Apple iPhone XS Max: Full Review and Detailed Comparison

Exploring the Apple iPhone XS Max: A Comprehensive Review


Now, the Apple iPhone XS Max is here to push the boundaries of innovation and design in a smartphone. This beautiful 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED display on the iPhone XS Max is crafted with precision to give you a view experience second to none in clarity and color accuracy, available now at our exclusive online store,

The device has a glass body and is sleek and durable; it features surgical-grade stainless steel that makes it not only brushed to a sparkling finish but also challenging enough for everyday use.

The iPhone XS Max gets its brain from the A12 Bionic chip with a 7-nanometer architecture, making the phone very powerful and fast. These are reasonably sufficient for the most demanding tasks.

Whether you're juggling multiple apps at once, playing graphics-intensive games, or streaming high-definition videos, the iPhone XS Max will respond smoothly. The Neural Engine is right inside the A12 chip, enabling many more advanced machine learning tasks and generally improving the overall user experience. The iPhone XS Max will serve photography enthusiasts with its dual 12MP rear cameras, both broad and telephoto lenses.

Smart HDR for advanced bokeh effects and adjustable depth of field gives users professional-grade photos at any time and in any light. With the front-facing TrueDepth camera that is perfect for selfies, ensure the safe keeping of all your private data with Face ID secured authentication.

Now available at FoneZone.I, Apple iPhone XS Max has a price range of 643 د.إ AED to 960 د.إ AED for one. That makes it, therefore, an excellent deal for users who want to experience a high-end smartphone without setting back on their quality or performance expectations from the device.

With advanced features and an elegant design backed by reliable performance, the iPhone XS Max will undoubtedly be your worthy companion in your digital life. Visit our website today and discover more about this great gadget, coupled with the exclusive offers we have in store.

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The Apple iPhone XS Max has a glass-on-glass design and a stainless steel frame, making it look wonderful. It's a bigger size for people who want a bigger model of an iPhone, enabling a much more immersive experience. However, with its overall measurement and weight, it can be somewhat more comfortable to use with two hands rather than one.

The device's construction has also become stronger: infused with Gorilla Glass 6; it is now much more resistant to physical impacts. Moreover, it also comes with an IP68 rating, which essentially means that the iPhone XS Max can be submerged in deeper water. ursorily, liquid ingress is still not covered under warranty.

The only biometric unlock feature of the iPhone XS Max is Face ID, which utilizes infrared technology to precisely and quickly recognize faces. In addition, the facility to add an alternate face enhances the convenience and security of the feature.


Equipped with stereo audio playback due to its dual speakers, the iPhone XS Max does offer a much better sound experience. Its earpiece speaker is greatly improved, resulting in a more rounded and fuller sound. The lab tests showed that the speakers of the iPhone XS Max did much better than those of iPhone XS rivals, getting an excellent score for audio quality.


The Apple iPhone XS Max has a lovely 6.5-inch OLED display, and with a pixel density of 458 ppi, the screen shows a clear content display. The notch cutout is still there; it doesn't affect that screen, which has reduced the bezel size to increase users' watching experience. This display boasts an extraordinary maximum brightness of 650 nits and excellent sunlight legibility, thus setting a solid benchmark for OLED displays.

The iPhone XS Max comes armed with Apple's latest A12 Bionic chipset, built using a seven-nanometer process and supplemented by four gigs of RAM. This powerhouse of a chip, equipped with an eight-core neural engine and a substantial GPU upgrade, outperforms all current smartphones in benchmarks. Its new image signal processor also enhances camera performance and further raises the stakes on smartphone hardware.


It will run with the largest battery fitted on an Apple phone yet at 3,200 milliamp-hours. Indeed, it did turn in very respectable results in the endurance tests, bagging a rating of 79 hours; it fared better than its junior sibling—the iPhone XS. But again, despite this gain above of having one of the most farewell battery life ever, it still fell slightly short of the iPhone 8 Plus and Note 9 in individual battery tests when the screen is turned on.

On the charging front, it does come with a standard charger of 5 watts—a product looking to get an 18 percent charge in about 30 minutes—but that is also what wireless charging manages. Faster charging is possible if one pays extra for Apple's higher wattage charger and proper cable; so, in half an hour, the charge will extend to over 50 percent.

Other than that, a beta version of iOS 12.1 is also released to resolve the charging issue where it could not trigger release if the iPhone XS Max has been idle for some time.

Compared to iOS 11, iOS 12 comes with minimal UI changes to the interface and carries most of the under-the-hood improvements for better performance. The system is divorced from blemishes, fast, and responsive; besides, Screen Time is on board to let users know how they use their phones better. Siri, too, keeps getting better with machine learning improvements.


On the back, the Apple iPhone XS Max also houses a dual-camera setup: one is a 12-megapixel f/1.8 wide-angle camera, while the other is a 12-megapixel f/2.4 telephoto camera; both have optical image-stabilized sensors. The wide-angle uses a new sensor with larger pixels, bringing features of the new image signal processor like Smart HDR through image stacking. The Camera app itself remains untouched, however. Most image and video settings are still prefixed and require users to navigate to the Settings menu outside of the Camera app.

Camera Comparison

It is in this section that we delve into details on APPLE iPhone XS Max vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera quality comparison. Both have a dual camera setup, and each device has different characteristics and performance. Let's see how the two flagship devices stand against each other on several fronts of photography and videography.

The color rendition of the iPhone XS Max in ordinary daylight conditions appears more subdued and closer to reality, while that from the Galaxy Note 9 is more saturated and warmer. The detail is also close, though the corners appear a bit softer on the iPhone. Moreover, there's a greater dynamic range—especially at the higher end—from the iPhone, which features Smart HDR.

The iPhone XS Max does slightly more underexposure in low-light shots, creating images with a little less saturated color than the Note 9, while the Note 9 blows out a photo with some juicy color to make it a little more alive. Both units, though, maintain pretty low noise levels in low-light scenarios and deliver clean images.

Switch to the telephoto camera, though, and the iPhone XS Max is quite easily Liquified in better contrast and sharper image quality than the Note 9. Still, it does bear underscoring that neither option proves effective in low light—firstly, since it's only intended to work in portrait mode on either device.

Video recordings from the iPhone XS Max and the Galaxy Note 9 spell out comparable overall quality. The iPhone does better detail-wise when shooting in 4K, while the Note 9 looks zestier at 1080p. Both devices do have stabilization across several resolutions—in this department, the iPhone is way smoother, too, around 4K 30 and 1080p.

Coming now to the selfie cameras, the iPhone XS Max has a 7-megapixel front shooter, while the Note 9 comes with an 8-megapixel front camera. Colors turn out warm and yellowish on the iPhone, while selfies clicked with the Note 9 have a more pinkish hue.

The narrower field of view of the iPhone makes it a bit tricky to include everything in the scene, but brightness from light lamps is handled well, and with detail in the highlights that's probably due to its Smart HDR.


The Apple iPhone XS Max improves significantly on the former with a larger bezel-less OLED display, the fastest performance in the market, better stereo speakers, and an improved camera.

However, compared to other flagship smartphones—like the Note 9—the difference is marginally relative, which is not such a decisive factor in this price range. At over 1200 euros for an iPhone XS Max, interest will be somewhat limited to only iOS lovers. It caters to a particular audience who prioritize the Apple ecosystem and are willing to invest in premium features from it.


1. What are some of the significant features of the Apple iPhone XS Max?

The Apple iPhone XS Max comes with a 6.5-inch Super Retina OLED display that gives users great scenes of view in entire colors and sharp details. Equipped with an A12 bionic chip, it provides extraordinary performance and fuel efficiency.

The dual 12MP rear camera system provides the best features, including Smart HDR and 4K video recording, to capture stunning pictures and videos. Moreover, Face ID secure authentication and Apple Pay are supported, and you can choose 64GB, 256GB, or 512GB storage options based on individual requirements.

2. Is the Apple iPhone XS Max waterproof or dustproof?

Yes, an Apple iPhone XS Max is built for durability. It does provide the best dust-resistance and water resistance with its IP68 rating; it can also withstand immersion up to 2 meters for 30 minutes, so this phone is good for active souls or jinxed people who spill/splatter everything on their device. However, to keep the device suitable for long, it is always advisable to avoid exposure to water and dust if not necessary.

3. Does the Apple iPhone XS Max support wireless charging?

The Apple iPhone XS Max supports wireless charging thanks to its glass-back design. It supports Qi wireless chargers, enabling you to charge your device without cables. Place it on a compatible charging pad, and the device will charge itself. This new feature brings ease and efficiency into your everyday life.

4. What are the camera capabilities of the Apple iPhone XS Max?

The Apple iPhone XS Max features a dual 12MP camera system at the back, complete with wide and telephoto lenses. It has several upgraded photography capabilities that let one create great images through Smart HDR for high dynamic range imaging, Portrait mode with depth control, and optical image stabilization. The device has a 7MP TrueDepth camera at the front, supporting Portrait mode for excellent selfies and exciting augmented reality experiences through Animoji and Memoji.

5. How much will an Apple iPhone XS Max cost on FoneZone.?

Starting at only 643 د.إ AED and going as high as 960 د.إ AED based on memory capacity and condition, find all the latest models of Apple iPhone XS Max in a range at We retain very competitive pricing so that you get the best value for your money during purchase. Kindly refer to our website to consider options in detail and select a used iPhone XS Max based on your needs and budget form. Head to and check out the Apple iPhone XS Max. Its premium segment properties are simply outstanding—be it a stunning camera, a large and brilliant display screen, or the ease of wireless charging. Head on to our website now to learn more and purchase.

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