Apple iPhone 7 Plus: Detailed Review and Features

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus: A Powerful Upgrade with Impressive Camera Capabilities


Introducing the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, now available exclusively at The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is simply a hallmark of innovation coming out of the house of Apple. It will redefine the very function of a smartphone through its blend of advanced technology and elegant design. At the top of the pecking order in phones, this device gives exceptionally smooth and powerful user experiences. Thus, it turns out to be one of the best options for those who want both style and functionality from their mobile devices.

On the brighter side, the iPhone 7 Plus has a stupendous 5.5" Retina HD Display. With this larger display, it is not only immersive for playing back video and gaming but also helps in more effortless multitasking and proper management of your apps. Notably, the screen is coupled with a robust A10 Fusion chip, which allows the phone run smoothly even when using high-demand applications. Whether editing photos, playing graphics-intensive games, or running several apps at once, the iPhone 7 Plus gives you the performance you can count on.

The camera is upgraded to dual 12-megapixel cameras on the iPhone 7 Plus—something that just about any photography enthusiast will appreciate. Solid features of the advanced camera system include optical image stabilization, the ability to capture wide-color images, and a super portrait mode that provides a lovely depth-of-field effect. This update makes capturing photos and videos professional. Additionally, an impressive 7-megapixel front-facing camera captures selfies and videos perfectly, so you look great.

The stereo speakers on the iPhone 7 Plus also add to the vividness of audio while playing music, watching movies, or gaming. Enhanced battery life helps to use all of these features without needing a charge too often. In addition to this, it has a water-and-dust-resistant enclosure, and that tops the cherry with respect to durability and reassurance during everyday usage.

It was listed on, Apple iPhone 7 Plus ranges from 408 SAR to 459 SAR. For the money, excellent value is had with its premium build and feature list. With such aggressive pricing, many people will be able to experience the best that Apple has to offer without having to spend a fortune on these devices.

This, in the end, entails that the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is an excellent device with powerful performance, advanced photography capabilities, and beautiful design. Log in to our website,, and explore this great smartphone; own it today. Get it at an affordable, competitive price, only here, and make the most out of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Price and Availability

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The price of the Apple iPhone 7 Plus ranges from 408 SAR to 459 SAR. For those looking to get high performance from a phone without paying such a high cost for it, this might just be among the very best choices.

This pricing structure opens room for customers to accommodate different budgetary needs while still providing a device that excels both in functionality and fashion. Whether you are a student, a professional, or fond of staying connected with the latest technology, the iPhone 7 Plus would be an ideal gadget for all.

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The Apple iPhone 7 Plus features include the integration of 5.5-inch Retina HD with an efficient A10 Fusion chip for better performance. In their inventory, one will find a high-quality camera system: 12MP dual cameras that will take you through capturing breathtaking photos and videos.

This smartphone comes with a long battery life to support heavy usage in playing games and even working. We have different colors and storage capacities to suit your personality here at

Buy quality at the best price and reliably with for an Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Prices range from as low as 408 SAR to as high as 459 SAR, with guaranteed availability. So, there couldn't have been a better time to upgrade to this exceptional smartphone. Visit us today on our website and experience the easiest and most satisfying way to shop with


The iPhone 7 Plus refines the same familiar design with a solid-state home button, sleeker antenna lines, and water resistance. This maintains a familiar look at a time when pedal-to-the-metal innovation comes at real risks of클lamorous upset—instead underlining Apple's commitment to perfecting what works and subtly changing for improvement.

Probably the most significant hardware change on the iPhone 7 Plus is the new home button, which gauges pressure by the finger pressed upon it—a little like screen-based 3D Touch does. The taptic engine diagnoses a firm button press with an emulated click, thus assuring continuity in the user experience.

The first thing you will realize about the iPhone 7 Plus is the very noticeable camera bulge, housing a duo of 12-megapixel shooters next to an improved quad-LED flash. In addition, it features twin cameras, which come with advanced photography abilities, setting this model apart from earlier iPhones and other phones available in the market today.

Specifically, the antenna stripes, so tucked away and very thick in the black palette, bring on a clean and minimalistic look that makes for quite an addition to the overall design of the iPhone 7 Plus. Bolstered by scrapping off the analog headphone jack, introducing water and dust resistance is now an option to thin out even more on the handset's looks and functionality.


Performance in the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is nothing short of magnificent. Powered by an A10 Fusion chip, this model incorporates the most enormous RAM ever installed on any Apple smartphone so far. Such a breed of combination makes for extra-smooth and power-efficient executions of iOS 10, thus providing a seamless, responsive experience to users.

Powered by its A10 Fusion processor with 3 GB of RAM, benchmark tests give highly aggressive results at top levels for the iPhone 7 Plus. It has enough processing power to run smooth multitasking and easily breeze through demanding apps with complete confidence on the part of users looking for excellent performance out of their smartphones.

The iPhone 7 Plus runs iOS 10 effortlessly, exploiting the potential of its powerful hardware and quick response with feature-rich user experiences. Be it 'Rise to wake' or the lock screen Acadresco with widgets, or messages that are now full of visual flair because of stickers and emojis, everything on the iPhone 7 Plus provides effortless delight with iOS 10.

With a RAM of 3 GB, the iPhone 7 Plus can quickly become a powerhouse for running demanding apps and has easy multitasking compared to its rivals. This increase in RAM capacity will make the handset quite capable of efficiently handling a significant number of applications without any problems and provide an effortless, smooth performance to the user.


The Apple iPhone 7 Plus has various storage options for users' demands. From a base storage capacity of 32 GB to high-ended ones at as much as 256 GB, users are given multiple options to pick according to their demand.

With a base storage option of 32 GB, the iPhone 7 Plus makes available to users adequate space for storing applications, photos, videos, data, and so on—without having to keep managing storage space. This base storage capacity helps users manage their space comfortably concerning everyday use.

For those who need more storage, the high-end models in the iPhone 7 Plus come with a capacity of 128 GB and 256 GB. This makes it very suitable for those needing tremendous amounts of storage for large media libraries, apps, and other miscellaneous data by providing higher tier storage levels.

The iPhone 7 Plus, especially in the case of its 256 GB storage option, would suit long-term users who would require storage flexibility to carry a high amount of data without having to compromise on numbers. A greater capacity caters well to different user storage needs, making this a diverse option.

Color Options

Besides the pristine Jet Black variant, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus will have more colorful choices: matte black, silver, gold, and rose gold. These options will allow users to select a more personalized look that speaks to their unique style and taste in a phone.


The iPhone 7 Plus will be the first to use a stereo speaker system; in other words, besides the bottom-mounted speaker, the phone makes use of its earpiece as an additional speaker. This type of setup enhances the audio experience by providing a more immersive and balanced sound output for both multimedia and hands-free communication.


Apple outfits the iPhone 7 Plus with a dual-camera system, which includes a wide-angle camera having an f1.8 SCAPA, sharp aperture, and 12-megapixel resolution, along with a second camera of 12 megapixels with an f2.8 telephoto lens, for instance when you want to zoom in—up to 2x—without losing any quality for both;' it so switches between wide shots and zoomed ones at the tap of the button. With digital zoom, you can get up to 10x zoom if you need extreme flexibility in getting that great shot.

Apple introduced the Portrait Mode—an intelligent use of the dual-camera setup, creating a controlled blur effect commonly referred to as bokeh. According to Apple, this feature brings stunning and artistic portrait shots that open up another dimension in photographic capability for the iPhone 7 Plus. Worth noting, however, is that the Portrait Mode may only be available in beta or perhaps not ready for immediate use—a CV pointer to a commitment by Apple toward refining and perfecting such features before full release.

Video performance is very fluent and clear on the iPhone 7 Plus. Video recording gets a different dimension with its more enhanced zoom feature. For instance, when filming, one can smoothly zoom in or out to create incredible videos without losing magic moments. The video recording feature has been updated for the iPhone 7 Plus to enhance its versatility and creativity to answer all requirements and styles its users wish for.


To that effect, Apple has placed a 2900 milliamp battery in the iPhone 7 Plus—about 5 percent larger than the previous version, the 6s Plus. Testing shows it held up roughly the same as the 6 Plus; indeed, only by mere minutes did it fall short.

With the brighter screen, faster processor, more RAM, and more cameras, its battery performance still receives good marks to justify the changes in features.


The Apple iPhone 7 Plus offers a really compelling package with its many significant enhancements, including extended battery life, increased RAM capacity, and a completely new and revolutionary dual-camera system.

While many users may turn off at the bigger size, anyone who likes a good dose of multimedia and excellent photography won't get better value for their buck than with an iPhone 7 Plus. Although the overall design remains the same, with different performance options, storage sizes, and color choices, it makes the handset quite versatile for other users within the smartphone market.

With Apple's commitment to constantly excellent features and their enriching, the iPhone 7 Plus stands very powerful and reliable for any person looking to get the best premium Smartphone Experience.


1. Is the Apple iPhone 7 Plus available in different colors?

Of course, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus is available in many colors: Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Jet Black. This will ensure you get a color that suits your style and preference. Every color variant avails precisely the same quality features and performance to be allowed to make use of an iPhone 7 Plus in a hue you like best.

2. But what storage options does the Apple iPhone 7 Plus come in?

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus differentiates by offering a version with either 32, 128, or even 256 GB of storage. This gives each user a chance to decide which will best suit their needs in terms of storage: whether they want more room to store apps, photos, and videos or want a smaller storage space where the basic amount will do. At, get the storage variant that fits your requirements and wallet.

3. Will this Apple iPhone 7 Plus support iOS updates?

Yes, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus does have iOS update support. Apple keeps rolling out its periodic software updates so your phone stays safe and runs all its latest functionalities. However, while new models would continue getting updates for a more extended period, the iPhone 7 Plus is still getting the critical updates that beef up functionality and user experience.

4. What are the major camera features on Apple's iPhone 7 Plus?

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus has a dual-camera system wherein one is used for the wide-angle lens and another for the telephoto lens, both rated at 12MP. This enables optical zooming to 2x and digital zooming up to 10 times. Among others, it has a 'Portrait mode' that creates a depth-of-field effect and an 'Optical Image Stabilization' that is undoubtedly going to reduce blur both in photos and videos. Features that give this model definite thumbs up from photography enthusiasts.

5. Is an Apple iPhone 7 Plus waterproof or dustproof?

Yes, the Apple iPhone 7 Plus has an IP67 rating. This implies it can prevent water or dust entry at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. Nevertheless, be advised that while the device has resistance to these two pernicious agents, it is not wholly waterproof; continuous exposure could have a toll on its performance. Available at, Apple iPhone 7 Plus starts from 408 SAR up to 459 SAR. Head over to our website for color options and storage variants galore, and grab this fantastic deal.

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