Apple iPhone 6s Plus: In-depth Flagship Review

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus: The Best S Model


Introducing the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, now available exclusively at The iconic device will bring you a truly seamless experience in performance and elegance. The iPhone 6s Plus features a 5.5-inch Retina HD display for great visuality and colorful views to bring your content to life. Every detail is rendered with mind-blowing clarity, whether browsing, streaming, or gaming.

The A9 chip in the iPhone 6s Plus is now more powerful, being based on 64-bit architecture, yet remaining fast and exceedingly power-efficient. This translates to having smooth multitasking, the most instant launch of applications, and interacting with a very responsive user interface. The device also offers a 12-megapixel iSight camera to shoot stunning photos and 4K video capture with great ease. Other essential features include Live Photos, a way to relive moments in stories that sound and move—giving another dimension to pictures.

Purchase the Apple iPhone 6s Plus within an incredible price range, starting from 250.00 د.إ AED up to 504.00 د.إ AED, only at An opportunity not to miss: the smartphone that carries the ultimate hallmark, effectively combining innovative technology with delicate design. Visit our website today for an excellent experience with the iPhone 6s Plus.

Price and Availability

The Apple iPhone 6s Plus has been exclusively put up for sale on our website, It is among the most revered smartphones, popular for its beauty, power, and user interface. We offer very competitive prices at one zone. me to ensure customers get the best value for every penny spent on such a unique-class device.

iPhone 6s Plus prices range from as low as 250.00 د. إ AED to 504.00 د.إ AED, really making it an affordable flagship device for a broader range of people looking up to the premium features of devices without breaking the bank. Variances in pricing depend on conditions and configurations, so here, you can choose the option that best suits your needs and budget.

Restock of our Apple iPhone 6s Plus arrives regularly, so we do not run out of stock to cater to our customers needs. Visit today, check our collection, and get your Apple iPhone 6s Plus at an amicable deal. Enjoy the reliability and sophistication of this iconic smartphone now at a fraction of the price.

Design and Display

Design-wise, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus is within the same ballpark as its predecessor. There are a few differences: more resistance to bending due to the aluminum of the 7000 series and a slightly rougher feel, although still quite slippery compared to other phones. Radiused corners and wide radius antenna channels with slightly chubby bezels make this phone not the winning beauty pageant contestant but something that fits pretty well into your hand, given that it's at this larger size.

The iPhone 6s Plus features a 5.5-inch display maintained at full HD resolution. Some would argue it's not the highest resolution, but still, the quality of the display retains vibrancy with exceptionally sharp details on the screen and at excellent brightness levels. The better part of this goes down to the massive size of the screen, which facilitates the view, hence fitting for tasks in multimedia consumption and productivity.

Battery life and charging

Regarding battery life, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus may not have the most significant power pack around, but it makes the most of it. While some competitors will provide a larger installed battery, the numbers for practical usage tell a different story where the iPhone 6S Plus is strong. It can last up to seven hours—a full heavy-use day—and almost two days while being power-saved in moderate use.

The iPhone 6s Plus shows solid endurance and outlasts most smartphones with larger batteries in real-world usage scenarios. Even under hard, heavy use, the phone has proven to be reliable overall, providing users with a consistent and dependable experience.

While the iPhone 6s Plus does not have wireless charging, the efficient management of the battery's power and endurance allows you to have no concerns about charging it all the time. With even more extended periods of battery life during heavy use, the device can get through quite a long interval without needing a recharge, thus promising reliability for users on the go.

Interface Controls Redesigned: Touch ID, 3D Touch

The new Apple iPhone 6s Plus comes with new interfaces that establish a better user interaction and experience with functionality. From the lightning-fast Touch ID Fingerprint Scanner to the innovative 3D Touch technology, these additions redefine the user experience.

The new Touch ID fingerprint scanner in Apple's iPhone 6s Plus is lightning-fast and unlocks the device with a touch of the home button. Such enhanced response time might even leave the notifications on the lock screen almost unnoticeable, hence showing just how this scanner is speedy. Furthermore, it comes with taptic engine integration, giving off ripples of vibration that feel pretty subtle—just about enough to be felt for an incredibly tactile improvement.

The most remarkable feature of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus is 3D Touch, by which users can interact with the device in novel and more natural ways. Pressing more on the screen brings quick shortcuts and previews to enhance productivity and convenience.

Whether looking at an email without actually opening it, previewing a link without loading it, or very quickly accessing relevant information, 3D Touch gives another level of usefulness to the touchscreen interface.

iOS 9 Overview

Experience iOS 9 like never before with the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, now available on This matchless device will bring flawless cutting-edge technology to blend perfectly with user-friendly features that will make life on the go simple and fun.

Expect the best from iOS 9: optimized performance, a long-lasting battery, and an interface that is even more intuitive, which makes easy work of your digital life.

The iPhone 6s Plus is a phablet with a beautiful 5.5-inch Retina HD display that can give bright colors and details, just perfect for browsing, streaming, and gaming. Its A9 chip is powerful enough to deliver smooth multitasking and fast performance of apps, all while great for working and playing. Advanced device camera functionality lets one capture fantastic photos and record video with ease.

Available on from a price range of 250.00 د.إ AED to 504.00 د.إ AED, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus is in the range of affordability for a large section of people who want quality in their smartphone experience. This is your opportunity not to be missed, with elegance and power all wrapped into one great device that runs on iOS 9. Check our website and order right now.

Camera Capabilities

The camera of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus is going to continue with the excellent tradition of being very nice in photography thanks to solid optics and user-friendly software. Positioned as a standout feature, Live Photos make dynamic additions to your gallery: still, images that can be animated via a 3D touch can also be set as wallpapers. While for many users, this means an extra video file plus storage usage for one effect, Live Photos are captivating enough that most will not mind.

The new 12-megapixel camera hardware provides good quality everyday photos that, when using a technique, appear very appealing to the human eye. In addition to the digital and optical stabilization combined on the iPhone 6s Plus, the video recording remains stable while on the move. The direct access to iMovie for editing videos on the phone supplies a convenient and creative extension.

The primary 12MP iSight camera on the iPhone 6s Plus is also impressive in low light, managing excellent results without its usual dual LED flash for color correction. The selfie camera gets a significant upgrade, now with a 5 MP sensor and a clever display-based flash with adjustable color temperature based on ambient lighting. However, competition has made great jumps, in photo quality at least, from the likes of Samsung and LG, so this is not as one-sided an advantage as it used to be.

Low Light Performance Good, Even Without Dual LED Flash Varies with most being comparable or better than that of iPhone Selfie Camera
Upgraded with 5MP sensor and screen-based flash Varies, but can have better field of view and quality

Other Notable Features

Apple iPhone 6s Plus comes with several standout features that make it a great experience altogether. On top of that, the Touch ID fingerprint sensor in the iPhone 6s Plus is much faster than its predecessors and, beyond that, provides more rapid, more convenient Apple Pay transactions. The holistic use of Apple Pay in all utility areas in a city like Boston is itself evidence not just of the robust Apple ecosystem but also of the leadership that Apple assumes in contactless payment technology.

The new motion coprocessor in iPhone 6s Plus increases the phone's context awareness, allowing hands-free activation of Siri and other interactions to feel even more natural. In contrast, it misses other advanced features currently available on different devices, including automatic display activation when taking the phone out of a pocket.

This difference in reception strength is a subjective one, for the iPhone 6s Plus is strong in its own right— just not as strong as some of these other devices. It's also missing some crucial optimizations for big displays: Split View multi-tasking, and – here it comes again – a persistent number row on the default keyboard, for instance. Despite these developments that have come to light, the iPhone 6s Plus remains a powerful and very versatile device that will provide a very smooth and coherent experience within the Apple ecosystem.


The Apple iPhone 6s Plus, available exclusively at Fonezone. me, exemplifies Apple's cycle of betterment and its never-declining quality standards. It has an excellent fusion of design with optimal performance, making it the prime choice for any smartphone user. The A9 chip is pretty powerful to ensure smooth multitasking and fast performance; a 5.5-inch Retina HD display will immerse you in the experience, full of colors and details. The obvious and responsive iPhone 6s Plus keeps streaming videos, surfing the web, and playing games fast and smoothly.

Combined with this incredible display and performance, the iPhone 6s Plus has a 12 MP iSight back camera with a 4K video recording set to capture perfect shots for your remarkable moments. The 5 MP front camera has Retina Flash to keep you looking great in your selfies and video calls.

The gadget has pre-installed 3D Touch technology, which provides shortcuts and enhanced functionalities with just a press on the screen.

At, we have an Apple 6s Plus within our price range of د.إ 250.00 to د.إ 504.00, and thus, it offers excellent value for a device that continues to remain one of the best in the market today.

All these, put together in the performance, design, and advanced features of the smartphone, make it great for anyone who needs to have an assurance of style. It is now time to grab that iconic gadget; visit our website today and experience the Apple iPhone 6s Plus for yourself.


1. What are some of the main features of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus?

Apple iPhone 6s Plus has a couple of features that turn it into quite a head-turner. Running on a 5.5-inch Retina HD display, this does make way for clear and sharp views with a resolution of 1920 by 1080 pixels. The phone is powered by the Apple A9 chip with 64-bit architecture and an embedded M9 motion coprocessor.

The camera on the iPhone 6s Plus has a 12MP iSight rear sensor and a 4K video recording feature, while the front camera has 5MP FaceTime HD. It also has 3D Touch, which allows for a whole new way of interacting. Available in many storage options and color variants, this versatile model can cater to most needs.

2. How much is an Apple iPhone 6s Plus sold at FoneZone.?

The cost of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus is between 250.00 د. إ AED and 504.00 د.إ AED at The variation in pricing boils down to the specific model of the phone: storage capacity and condition, among other aspects. Such competitive prices make the option attractive to customers willing to get a high-quality smartphone at reasonable prices.

We ensure our products are tested and certified to give you value for your money.

3. How's the battery life of an Apple iPhone 6s Plus?

The device has a non-removable Li-Ion 2750 mAh battery in the iPhone 6s.

It offers up to 24 hours of talk time on 3G, approximately 14 hours of HD video playing, and about 80 hours of audio playing. This massive battery life means that the gadget will keep you well entertained practically all day long without the necessity of frequent recharging. Besides, the power-saving A9 chip further optimizes battery performance so you get more out of your iPhone 6s Plus with each charge.

4. Is it possible to update an Apple iPhone 6s Plus with the newest iOS updates?

Yes, the Apple iPhone 6s Plus supports the latest updates to iOS. Currently, it is running iOS 15, which introduces many new features and brings performance enhancements to the device. All this will go a long way toward offering enhanced control over your privacy, all-new multitasking capabilities, and improved app functions. Periodic updates of the software from Apple will make your iPhone 6s Plus secure and up to date on the most current technology trends in delivering unmatched usability.

5. What is the storage for the Apple iPhone 6S Plus available at

Apple iPhone 6s Plus is available in varied storage variants at to match just every requirement: 16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB models. You can finally pick out the capacity for storage that matches seamlessly well with your lifestyle based on usage requirements. Whether you need enormous storage for your apps, photos, and videos—or you just want a modest one—there are several alternatives to fit precisely your wish. Each model provides excellent performance and high reliability, typical for Apple products. Shop for iPhone 6s Plus on sale and get the lowest price guaranteed, combined with quality assured. For your ultimate iPhone 6s Plus find, visit today.

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