Huawei P70: Sneak Peek at the New Device

Huawei P70 Picture LEAKED: Sneak Peek into the Upcoming Device


Fans around the world had been on their toes for the new device release of the Huawei P series. Recent leaks certainly have given the fans a preview of what to expect. Much has been speculated about the Huawei P70, but a recent leaked photo shows what the device might look like. While the company has not given any official announcement as to the actual date when the smartphone would be launched, this leaked photo would surely excite technology enthusiasts and the many loyal fans of Huawei.

Newly Leaked Photograph

A recently leaked photo can provide a real look at what the upcoming device, the Huawei P70, might look like.

Unlike the cases and renders that were leaking previously, this photo looks like it's of a final unit—or at least its back cover. The camera area is fully exposed, thus leaving no doubts that the camera module indeed features a triangular format with rounded corners.

Shared by Chip directly through a guab account, the leaked picture of the back cover is considered to be one of the standard models of the P series. Huawei is highly expected to showcase the Huawei P, Huawei P Pro, and Huawei PR. A bottom-left design of the brand name, placed horizontally, gives a perception as if this apparatus assumes the look of a camera when one is taking a photo. The leaked photo is likely to stir excitement and anticipation, most especially for tech enthusiasts and Huawei loyalists, considering the mystery that still shrouds the official unveiling date.

Speculations about the Device

That said, if we were to go by the recently leaked photo of the Huawei P70, then all the tech enthusiasts and loyalists to Huawei will be abuzz with speculations over the upcoming device. The leaked photo shows that the camera module, with rounded corners, is triangular. This started talks on some of the things the camera may enable users to do, or its features and functions.

That, with much speculation on the standard model of the P series, rumors are of the possible release of Huawei P, Huawei P Pro, and Huawei PR. In addition, the horizontal direction in which the brand name is orientated and the words "Galaxy S9" give a perception that the device, when in use like this fashion of taking a picture, will look like a camera. The brand name could suggest some speculation that it will have enhanced photography capabilities and new design features. There has been no official date of any launch, but after the release of the leaked photo, speculations have been churned out for the probable specifications and feature set of the Huawei P70.

Marketing Strategy

For its part, Huawei stuck to a combination of online and offline to generate buzz around any of its product launches. It leverages influencer partnerships on social media platforms for previews that excite tech enthusiasts.

Besides, Huawei stuck to a decades-old tradition by announcing surprise launches, hence creating an element of mystery and excitement over its new devices. And this is Huawei, which tries to build up the hype and propel early sales in a strategic move not to unveil official launch dates and the event invitations.

The approach has proven successful in the past and is likely to be repeated with the Huawei P70.

Gib's Installation of Google Services

It is not in all, however, that Huawei users will miss the Google services, for there are plenty of Google services that can get installed in Huawei using Gibs in App Gallery.

It should, however, be borne in mind that the experience may not be as before. This workaround will provide the necessary access to some Google services but not to completely replicate what users are used to. That, therefore, means that the state of Google services on Huawei devices, for the existing time being, can not convince a good number of the users. However, the availability of Gibs provides a suitable alternative for those who would like to get services similar to Google on their Huawei devices.


1. What has been leaked about the Huawei P70?

A real photo of the Huawei P70 has just leaked, showing the back cover of the device with a previously seen triangular camera module and rounded corners.

2. What models are expected in the P series?

It is highly likely that Huawei will present the Huawei P, Huawei P Pro, and Huawei PR models in the P series.

3. When is the official launch date of the Huawei P70?

And while there are rumors and speculations of an unveiling towards the end of April, no special event invitations have been sent out by Huawei. The company may end up doing a stealth launch, much like what it has done in the past with other releases of the Huawei Mate 60 series.

4. Can Google services be installed on Huawei devices?

Yes, with Gibs, the app gallery can be installed with several Google services. Its only that the user experience will not be the same as what one was experiencing before because there will be no support from Google to the phone.

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