Samsung Galaxy A20: Budget-Friendly Smartphone Review

Samsung Galaxy A20: A Capable Entry-Level Smartphone


Leading the pack of all available smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy A20 packs advanced features under a minimalist but beautiful design, thus making it one great option for techies and commoners. Be the first to rock this masterpiece—available only with us, at, at an unbeatable price—for a user experience like never before. With its sleek and modern design, the Galaxy A20 is built to fit perfectly in your hand, marrying both style and practicality into one.

One of the highlights of the Samsung Galaxy A20 is the 6.4-inch Super AMOLED Display, bringing dynamic colors and sharp contrasts to be sure that your media content is nothing less than impressive. Whether it is watching videos, playing games, or merely browsing the web, its quality display enlivens your content. This device is powered by a new Exynos 7884 octa-core processor with 3GB of RAM for smooth performance and efficient multitasking.

The dual rear camera in the Galaxy A20 includes a 13 MP primary sensor and a 5 MP ultra-wide lens. This setup can capture gorgeous field-of-view photos, which is perfect for landscapes and group photos. The 8 MP selfie camera ensures that your selfies come out perfectly, with beauty modes and filters to make your photos look even better.

One other area of review that can be said to be a high point of the Samsung Galaxy A20 is battery life. It has a lasting battery life of 4000mAh. It supports fast charge technology, which ensures a power-up and connectivity to heavy power users throughout the day and those who need the battery for critical everyday use.

Now available on is the Samsung Galaxy A20, coming in very affordably at 220 د.إ AED to 230 د .إ AED in terms of value. So, greatness doesn't have to break your bank; it just becomes a steal at the price. Don't let this chance of having an all-rounder stylish smartphone go past you. See more on our website,, and place an order.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Galaxy A20 has landed in our online-only shop, It has been at the heart of many discussions for perfectly blending performance with design and, of course, pricing. At, top-of-the-line products can be guaranteed, and the Samsung Galaxy A20 is no exception.

The Samsung Galaxy A20, very competitively listed at the price of 220 د.إ AED to 230 د.إ AED on our website, assures that our consumers have something marvelous without having to spend an arm and a leg on purchasing the device. The Samsung Galaxy A20 is perfect for anyone not willing to pay more than they have to when they want a high-quality smartphone experience on a strict budget because of the low price at which it is offered. Whether you're using it for daily purposes, multimedia consumption, or light gaming, the Galaxy A20 provides an experience that is seamless across all activities.

At, we understand accessibility and convenience. For that reason, we have ensured that the Samsung Galaxy A20 can be easily located for purchase by our customers. You can easily order from your website, which is easy and user-friendly, and enjoy a pleasant shopping experience.

Our dedicated team works really hard to keep our stock updated so that availability issues never bug you. You can get the Samsung Galaxy A20 delivered right to your doorstep with just a few clicks and be assured of its delivery with our reliable service. In addition, all the gadgets have detailed descriptions, high-quality images, and reviews from customers to disabuse you of the vagueness of looking through what to buy.

Customer reviews enable one to make informed decisions while purchasing a product. We are transparent and ready to provide all the information relevant to our clients so that they can choose the best gadgets within their budget. The Samsung Galaxy A20 is superbly featured but priced so economically, so it still stands among the good options aiming to upgrade one's smartphone with not much money from the pocket.

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is currently on offer only at Fonezone. me, which goes between 220 د.إ AED to 230 د.إ AED, an unbeatable price. We would like to take this moment to welcome you to our website to see more about what is entailed with the new Galaxy A20 and take this unbeatable offer with Fonezone. At, we bring you nothing but the finest gadgets at unbeatable prices, and with the Samsung Galaxy A20, we stay true to that promise.
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Design-wise, the Samsung Galaxy A20 is a better package than its sub-10,000-peso price tag. Yes, it fits on the low end of their A series. It weighs in at 169 grams, and it has the Phat Classic Candy Bar built while clad in Polished Polycarbonate at the back end, which gives a glass feeling while being solid, which is felt more with the black variant.


At, we are delighted to present to you the Samsung Galaxy A20, one powerhouse of a smartphone manufactured to bring your display to new heights with its excellent screen. The Samsung Galaxy A20 comes equipped with a Super AMOLED 6.4-inch screen that projects vibrant colors and sharp contrasts to bring each image and video to positively unparalleled clarity.

This edge-to-edge display is perfect for movie lovers, gamers, and those who are deeply involved in visuals on social media.

One of the premium display features of the Galaxy A20 is HD+ resolution, ensuring visuals that are sharp and packed with detail. Be it watching your favorite shows or just scrolling through your pictures, it is evident that there will be a sense of clear quality emerging from the screen.

The Super AMOLED technology further fits the capabilities better because of superior visibility outdoors so that you can enjoy your content in the sun without trade-offs in brightness and color accuracy.

To add to this vibrant display, the Samsung Galaxy A20 comes packed with several features that support the beauty of the display. The sleek design and minimized bezels enhance the screen–to–body ratio without giving bulk to the device; that's more substantial viewing space. This think-from-the-outside genius creates a situation where the Galaxy A20 is visually beautiful and comfortable to hold and use.

Available only on our online store at, the cost of the Samsung Galaxy A20 comes at an incredulously competitive rate of around 220 to 230 in your currency—and is a brilliant option for somebody who wants to move to a better phone without going down on the features and hurting their pocket. And on, there has always been a commitment that all products will be available for you at the best prices, and the Samsung Galaxy A20 is no exception to this cause.

This brilliant display from the Samsung Galaxy A20 is something you've never witnessed, with the rest hardly coming close in the market. Get your hands on this fantastic smartphone today at FoneZone and get your push notifications popping the best way possible. Elevate your digital life with the Samsung Galaxy A20, on sale now at


The Samsung Galaxy A20, available exclusively at, provides an audio experience second to none compared with the traditional repertoire of most smartphones within the pricing category. The device is designed to bring up high-quality sounds with all its audio interactions, suiting every activity with audibility. Whether it may be booming music or an enticing video, phoning somebody, the audio experience for this Galaxy A20 wouldn't be anything other than excellent.

Plus, a Dolby Atmos surround puts you in the mix of what is happening, and that is precisely what is appealing about the Galaxy A20. While this feature emphasizes the depth surrounding the audio and makes it more transparent, a listener receives a more dynamic and immersive soundscape.

A dual speaker system cements this, adding loud power and balancing sound provision to every part of the room. Along with the excellent performance of the speaker, the Samsung Galaxy A20 also performs great while outputting audio with headphones. It supports several formats for audio files and even update options for voice settings to let you set the kind of sound you would want.

Be it hard bass, smooth vocals, or a balanced sound, the Galaxy A20 has it all concerning adjusting sound settings according to your preference. Moreover, the call quality of the Samsung Galaxy A20 is awe-inspiring. The noise-cancellation system equipped on the phone allows your voice to be heard amid the noise level in the background.

Therefore, it makes the Galaxy A20 a perfect choice for people who spend most of their time on phone calls along the busy streets. Apart from that, the microphone of the phone is super-sensitive to accommodate your voice, but at the same time, it doesn't record too much background noise. It is now available at, where the Samsung Galaxy A20 is sold at a pretty reasonable price, between 220 د.إ AED and 230 د.إ AED, for anybody eyeing a smartphone that will give back as good as it gets in terms of sound quality.

Want to know more about this fantastic device? Then navigate to our website and experience it yourself—superior audio abilities. The Samsung Galaxy A20 isn't just any smartphone; it's your gateway to enhanced audio that can lift your day-to-day into the extraordinary.


The Samsung Galaxy A20 on offer at gives an experience matching the expectations of an average user. This one runs an Exynos 7884 chipset, which, coupled with an eight-core processor, operates smoothly and efficiently. The Galaxy A20 transitions quickly enough between multitasking, apps, browsing the web, and even streaming videos. The performance is further beefed up by the 3GB RAM this device comes up with; hence, it is possible to launch apps fast and navigate smoothly.

The main feature that sets the Samsung Galaxy A20 apart is its battery life. Powered with a big-enough 4000mAh battery, it can easily last through a full day of heavy usage.

This makes it the best choice for users who are always on their feet, without any consistent breaks, and need a phone that will be as alive as they are in the middle of the day. Furthermore, Galaxy A20 does support fast charging, so you could easily top up your battery in no time.

The display of the Galaxy A20 also shapes a lot of its performance. It also features an enormous Super AMOLED display measuring 6.4 inches, with a resolution of 720 × 1560 pixels. This will get sharp details and vivid colors to your display while watching videos, playing games, or simply moving through the apps.

Not only has that, but the Galaxy A20 has been beautifully crafted with an immersive display and ergonomically sleek design for one to have maximum delight wielding it around as an ornament.

On the software aspect, the Galaxy A20 runs Samsung's One UI skin over Android. Easy to use and optimized, ensuring one-handed usage is easier than ever with numerous features like Night Mode and many features for customization. Moreover, regular and frequent updates to this device from Samsung ensure security and access to the newest possible features and improvements.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy A20 gives a balanced performance suited to most casual and power users. Its strong battery life, along with its efficient processor and vivid display, makes for reliability and user-friendliness. The Galaxy A20 will be treasuringly available from between 220 د.إ AED to 230 د.إ AED—a low price to everyone on the lookout for a high-quality smartphone with an undisputable value.

Buy this terrific gadget at now.


The Samsung Galaxy A20 represents one of the most strenuous performances available in the market. A lot of performance comes from the potent battery on You need this battery replaced to ensure that your Samsung Galaxy A20 is powered and readied up for your hectic requirements, and we are proud to bring you front in this context. Be it for a heavy user who uses the phone for work, entertainment, or keeping in touch with loved ones, this battery will not leave you stranded with a drained device.

Samsung Galaxy A20 has a super-long battery, the kind to have you running your smartphone for the better part of your day. Powered with capacity inside the phone to support some advanced features and applications, multitasking is way more effortless on this phone, leaving some time for that long gaming and streaming assurance, and to work with peace of mind, having confirmed that you won't have to recharge again. Engineered for performance and reliability, its battery keeps you productive and at play nonstop.

This excellent battery for Samsung Galaxy A20 is available exclusively at at an unbeatable price: 220 د.إ AED to 230 د.إ AED—a very competitive price for a quality replacement tool. This said, consider yourself assured of genuine, high-quality products, as customer satisfaction is our first goal.

We understand the importance of reliable batteries. We strive for our customers to obtain the best products.

Get the Samsung Galaxy A20 battery on and enjoy our impeccable customer service. Our teams are available to answer all your queries and help you out with every problem to make sure your shopping experiences are entirely hassle-free. You'll also get fast and secure shipping options to get the battery quickly and enjoy its benefits immediately.

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy A20 battery available at is what every customer wants to help increase their device's performance and lifetime to lead great octaves. With such a capacity, besides reliable performance, this battery empowers your smartphone to keep going throughout the day. Do not let such exclusive prices and exceptional service pass you by; buy now from that new battery for your device.


A camera setaway, the Samsung Galaxy A20, is here at with an incredible set of cameras to capture both rambling photos and videos. At the core of Samsung Galaxy A20's photographic abilities lies a dual-camera setup that consists of a 13MP primary camera and a 5MP ultra-wide lens. The combination further allows the taking of high-resolution photos that display excellent clarity and detail, making some epic landscape pictures, remarkable portraits, and close-up shots.

It has an f/1.9 aperture on the primary camera, and low light assures that its images will come out bright and clear, perfect for night photography and indoor shots.

Besides the regular and ultra-wide sensors, the Galaxy A20 harbors several characteristics that will make the photography journey much better.

The ultra-wide 5MP camera lens gives a 123-degree view and allows the user to capture more in each shot, allowing you to capture more expansive scenes without a problem. It will be useful when you take group photos, expose some beautiful buildings or architecture, and shoot gorgeous, panoramic landscapes.

In the camera app, there is so much diversity of shooting modes and settings, including pro mode, live focus, and beauty mode, among others. With the help of these settings or shooting modes, the user can make a lot of personalized expressions according to his whim.

On the front, there's an 8MP selfie camera featuring f/2.0 optics, exhibiting clarity and richness in selfies. It further serves a palm full of nifty selfie-centric features such as Selfie Focus and Smart Beauty, ensuring that your portraitures shine and ready for social media. Besides, the Galaxy A20 can record Full HD 1080p resolution video that would capture very flattering and detailed clips for your vlogs/memory or even professional purposes.


Video recording in the Samsung Galaxy A20 is supported at a resolution of 1080p with an incidental rate of 30fps. The quality, then, of the video recorded is relatively high, as it also brings out accurate color reproduction to ensure that users can capture crisp and vivid moments. However, more advanced features of video recording were not made part of this device; overall, it performs well for everyday uses. Such a resolution does allow playback at a high definition on supporting devices without necessarily compromising the overall appearance of the filmed content.


The Samsung Galaxy A20 is generally distinguished by its super AMOLED display, decent performance, and wide-angle lens, among features known to cover silent-name traits such as USB Type-C with fast charging. Still, then it's dragged down by some cons. A very slow fingerprint scanner, facial recognition problems, and poor design make things easier for the phone.

With these flaws put aside, the Galaxy A20 comes out as an okay option for Samsung and One UI enthusiasts, but there are hugely competitive offers in this price range that have compellingly better performance and camera capabilities: the Realme 3 and the Redmi Note 7.


1. What are a few of the key features about the Samsung Galaxy A20?

It has many impressive features to enhance the smartphone experience in Samsung's latest Galaxy A20. It rocks a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display, so colors pop and contrasts run deep, making it viscerally pleasurable to do one's viewing on. Running the show is an Exynos 7884 octa-core processor, and the device has no hiccup under its sleeves. The back installs a dual-camera setup with a primary 13MP sensor and a 5MP ultra-wide sensor to help get detailed shots and vast landscapes.

2. What's the available memory on the Samsung Galaxy A20?

The Samsung Galaxy A20 comes with 32GB of internal memory—one will feel quite comfortable if they have a reasonable number of installed apps, photos, or media files in their head. Otherwise, for extended storage needs, there exists an expandable microSD card slot where more options allow for storage of memory space, putting the space condition for important documents or even carrying with oneself any multimedia content.

3. How's the battery life of the Samsung Galaxy A20?

The Samsung Galaxy A20 is powered by a 4,000mAh battery, which provides extended usage throughout the day. It also provides an average of 13 hours of internet usage time, 14 hours of video playback, and even up to 80 hours of audio playback when fully charged. The device is also prepared for fast recharging, allowing you to easily refill your phone battery without creating more downtime.

4. Does the Samsung Galaxy A20 support biometric security features?

The Samsung Galaxy A20 naturally supports biometric security features for keeping one's data safe and sound. It features a back-mounted fingerprint sensor that makes it easy and fast for one to unlock their device with just a tap on the sensor. Extra to this, the device supports facial recognition to allow a secondary, more secure way to unlock the phone or validate apps.

5. What will be the price of Samsung Galaxy A20 from says the Samsung Galaxy A20 will come at a beautiful price of not more than 220 د.إ AED to 230 د.إ AED, making it that device worth the purchase if one is very keen on getting value for money with a purchase of this rich-featured smartphone. Please log on to our website to buy the Samsung Galaxy A20 and avail this tremendous offer. The Samsung Galaxy A20 is exclusively available on our website, Do not miss this opportunity to grab a great offer on this all-powerful smartphone today!

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