Moto G04s Review: All About This Budget-Friendly Phone

Moto G04s Official Review: 6.6" Screen, Design, Performance & More


Moto has officially launched in the UK, with its latest model: the Moto G04s with a 6.6" display. Priced at just SAR.424, this will fall into the budget area of smartphone prices and could be quite tempting to someone looking for a cheaper alternative. This review dissects the Moto G04s through its performance, gaming capacity, speaker quality, and features of the phone's screen. After all this, we will try to summarize all the details you may need in deciding to purchase your next smartphone.

Unboxing and Design

Design-wise, the Moto G04s is a bit of a behemoth, carrying a 6.6-inch display. The device also has the volume and power buttons on the right-hand side of the device and doubles the power button for convenience in fingerprint recognition. Atop the phone is a headphone jack with branding that suggests Dolby Atmos. At the base, the phone possesses a single-firing speaker, a microphone, and a USBC port.

• The phone comes with a user guide, warranty information, a Sim ejecting pin, a USBC charging cable, and a 10W charging brick.

• The back of the phone has a plastic finish with a 16-megapixel rear camera and Flash, giving good and firm build.

• Display-wise, the device has a 6.56" IPS LCD panel, which is 1612 by 720 resolution and features a 90Hz refresh rate display, which is quite okay for the asking price.

Summing up, we can say that Moto G04s is designed with the task of perfect functionality; it will appeal to each one who is looking for a smartphone at a budget price.

Screen and Display Features

The Moto G04s provides a 6.56" IPS LCD panel, pushing a resolution of 1612x720px and an adaptive refresh rate of up to 90Hz. It works pretty okay within this price. Nevertheless, the brightness level is not the best, and the angles could be more open, as from a slightly more lateral view, a decrease in brightness can be seen. It has support for Widevine Level One, but the brightness may be a problem under direct sunlight. However, all that could be compensated if it were for media consumption's sake; say, watching a YouTube video in 1080p 60FPS. Of course, it is also noteworthy that the IPS LCD panel may not offer the greatest visibility under the brightest outdoor conditions, while the peak brightness levels are not high. But considering this price range, the display would be sufficient to provide decent visual output and clarity for video playback and daily usage needs.

• The Moto G04s comes with a 6.56" IPS LCD panel with a 1612x720 resolution and a 90Hz refresh rate.

• This display gives decent sharpness and color reproduction for the price, but the levels of brightness might be too low for sunny outdoor conditions.

• The video can play on some apps with support up to 1080p 60FPS and has Widevine L1.

Performance and Software

The Moto G04s does come with a 64 GB storage and 4 GB RAM, which indeed is pretty much good for the day-to-day regular usage of apps. The phone is powered by the uniso t606 processor, which is an entry-level CPU, along with an entry-level GPU.
It runs Android 14, but sadly, this phone isn't going to be getting any OS updates—just a couple of years' security patches. Some might be let down by this, especially for those who intend on keeping the software in the long run.
The phone is also capable of charging at 15W, and given a compatible charger, approximately takes a duration of 2 hours to charge from zero to full.

• The Moto G04s comes with 64 GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, suitable for regular daily use.

• It is powered by the uniso t606 processor and runs on Android version 14, with no support for OS updates.

• The phone supports 15W charging and takes about 2 hours to fully charge with a compatible charger.

While the phone is quite fine to do the usual daily tasks and to use casually, more intense using will result in some lags and stuttering.
Apps may take a second or two to load, and the phone may not be as responsive or snappy as users would like.
In summary, the Moto G04s presents an adequate level of performance given its price. It's only quite apt for those on a budget and with very humble requirements for a smartphone.

Gaming Experience

When it comes to gaming, the Moto G04s performs adequately for light, casual gaming. It may not run games with more loading graphics itself since the power in graphics and frame rate is very low, thus bringing an effect on the quality of the gaming. For example, in a game like PUBG Mobile, entry-level CPUs and GPUs may result in users experiencing lower frame rates and limited graphics settings. However, for less demanding games like Asphalt, the phone is capable of running smoothly on default graphic settings.

• The Moto G04s is suitable for light, casual gaming, but may struggle with more graphics-intensive games.

• Games like PUBG Mobile may exhibit lower frame rates and limited graphics settings due to the entry-level CPU and GPU.

• The games are fun with default graphic settings and smooth ailiblity, which makes games like Asphalt feel like lightweight games.

Gaming on the Moto G04s, in general, remains quite handicapped by the hardware potential and would probably be a very good idea for any serious gamer to look elsewhere for something more powerful in the smartphone department.

Those looking for a entry-level budget option to suffice light gaming and everyday tasks should consider the Moto G04s, which comes at a relatively light cost to the pocket, with basic features to suffice for gaming.

Video Processing and Biometrics

When it comes to video processing, the Moto G04s may struggle with exporting and processing high-resolution videos.

In the test, the process took about 2 minutes and 35 seconds for a 1080p video. This means video content is usually a long process. On biometrics, this includes a side-mounted fingerprint reader that makes it easy and fast to unlock the phone.

The fingerprint reader works quickly and efficiently, providing secure access to the phone's features and functions.

Camera Quality

One should be set with realistic expectations in regard to camera quality, as the Moto G04s is not all that expensive a smartphone.

With a 16-megapixel rear camera, it's not really going to be the camera selling this device. However, it does come with some of the standard settings like portrait, night mode, and standard video/photo settings for regular daily needs of photography.

• On the other side, the Moto G04s has a 16MP back camera, which is quite okay in general use for photo and video capturing.

• The camera has the setting options of portrait mode, night mode, and all the other required video and photo options to bring the camera to standard features during casual photography.

• The Moto G04s is capable of recording even with the usual characteristics required for video of everyday use and even 30 frames per second in HD and FHD.

Overall, the camera does not provide anything exceptional to the Moto G04s, but it has everything needed at its basic features for taking either photos or video. It would pass muster for general and casual work, right up to the kind of everyday photography that should not, in all honesty, be getting that much attention but which phone users will appreciate.


In general, Moto G04s is the best budget phone with a 6.6" screen, which can only attract people who are about to buy an inexpensive but functional gadget. Moto G04s perfectly offers the basic: the best design, basic camera, and moderate performance for everyday applications. The only condition is weak hardware, which will be a limitation in operation, mainly in tasks connected with games and video processing. There is also a downside to the software: on the issue of OS updates, such a gadget won't be updated to a new version, carrying out the period of support for 2 years of providing only security patches, which is kind of bad for extended use. But the Moto G04s offers stripped-down hardware, which has just enough basics, for those more interested in cheap basic functionality than anything else.


1. What is the price of the Moto G04s?

The Moto G04s is priced at SAR.424, making it a budget-friendly option for smartphone users.

2. What are the storage and RAM specifications of the Moto G04s?

The phone comes with 64GB of storage and 4GB of RAM, suitable for regular daily use and casual tasks.

3. Does the Moto G04s support OS updates?

No, the Moto G04s only receives 2 years of security patches and does not support OS updates beyond that.

4. How is the gaming experience on the Moto G04s?

Casual, light gaming is where the Moto G04s will do well, but some of the more graphics-intensive games may be a challenge due to its entry-level CPU and GPU.

5. What is the battery life of the Moto G04s?

The Moto G04s, on the other hand, will be driven by a 5,000mAh battery, with virtually the same chances that it too can provide the device with great battery life even for gaming, where the phone can last for almost two days with casual use.

6. What are the camera capabilities of the Moto G04s?

The Moto G04s smartphone will have a 16MP rear camera, especially with the portraiture, night, or standard video setting modes, all required in most activities of taking photos and videos.

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