Exploring the iPhone 6s Features

The New Apple iPhone 6s: A Closer Look


The Apple iPhone 6s is, of course, now available from FoneZone.me, bringing a junction of elegance with technological advancement has made the smartphone stand out among others. This Apple classic, first launched in 2015, enthuses users until today with its chic design, high performance, and user-friendly features.

FoneZone.me brings you the iPhone 6s at an unbeatable price to make this classic device more affordable for many. It doesn't matter whether you're a diehard Apple fan or a first-comer in the iPhone family; the iPhone 6s assures a smooth and delightful camp of user experience. What is genuinely new in the iPhone 6s, though, is its 3D Touch capability: it truly enables a new dimension in user-device interaction. Thanks to the technology, the device allows pressure-sensitive touch inputs, enabling quick access to different functions and apps by a simple press.

It goes one step further to intensify the experience, where the Retina HD display brings color that is lively and adequate sharpness to everything—from photos to videos—to appear dazzling. With its capability to shoot 4K video, the 12-megapixel iSight camera ensures that you capture the moments of life in exceptional clarity and detail.

Underneath, the iPhone 6s is powered by an A9 chip from Apple and impresses with fast speed and excellent performance. Smooth multitasking performance, fast launching of apps, and overall fast response are the other things it does proficiently. Third, iOS updates that Apple makes available support this device to bring the newest features and security improvements made by Apple. Moreover, this rigid aluminum body is available in so many different colors that the strength of contrary appearances will never be lost.

Prices on an iPhone 6s at FoneZone.me show within only 203 SAR to 281 SAR. That's value for money about such a high-caliber device. We value quality and customer satisfaction at FoneZone; because of these factors, you can buy with complete and absolute assurance of purchase for a genuine Apple product. Check into our website's Apple iPhone 6s set and discover why it transformed into one of the most standard models of smartphones worldwide.

Price and Availability

At FoneZone.me, we bring joy to your eyes to a device that marries the best potent performance with a sleek design: the Apple iPhone 6s. Renowned for reliability and ease of use, the iPhone 6s is a people's favorite. Get the availability and total pricing details on this great device on the website to ensure our customers are fully prepared to make an informed purchase decision.

The Apple iPhone 6s is available at FoneZone.me, and prices range between 203 SAR and 281 SAR. The price range allows customers to be flexible with their choices regarding the storage capacities available or the condition of the phone: brand new or certified-refurbished phones. We have pretty competitive pricing, ensuring you get value out of your money, either to upgrade from an old device or when buying your very first iPhone.

We feel proud to have sufficient Apple iPhone 6s in stock to ensure meeting customers' demands. Our website makes this available to you, and you have a smooth buying procedure with the certainty that no problem will occur during any transaction. Upon creating an order, you can unthinkingly rely on the delivery, which is prompt and reliable, giving forth its new iPhone 6s in exquisite condition within no time.

It's not just competitive prices; we offer maximum guidelines to satisfy your needs. At FoneZone.me, we have product descriptions, customer reviews, and in-depth specifications that support making the right decision. Contact our customer support for anything you need to know more about the Apple iPhone 6s or any other product listed on our website.

To be brief, the Apple iPhone 6s is listed in the FoneZone.me at a price between 203-281 SAR. Both quality assurance for availability and smooth shopping, along with the guarantee of customer satisfaction, are promised. Visit us today to check out this Apple iPhone 6s and other fantastic gadgets in store for you.


As for the device's design, a considerable similarity in design is found between the Apple iPhone 6s and its predecessor, the iPhone 6. It is not similar, but iPhone 6 users will find the 6s their familiar device. The only change one might notice is that the iPhone 6s no longer has FCC markings on the bottom, which gives the device a bit less cluttered appearance. Over that, it is an "S" series through and through, not an iPhone 6.

New Pink Color

Yet another thing now present for the iPhone 6s that the iPhone 6 does not have is an entirely new pink color, some of which debated calling it rose gold. Anyway, this color variant brings about a pretty different look, but at the same time, it is quite subtle than its previous versions adoo.

7000 Series Aluminum

The strengthened 7000 series of aluminum by Apple in the iPhone 6s increases the phone's durability, with much more rigidity in the body, making it less prone to mishaps like bending. This material has been strengthened significantly around the volume buttons—as in much of the rest of the device—to correct the predecessor's weaknesses.

Size and Shape

While the button placement, headphone jack, and mute switch stay in the same positions, the iPhone 6s grows slightly thicker, taller, and broader over last year's model. Those curved edges, while sexy—yes, sexy—contribute to a little more slipperiness in the hand.


The Apple iPhone 6s has truly great specs that make up this powerhouse of a device.


The iPhone 6s comes with an advanced A9 chip that contains two highly powerful cores, approaching near operating frequencies of 2 gigahertz. Accordingly, this is formed into a high-speed performance with high frame rates consistent for perfect use.


More elaborately, embracing 2 gigabytes of RAM allows the iPhone 6s to work much more efficiently in multitasking and keeps more apps running in memory for a longer time, boosting overall performance in everyday use.


Though having a lower capacity than the last model, the battery life on the iPhone 6s is very dependable; on average, one should expect it to last a day with typical use. If heavily used, of course, we would have to charge it before the day ends.

iPhone 6s Plus Battery

The battery in the iPhone 6s Plus is more extensive in capacity. Therefore it gives extraordinary battery life with excellent times on standby. It will provide one of the most excellent battery experiences in the smartphone domain, allowing enough extended use without being recharged frequently.


Apple iPhone 6s brings to light kind of a breakthrough in the feature that it has—what would be referred to as 3D Touch, all set to redefine the way users would engage their devices.

Pressure-Sensitive Display

Technology – 3D Touch technology is fitted onto the iPhone 6s display, which makes it pressure-sensitive. It supports various types of actions depending on how hard the user presses on the screen and brings a new dimension of interaction.

Peak and Pop Functionality

With 3D Touch, users can "peek" into content by applying light pressure, previewing emails, messages, links, and much more without fully opening them. Touch harder, and you pop right into the content; it opens a full screen, where it is all convenient and efficient.

Home Screen Shortcuts

3D Touch penetrates even the home screen, where compatible apps launch quick links to some functions by pressing them. This feature allows the user to interact easily with the phone, moving around swiftly to accomplish actions from the home screen.


The iPhone 6s uses a new 12-megapixel sensor that allows for more exciting shots with a mixture of high-fidelity image quality and increased performance. The camera interface is rarely too complicated to use in the field and feels like the sweet-spot mix between control and ease of use to pick up fantastic shots in either photo or video.

Optical Image Stabilization

The difference in image stabilization between the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus results in clearer low-light photos and smoother videos from the latter. This feature gives users better output of captured content, whereby even low light renders exceptional quality.

Image Processing and Color Reproduction

Although stepping up the megapixels may not do much in the details department, the differences can be seen in colors and image processing. The camera portrays the subject in the best way with warm and natural colors while balancing at the same time between sharpness and detail.

4K Video Capability

Now equipped with 12 megapixels, the iPhone 6s is further enabled in 4K quality, from videos to excellent quality, sharp, and good exposure that estimates colors well for observers to attain complete visual satisfaction.

Live Photos Feature

Live Photos is one of iPhone 6s' latest and unique features that allow one to take one-of-a-kind pictures. Live Photos capture a photo 1.5 seconds before and after taking a snap, so, for instance; one can see the people in particular in action, being a dynamic element to the still images.

Enhanced User Experience

Live Photos may leave some users unimpressed, but for the majority, this becomes a unique and creative way to bring out life in photos—especially for those dynamic scenarios or candid moments. The iPhone 6s camera plays out the kind of performance—borderline magical—kept very easy to use and fun: much like established photographers or the rest who are trying to up their photography skills.

iOS 9 and Storage

Of course, the Apple iPhone 6s runs iOS 9 quite well. But here is one of the huge buts: its storage capacity and probably the fact that it still starts at 16GB. Now add 4K video recording, Live Photos, and all those excellent quality media functions, and suddenly, that isn't be an awful lot of space—not in 2015, at least.


The Apple iPhone 6s is the real deal regarding innovation with quality. Exclusively available at Fonezone. me, this model has continued to exhibit outstanding performance, design, and functionality even with years passed since going on sale. If you are a tech enthusiast or a consumer who just values a reliable smartphone, this might just be it—iPhone 6s.

ChangeEvent Perhaps the most striking thing about the iPhone 6s is the 4.7-inch Retina HD display, which shows powerful, stunning colors that deliver sharp images. This makes it genuinely suitable for video viewing, Internet surfing, and photo viewing. The said device will have innards run by an A9 chip with 64-bit architecture that provides slick performance in usage and, in some apps, of heavy use. Coupled with the iOS ecosystem, users can enjoy smooth and integrated experiences.

On the photography front, the iPhone 6s has not let anybody down. With a 12 mp iSight camera at the back, one is bound to capture details and brilliant, vivid images. Not stuttering in the selfie supply is another 5MP camera at the front, which is good enough for FaceTime. And, not leaving out the new feature of the iPhone camera, Live Photos, which keeps things dynamic in your gallery, is nothing other than a super short video clip that brings your memories to life.

Incidentally, design-wise, an iPhone 6s is more or less the same as the many iPhones that come: aluminum framing with a lightweight yet sturdy convenience in holding it comfortably in one's hand, even for the entire day in use. Also, the device contains technologies like 3D Touch to let the user feel or experience the screen; by this, pressure sensitivity is added to interactions with the screen.

Available now in between 203 SAR and 281 SAR on FoneZone.me, the iPhone 6s presents excellent value for someone who needs an Apple device yet wants to cut back on expenses. This price makes it affordable to customers, from businesses to students, who require reliability and depend on high-quality build. In the final analysis, Apple iPhone 6s will then be a solid choice for people in the market looking for a dependable and well-rounded smartphone. The combination of design, functionality, and performance ensures it stays relevant. Visit FoneZone.me to realize this exclusive offer and test out the timeless charm of the iPhone 6s.


Q1: Enumerate some of the major features of the Apple iPhone 6s?

Apple iPhone 6s is loaded with several remarkable features, and it is said to be quite popular among smartphone users these days. Operating on 3D Touch and a 4.7-inch Retina HD display enables customers to have brilliant and responsive features for their display screens. This phone operates with an A9 chip and 64-bit architecture, ensuring fast performance and multitasking. In addition, all of this must be combined with the 12MP iSight camera to take marvelous photos and 4K video, along with a FaceTime HD camera of up to 5MP for brilliant selfies and video. The iPhone 6s has also been enabled for updates of iOS, enabling new features and security improvements.

Q2: What are the storage options for an Apple iPhone 6s?

On FoneZone.me, we have the Apple iPhone 6s across numerous capacities to match the diversifications in your requirements. Your options in this capacity include 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB models. This has been helpful because you will have enough space that you will use to store various applications, photos, videos, and other vital data. Do check usage patterns when you choose your storage capacity, and even then, cloud storage services have been helpful to ensure that space usage is well managed.

Q3: Would the Apple iPhone 6s take the latest iOS updates?

Yes, the latest updates of iOS can be supported by Apple iPhone 6s. This is ensured because Apple takes care of its old devices with continuous software support, and the iPhone 6s is no exception. Another thing is, of course, accessing the new features, improvements, security updates—everything linked with latest iOS versions. Upgrading your device gives it peak performance and access to new capabilities ushered in by Apple.

Q4: How long-lasting is the battery of the Apple iPhone 6s?

About the energy source, the Apple iPhone 6s operates with a lithium-ion battery. On average, its run time is not commendable. The talk time you would get on a 3G band stands at 14 hours, with ten standby days, 11 hours of using the internet on Wi-Fi, 10 hours on LTE when the phone is fully charged, and an improved 11 hours of video playback. The battery life might vary by use pattern, individual device use, network, and other factors. Power optimization features and application use in the background are optimizations that provide maximum life for the battery.

Q5: How much does the Apple iPhone 6s cost at FoneZone?

The Apple iPhone 6s costs approximately 203 to 281 SAR at FoneZone.me in a fantastic range of some of the trendiest products. Indeed, this amount is very likely and can be managed by anyone wanting to own a premium device by Apple at very pocket-friendly prices. All considered, with the great features and performance ability, it provides good value for your money. A brand new Apple iPhone 6s, well advanced, stylish in design, and performance-guaranteed, is now available at our FoneZone.me. Visit our site for more details and to make a purchase.

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