Samsung S20 Series: Extended Security Updates

Samsung extends software support for the Galaxy S20 series


Do you own any member from the Samsung Galaxy S20 series? Well, you must be worried about the software support of your device, which according to the promised timeline should already have been over by now. Not anymore!

Samsung has updated software support for the Galaxy S20 series, and we take a look at everything this exciting update entails in this newsletter.

Explanation of Software Support Extension

The Galaxy S20 series has, however, continued to live beyond the promised software support timeline, and Samsung has managed to extend that window by now offering quarterly security updates on the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. That would mean those devices will be entitled to essential security patches for an undisclosed amount of time. While Samsung has not stated the specific duration for which the support time frame would be extended, users can head into the future with the assurance of not being left high and dry. The frequency of updates will also change from monthly to every three months.

As for the Galaxy S20 FE, this model is currently still enjoying monthly security updates. But it's not clear at this time when that device will roll over into that quarterly update scheme or if it's going to eventually stop from getting future updates. That will depend on how Samsung opts to proceed with software support for the S20 FE, be it extending that support term or sticking to the original four years they committed to. While the members of the Galaxy S20 series may be long past their prime in terms of software support, it does point to having updated features with the knowledge that security patches will still be coming, even if few and far in between.

This will extend the software support lifecycles, ensuring that the devices age much better than anybody would have guessed, and giving continued security and usability to users.

Duration of Software Support

All users of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series can now use its software for a longer run because Samsung has extended software support for the unit. While it has not specifically mentioned the duration of the support extension, still the quarterly updates keep coming, meaning necessary security patches are going to be available for a period that too has not been mentioned.

This, in turn, means that the users of Google Play Protect can be sure that their phones are under updated safety features. The Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra will, in the meantime, see their update cadence change from monthly to once every three months. These update frequency changes are coming as part of the new quarterly security updates, in a bid to make sure these devices remain both secure and usable for a long period of time.

The Galaxy S20 FE, however, is currently updated on a monthly base. It is not entirely clear at this time when this model would change over to the quarterly update scheme and if at some point in the future, no updates will be possible.

As for the software support for the S20 FE, that remains to be seen—only time will tell how Samsung treats it. But with devices in the Galaxy S20 series already outliving the software support timeline promised, an extension of the same will see fewer but continued updates in features and important security patches.

And this is a promise from Samsung: All the phones in the Galaxy S20 series will continue yielding security and usability experiences far longer than users would expect.

Frequency of Updates

Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S20 series could also look forward to the change that was being switched over to quarterly security updates for the S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra. Essential security patches will still be provided, just not as frequent as usual. Users are said to get new patches every three months instead of getting them monthly.

For its part, S20 FE is receiving security updates monthly now. The exact timing for this phone to be downgraded to the quarterly update schedule is not yet very clear, but probably, it will soon be turned off from getting updates altogether. How Samsung supports the software, then, is an open question of importance, and something that only time will reveal. This change in the frequency of updates ensures that the device remains secure while the users can enjoy several years of usability without running into security issues. Owners will also have the peace of mind that despite the dwindling update frequency, they shall at least find their devices updating features and the critical patches that are meant to fix any identified security issues—a bit slower though.

Software Support for Galaxy S20 FE

The present-day Galaxy S20 FE, still, for this day, is receiving monthly security updates. But the question is when will this device finally transition to the quarterly update scheme or when it will finally be left out of further updates in the future.

Time will be the ultimate judge of the manner in which Samsung goes, regarding software support with the S20 FE, extending the period of support or sticking with the currently promised four years. Even if the Galaxy S20 series devices are just past their software support, the updating features will keep on coming in for use, but less frequently would be the time in which security patches will keep reaching users. This extension of software support is what makes these phones age better than they would have, ensuring the user of continued security and usability.

Possible Transition for Galaxy S20 FE

The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is currently still receiving monthly security updates. However, the way this model is going to transition to the quarterly update scheme is not clear, and whether one fine day it's just going to stop getting future updates. Only time will tell with Samsung's approach, whether to extend support or stick to the initial four years.

Software support window may be out for the Galaxy S20 series device. However, users may take solace that even if it drops the updates for features, the security patches would still keep coming in pretty often. This is an extension of software support to make sure that the phones will age better than thought, thus continuing to give users security and usable items.

Reassurance for Galaxy S20 Series Users

Owning a Samsung Galaxy S20 series could get one to ask questions about its software support for the device, since it's past the promised timeline. Though there's good news.

Samsung Extends Software Support to its Galaxy S20 Series, Guarantees an Unspecified Period of Provision of Important Security Patches. That is to say, your phone isn't left in a vulnerable state; it does get to enjoy the updated features, but less often.

While Galaxy S20 series devices are already well past their prime in software support, it will at least help the phones age better than they otherwise might and give users continued security and usability. Be it the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, or S20 FE, the phones are guaranteed to keep getting standard security updates, thus ensuring your device will be safe and running.

Speculation on Future Software Support

While Samsung has extended its software support for the Galaxy S20 series, the duration of the expanded support wasn't clear. This should, in turn, assure users whose devices get an extended lifecycle that the device will receive important security patches during the continued software coverage.

That means downgrading the S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra to quarterly security updates, whereby new patches will come in every three months, instead of updates from software monthly. The Galaxy S20 FE is still supposed to get monthly security updates. That said, it seems it's only a matter of time before it gets moved to the quarterly update scheme or just cut off from updates altogether. Time will tell whether Samsung extends the support period or follows through with their initial four-year promise.

At the same time, the future software support for the Galaxy S20 series is uncertain. However, users will be pleased to get a slightly updated version with a couple of new features, such as, but not limited to, and receive necessary security patches, though this will happen very rarely. This commitment of Samsung makes the phones from the series of Galaxy S20 age better than anticipated, ensuring continuous security and usage to the users.


With Samsung also extending software support to the Galaxy S20 series, users can now at least be assured that the amount of time the company has set aside but is not willing to explicitly mention will see their flagship phones going ahead receiving critically important security patches. It's still unknown how long such extended support will be provided, but the switch to quarterly security updates will provide the: every three months S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra with patches, rather than the devices having to receive monthly updates. The Galaxy S20 FE, on the other hand, is still yet to get a change, as Samsung is said to be weighing the options to either stop it at a quarterly update scheme or just abandoning the device altogether. This will, therefore, mean that the Galaxy S20 series will get the best longevity period, remaining with usability updates and security patches for a longer time than before. That means users of the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, S20 Ultra, and S20 FE will still be able to use updated features with the peace of mind that regular, if not so frequent, security patches are still landing. Although the gadgets may be behind their prime in terms of software support, it's a handing extension to the software support, which will give the phones a lifetime for the users to have them secure and operational, hence making use of them over time.


1. How long will Samsung extend software support for the Galaxy S20 series?

Even Samsung said that the Galaxy S20 series will get a longer period of software support by about 4 years, including security updates and 3 more generations of Android OS.

2. What is the frequency of the security updates for the S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra?

The updates include monthly security patches that will apply to the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus, and S20 Ultra, helping safeguard the devices against existing or potential threats and software threats.

3. When does the software update schedule of Galaxy S20 FE change to quarterly or when is it stopped receiving further updates?

Samsung Galaxy S20 FE should move to a quarterly schedule of updates once it has outlived its guaranteed period of software support. But usually, Samsung does release important security patches for quite a long time even after that.

4. Will Samsung continue to provide essential security patches for an extended period for the Galaxy S20 series?

Yes, this will secure the Galaxy S20 series even after an extended period of software support. This will make sure users safely go about on their devices.

5. How will the extension of software support benefit users of the Galaxy S20 series?

The extension of software support to the Galaxy S20 series should give users an assurance of regular security updates and that the devices would go on receiving major Android OS upgrades for a long time to come. This will further the life of the device in general.

6. Is there a possibility of the Galaxy S20 series receiving future updates beyond the extended support period?

Although they have not officially stated, Samsung is actually planning for such versions in the market beyond that period of extended support. It may have possibilities for such based on the market demands by users and other factors like improvements in technology and changes within the market. However, there is no guarantee that such updates will be there, and users have to rely on the support timeline provided for the planning of device usage.

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