fps.

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