HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7: A Versatile Business Ultrabook

Exploring the HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard: A Versatile Business Ultrabook


The most professional and ultraportable HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard, now available only at FoneZone.me with super performance and elegance. This is a cutting-edge laptop designed for professionals with high expectations of productivity, reliability, and security from computing devices. With a strong 11th Generation Intel Core i7 processor, you are assured of seamless multitasking and blazing speed to enable you to take up even the most taxing chores at work with minimum effort.

It is a great deal with 8GB of memory, ensuring it performs right while running those several applications simultaneously without a glitch. You get perfect storage space amounting to 1000GB only, ensuring that precious files, documents, and multimedia do not run short of space. The HP EliteBook 840 G8 will smoothly and responsively handle complex projects or any source of entertainment.

Their Arabic keyboards make one of the most vital pieces to use, either for preference or daily needs. The keyboards are designed to support comfortable and easy typing to ensure a rise in efficiency for high productivity. In addition, the EliteBook 840 G8 is classically slim and lightweight, making it the best option for any professional on the move who wants to carry their reliable device around.

Some of the most crucial security features on the HP EliteBook 840 G8 include HP Sure Start, with its self-healing BIOS, and HP Sure Click, which protects your system from being infected by malware and viruses—these help ensure that no potential threat jeopardizes your data and personal information.

Price and Availability

The HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard can now be purchased exclusively on our website, FoneZone.me. This ultra-tech laptop is designed to serve at par with the highest performance and reliability standards; hence, it's best for professionals and their needs and also serves students' needs. It is a high-performing laptop with an Intel Core i7 11th Generation processor that allows users seamless speed while working on demanding applications.

Notably, the HP EliteBook 840 G8 offers a spacious 8GB of RAM and powerful 1000GB of storage. This provides the users with memory and storage that is sufficient enough to run many application processes at the same time and in the storage of large volumes of data without any setbacks. The laptop also comes with the ARABIC keyboard, which is important to people who are either used to the interface or need an Arabic typing interface. These foster user experience, making the laptop friendlier for use with the Arabic-speaking population.

At FoneZone.me, we deal with incredible deals on superlative gadgets, and the HP EliteBook 840 G8 is no exception. Priced at a value-for-money 3,312.00 د.إ AED, this high-powered laptop provides advanced features and capabilities. We acknowledge that one needs to invest in some pretty tough technologies; hence, with the HP EliteBook 840 G8, our customers can be guaranteed top-notch performance and endurance.

This laptop is available on our website, so customers can easily buy it with just a mouse click and enjoy a smooth shopping experience.


This HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard has a robust and lightweight chassis weighing only 1.13 kg or 2.49 lbs, thus making it very portable for on-the-go professionals. The entire silver chassis adds a solid build, meeting military standard 810H standards for added robustness.

There's one display hinge here that opens to almost 170 degrees, so, well, working from just about any angle of the display is pretty much covered. Besides, the laptop's ventilation grilles are cleverly hidden underneath the hinge, making them easy to maintain. A replaceable memory supporting a maximum of 64GB DDR4, and the same for the PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD. Through pop-out accessibility, the 53-watt-hour battery and M.2 Wi-Fi module are other hardware pieces that can be easily replaced or upgraded.


The 14" full HD IPS anti-glare display panel in the HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard is surrounded by very narrow bezels on the sides, giving an 85% screen-to-body ratio. Going up to a maximum of 400 nits, the brightness potential can compensate for insignificant reflections, ensuring clear visibility even in unfavorable light situations.

The color accuracy is rated at 72% NTSC, meaning it's suitable for many business applications while delivering excellent visual quality.


The HP HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard has multiple connectivity options that cater to the requirements of diversified professionals.

The device has an AC power connector, HDMI 2.0, and two Thunderbolt 4 ports with USB 4 type C, which gives a high-speed signaling rate of 40 gigabits per second. It also supports USB power delivery and DisplayPort 1.4, ensuring that users can connect to other devices and screens without much hassle. Besides, there is the provision for users to add in a 5G SIM slot that would help them in getting connected on the move. The left side houses a nano security lock, two USB Type-A ports, one of which charges, a stereo headphone microphone combo jack, and an optional smart card reader. It assures excellent connectivity and range with an Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX-201 2x2 and Bluetooth 5 combo card that fits different networking requirements.

Keyboard & Touchpad

Along with the accessory is the HP Premium Collaboration Keyboard, which enhances typing. Backlit and spill-resistant keys allow users to tap the keys without damaging them if a keyboard hit happens. It provides high-quality tactile feedback for quickly finding the right key and comfortable, fast typing. Additionally, it works quietly enough not to cause a disturbance to even the people sharing one workspace.

To round off the pointing device input options, this laptop uses a Microsoft Precision ClickPad with multi-touch gesture support for a smooth and precise experience. Where it doesn't perform too poorly either, the touchpad integrated buttons could be quieter, and extending the touchpad dimensions wouldn't hurt. It features a pointing stick in the middle of the keyboard with physical buttons above the touchpad to provide more precise cursor control in very tight spaces.

Audio & Webcam

Not only this, the audio of the HP HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core is unique with its 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard; dual stereo speakers are titled with Bang & Olufsen, which lets them come up with earsplitting and well-balanced sounds with rich bass for better enhancement of video meetings, multimedia, and working in groups. Group video conferencing can be done immersively and, fostering unhindered communication and teamwork, in addition to dual Array world-facing microphones.

In addition, it comes equipped with a 720p webcam that outshines the average standard and delivers high-quality images one needs for office video calls or online meetings. The application of Zoom and Microsoft Teams also goes on much smoother through a better performance of the webcam, providing a reliable and interesting video communication experience.


Running the show under the hood of the HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard is the 11th gen Intel Core i7 processor, more specifically, the i7-1165G7 quad-core with a base clock of 2.8 GHz and TDP of 28 watts.

Coming with an adequate 16GB of DDR4 memory running at dual channels and a fast 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD, day-to-day office productivity tasks are much smoother to navigate through, running just fine with resource-intensive applications like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Pro. Its video editing and rendering capabilities are just great.

HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard scored 4,690 points in the PC Mark 10 stress test. Shifting over to Cinebench R23, we've got 4,069 points in CPU multi-core and 1,397 points in single-core. The Super Position benchmark led to a score of 2,044, while the Geekbench5 rendered a CPU single-core score of 1,461 and a multi-core score of 4,356. From the compute benchmark, the whole score was 14,446. In 3D Mark Time Spy, the overall score was 1,369, with a graphic score of 1,240 and a CPU score of 3,373.


Experience superb graphics performance with the HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen, now available only at FoneZone.me. This high-performing laptop comes powered with integrated Intel Iris Xe Graphics, ensuring brilliant visuals and glitch-free performance for all professional and creative needs. Do presentation designs, video edits, or run those demanding applications—the HP EliteBook 840 G8—experience crystal-clear images and vibrant colors that give life to your work.

The Intel Iris Xe Graphics card further complements the potent Core i7, guaranteeing enhanced visuals to allow seamless and efficient multitasking. With 8GB of RAM and ample 1000GB storage, you do not have to worry about the speed or capacity to store and access all your files, projects, and media without compromising performance.

Other appealing features that make this laptop further lure professionals who consider such features include a robust and sturdy structure and sleek design.

The HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen is set for 3,312.00 د.إ AED, with an Arabic keyboard layout for our varied customer needs. Learn more about it on our website, FoneZone.me, and own yours today. Experience the unrivaled graphics performance and elevate your computing experience to the next level using the HP EliteBook 840 G8.


The HP EliteBook 840 G8 is a safety-oriented system with Core i7 11th Gen. Its 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard is stuffed with many features that cater to corporate needs. It includes IR sensors for Windows Hello, a webcam privacy shutter, and a fingerprint sensor. Additionally, it comes with a TPM chip integrated with Windows BitLocker for hard drive and data encryption.

HP has also included the HP Wolf Security tool with the EliteBook line, featuring hardware-enforced security capabilities that give excellent protection for sensitive business data.

Battery life

This HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB laptop is equipped with an HP Long Life 3-cell 53Wh lithium-ion battery, which leads to perfect battery life for day-to-day business usage. It can work with multiple browser tabs, office suite applications, and Teams calling for about eight to nine hours, which enables the luxury of working from home without the hustle of charging the device time and again. The 65W USB Type-C adapter supports even greater portability for users so that their productivity is not limited.

The Good, The Bad and The Really Bad

HP HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard With good upgrade options and a surprisingly quiet cooling fan, however, this is expected with such compact laptops with soldered-on memory at this price point.

The HP HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard is purposefully designed so that users can relish complete upgrade flexibility with dual sodium memory slots, NVMe M.2 slot, Wi-Fi card, and removable battery with accessible customization features that help cater to the needs of working professionals.

The HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard features such a design with an ultra-quiet cooling fan to provide the user with a near-silent laptop experience. This specifically helps people with noise sensitivity and working in quiet or shared environments.

Long battery life

The HP HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard is another helpful model because it attains all-day battery life, rendering it something to trust for most professionals on the move. Power through your day with over 10 hours of battery life, which enables you to work and stay productive for the entire workday. Another advantage is fast charging, which allows users to quickly replenish the battery to enable completion of tasks on time and uninterrupted workflow.


You can consider alternatives while opting for the HP HP EliteBook 840 G8 Core i7 11th Gen 8GB 1000GB ARABIC Keyboard. Some of the more exciting competitors in this 14-inch lightweight business laptop segment about the Acer TravelMate Spin P6 are the Dell Latitude 7420, Lenovo ThinkPad T14s Gen 2 (14" Intel), ASUS ExpertBook B5 B5402C, 11th Gen Intel, and MSI Prestige 14. All of these come with their features and specs for different professional needs and likings.


The HP EliteBook 840 G8, on the other hand, powers up with an 11th-gen Core i7 with 8GB RAM and 1000GB storage, available exclusively at FoneZone.me for 3,312.00 د.إ AED.It's a superior exhibition PC conceived especially for experts who need a vigorous and dependable PC for their regular undertakings. Inside, it accompanies an eleventh-gen Intel Center i7 processor that gives you quick and productive execution to make performing various tasks more straightforward.

The 8GB capacity of this HP EliteBook 840 G8 will allow you to multi-task with many apps open without slowing down your laptop. Storage—1000GB worth of it: that can store both all your work files and documents and multimedia. An Arabic keyboard layout is installed in this model, making the use of this model by Arabic users even more friendly to typing.


1. What are the salient features of the HP EliteBook 840 G8?

This HP EliteBook 840 G8 operates under an Intel Core i7 11th Gen processor clocked at speed to provide excellent performance either while running multiple applications or during the execution of demanding tasks. It also has 8GB of RAM and 1000GB hard drive capacity for extra stability related to file storage and seamless operation. It also has an Arabic keyboard for all those who prefer and require an Arabic interface.

2. Can the HP EliteBook 840 G8 be used for professional reasons?

Yes, the HP EliteBook 840 G8 is oriented for professional end-users. With a powerful Core i7 processor and huge memory capacity, it will run very demanding applications, including extensive databases and other professional uses gracefully. That is in addition to its slim, solid design, enhancing durability and survivability to the rigors associated with a busy professional work environment.

3. Does the HP EliteBook 840 G8 have advanced connectivity options?

The HP EliteBook 840 G8 has a thousand and one connecting options, from USB-C and USB-A to HDMI and a headphone/microphone combo jack. Attach external displays comfortably and connect your dock, peripherals, or other accessories that help you to be productive and versatile in or out of the office.

4. What are the security features of the HP Elite Book 840 G8?

It hosts fully packed enhanced features within the data and privacy security genre. The HP EliteBook 840 G8 goes under that HP Sure Start feature: it authenticates BIOS for self-heal attacks. All done simultaneously with an inbuilt fingerprint reader and IR camera, logging in is securely and conveniently done.

5. How does an Arabic Keyboard benefit users of the HP EliteBook 840 G8?

An inbuilt Arabic keyboard on the HP EliteBook 840 G8 presents an excellent chance for those who like or need to type in this language. This makes it super user-friendly for Arabic speakers, enabling them to tap away more effectively and comfortably. It can be helpful for both professionals and students working on documents and applications that are written in Arabic.

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